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Adolf K. Maas, DVM
Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital
10137 Main Street, Suite 6
Bothell, WA 98011
Tel: (425) 486-9000
Fax: (425) 486-9002
  • DG - Very experienced individual- has worked in several zoos and really knows his herp and exotic medicine. Great to work with as he is very personable and obviously loves his job. Very concerned about his patients and enjoys working with breeders (has bred many herps, too). He saved a number of my chameleons. (07/28/02)
  • I personally have worked with Dr.Maas and he is one of the best Vet's I have come in contact with. He is very caring about the animals and the owners. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I would recomend him to anyone. (01/28/03) co-worker recommended
  • BP - If it wasn't for Dr.Mass I probably wouldn't have known how to properly take care of my Bearded Dragon and Iguana. He is a life saver! (03/13/03)
  • HVC Note: Comments above are from when Dr. Maas practiced at St. Francis Pet Hosptial. He now has his own mobile practice. (09/25/04)
  • Dr.'s note: I have opened a primarily exotics practice, working house-call service for the same price as in-clinic. Full lab, diagnostics and treatments available. Trained and experienced in herp medicine and surgery, with a strong basis in research to further reptile and amphibian veterinary care. (08/14/04)
  • This is a mobile service, so I not only tend the needs of Indianapolis, but also serve clients and their pets all across the state. The practice focus is medicine and surgery of reptiles and amphibians. Vet provided information (09/25/04)
  • HVC Note: Comments above are from when Dr. Maas practiced at his mobile practice (Indiana) (12/26/06)
  • I have just opened a practice dedicated to the care and medicine of reptiles, birds and exotic mammals. My personal practice emphasis is the medicine and surgery of reptiles and amphibians and have outfitted my hospital with equipment and supplies to treat these unique and special animals. I have over 20 years experience working with all species of snakes, lizards and alligators and crocs. Vet provided information (06/30/06)
  • D - Dr. Maas has relocated back to his native Pacific Northwest, leaving behind an extremely successful exotic animal house call practice in Indiana. He has treated snakes, beardies, and turtles in my care. He is extremely aware of the fact that husbandry is a key component in maintaining good animal health. As a result, he tries to learn as much as possible about each animal's living situation and focuses on owner eduction to prevent future problems. His prices might be a tad lower than many other clinics, but the quality of diagnostics and care provided is absolutely top-rate! He obviously enjoys working with the animals. The Seattle area exotics community is fortunate that he chose to return to the rainy realm. (07/17/06)
  • DS - Our bearded dragon had progressively been getting weaker and weaker then developed a cough. I found Dr. Maas' name listed for vets specializing in exotic animals so I called. It was a week-end but the office recording gave me his cell number and I had him on the phone within minutes. He is very accessable which is wonderful and is even more knowledgeable. There was no question in my mind but that I had to get my beardy to be seen by him. He was willing to see him over the weekend but let me know he felt Rocket would be okay if he saw him Monday morning and he made an AM appointment for him. We saw Dr Maas monday as scheduled, He drew blood for Lab work. He was very through and found Rocket had pnuemonia and was infested by parisites and very low on calcium. Not only did he take care of Rocket he taught me things to do differently, things to avoid,...I learned so much. If it wasn't for Dr. Maas our beardie would have died but now he thrives and is getting stronger e! ach day. He is doing great. Thank you Dr. Maas Sincerely a devoted client... Debbie (03/21/07)
  • D - I was not at all impressed with Avian Exotic. I brought my beardie in in September for parasites and low calcium levels. Needless to say, four months & close to $700 later, our beardie has died. I understand having to lay out large amounts of cash for vet care, but what i DID NOT expect was when we took his body back to Avian for cremation and they told us it $20, but if we WANTED HIS ASHES, the price climbs to $80. A sliding pay scale for cremation of your pet? I was not told this on the phone when I called to check before I brought him in. Also before he passed, we had him into the vet on four seperete occasions- the last time were were in the office, were were told when we were leaving that they had NOT billed us for previous tests on the animal - $300 worth of tests - and that we would have to pay for them that that day. This was two months AFTER his previous visit. They didn't send any bills, they never called, but they decided when we were there that they had "forgot" to bill us for a few things last visit. I will not be going back nor will I recommend the clinic to anyone else. It heartbreaking to stand there with your dead pet and be told "well you aren't going to be getting him back unless you pay MORE". Unbelievable. (12/18/07)


    Jacob Searle, DVM
    Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
    896 N Burlington Blvd.
    Burlington, WA 98233
    Tel: (360) 757-3722
  • (12/15/03)
  • SS - I've been taking rescued reptiles to see Jake Searle (and Drs. Knopf and Brown) for several years. They have seen leopard geckos, skinks, and a large variety of boid and colubrid snakes while in my care. Dr. Searle always does his research and returns phone calls. The caring service I have received at Chuckanut is unrivaled. (03/02/04)


    Moffat-Minnick Kent Veterinary Hospital
    10834 Kent-Kangley Rd.
    Kent, WA 98031
    Tel: (253) 852-8460
    Fax: (253) 854-5627
  • S: Janet is a very knowledgable lady on reptiles and birds, for she worked in a zoo for many years and then became a vet. I took my Chinese Water Dragons to her and she seemed very knowledgable and gentle with my animals. I would recommened her to anyone with exotic animals. (05/08/01)
  • G - Please note that Janet L. Parker is no logner with Moffat-Minnick or any clinic associated with them and has not left any contact information with them. (09/20/03)
  • AP - Just called to see about an appointment, said that they don't treat iguanas. (01/23/04)


    Willard B. Nelson, DVM
    Keith Vogel, DVM
    Exotic Pet and Bird Clinic
    903 5th Avenue #101
    Kirkland, WA 98033
    Tel: (425) 827-6613
    Tel: (800) 576-6613
    They will look at any exotic animal. They both have worked on everything from mice to elephants.
  • JP - I have taken in my ball python and my bearded dragons to them. They were both great vets. Everyone there is so knowledgable. You can call them about everything. (02/27/01)
  • Yes, wanted to say Exotic Pet and Bird Clinic of Kirkland, WA was excellent. We saw Dr. Keith Vogel, for our ornamental goldfish. It suddenly had huge abcess. Just put the fish in a bucket, and brought for Dr. Vogel to check. The goldfish survived! before we saw Dr. Vogel, he saw a rabbit, and a gecko...wonderful variety of animals come to that clinic. Entire staff is calm, helpful, very friendly, and detail oriented. They provide excellent service to the community. I wrote above, experience was good one, and that Dr. Vogel also examined a gecko, brought in by another couple. They were also very pleased with the service. They just brought in the gecko for a checkup, it was healthy, and they were glad to have a good report on their gecko's health. Dr. Vogel takes time, with all people and their pets. (01/21/03)

    Cathy A. Johnson-Delaney, DVM DABVP-Avian Practice
    Elizabeth K. Kamaka, DVM
    Eastside Avian And Exotic Medical Center
    13603 100th Avenue NE
    Kirkland, WA 98034
    Tel: (800) 821-6165
    Tel: (425) 821-6165
    Fax: (425) 821-6130
    [Email] [Website]

  • KM - We are a practice limited to birds, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, marsupials, insectivores, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates and all other companion exotic pets. Our goal is to provide leading-edge preventive care, diagnostics, comprehensive medical and surgical services, and a full range of husbandry supplies for all birds and exotic companion animals in the Puget Sound area. Was seeing them long before I came to work for them. They are really great with all of my animals. They also donate their services to a local shelter! =) (09/10/07)
  • N - Dr Kamaka has been my reptile vet for quite some time,, I absolutely will not take my animals anywhere else for any reason. She is very knowledgeable in her practice,, down to Earth,, doesnt try to leave you bankrupt and is always very thorough. I have seen 1 of the other vets listed on the top of this page and would not recommend him. Dr Kamaka sees all my reptiles, my personal, and my rescues, I would definately trust noone else with them. (12/31/07)


    Kate Lindley, DVM
    Kitty Klinic
    4411 Lacey Boulevard Southeast
    Lacey, WA 98503
    Tel: (360) 456-5603
  • LC - 13 year old iguana in their waiting room is kept in, what looks like a 25 gal tank, with particulate bedding, one large light bulb. the food appeared to be from a packaged mix of lettuces. this should have been a red flag, but i didn't know any other herp vet.
    My iguana had what I suspected was dry gangrene in her tail, so I took her in for exam. It was, so I had Dr. Lindley amputate about 14" of it. She came home with the stump wrapped. I took her back in 2 weeks to have it checked. It appeared to be infected, there was some "yellowish goo" over the raw stump. She cleaned it off, applied antibiotic cream and rewrapped it. A few days later, it started oozing yellowish goo and blood thru the bandage. I removed the bandage and cleaned the stump. Within 2 days, it started healing over without bandaging. Last week I was concerned about another of my IGs lack of 'snalting' so I phoned to ask if this could be a problem. I was told the Dr. was with a patient, she'd call me back as soon as she was finished. She didn't. I called again the next day, I was told the Dr. had already left for the day, she'd call me back in the morning. She didn't. I'm certainly glad I don't have an emergency. I will never call this vet again. (02/29/04)
  • AG - Back in about June 2000 I received a Sulcata as a birthday present, purchased @ petco, I noticed that s/he was aspirating (blowing bubbles out of her nose) I took her to the Kitty Clinic to have her checked out. Dr. Lindley was very caring and friendly. She prescribed injected antibiotics and at a later check up, gave another round of antibiotics in pill form to be crushed on her food. This saved my tortoise's life. She also advised me on the importance of calcium. Unfortunately, she advised me about my Sulcata the same as you would a water turtle, Sexing "her" by the grooves in the bottom of the shell. ( shallow for female, deep for male ) and advising a produce diet. Broccoli, spinach, carrots, squash, most specifically a yellow or orange vegetable once a week. No advice about UVB. She also said that s/he was about one year old (she was about the size of a McDonalds quarter pounder ) Which was TOTALLY inaccurate. I have a yearling now who's shell is 3 and 3 quar! ter inches long. I think her intentions are good, just inexperienced with Sulcata. She has handled my cats with care and at an affordable rate. (01/10/08)


    Dr. John Berry
    Lynden Veterinary Hospital
    1919 Front Street
    Lynden, WA 98264
    Tel: (360) 354-7988
  • C - I have taken my bearded dragon in multiple times to see John and he has always been a great help. He is very open, honest and willing to listen to his clients. I have taken all my animals which have included dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, guinea pigs and bearded dragon to see John for the last 14 years. He has always done the best he can to help them in any way possible. (02/01/06)
  • DV - I have brought my leopard geckos and dart frog to see Dr. Berry. When the medication I needed was delayed by the shipper, he gave me another medication at no charge. I didnt expect that. He is very understanding of financial situations and tries hard to acomodate you, even though being the only exotic vet for 50-100 miles probably makes him a very busy man. He is very helpful and knowledgable. He is easy to talk to. I am very glad to have an exotic vet here in little old Lynden. Otherwise I would have to drive at least a couple hours to the nearest one. (08/20/07)
  • C - I've used this vet once and only once in the 3 1/2 years I've had reptiles. He prescribed a dose of Panacur that would be considered too high for a full grown cat, but he gave it to a 5 month old bearded dragon without even weighing the dragon first. The dragon died at 3 1/2 years old from long term complications with her kidneys. I've since been told by other vets that the too-strong dose of Panacur probably contributed to the early death of the dragon. OWNERS BEWARE with this vet! (10/05/07)


    Dr. Noreen Jeremiah
    Steamboat Animal Hospital
    6531 Sexton Drive NW
    Olympia, WA 98502
    Tel: (360) 866-6101
    Fax: (360) 866-9669
    [Email] [Website]
    Bird and Exotic Veterinarian. Vet self-recommended (11/12/07)


    Mary E. Thomas DVM
    Prosser Animal Hospital
    460 Wine Country Road
    Prosser, WA 99350
    Tel: (509) 786-1393
    Fax: (509) 786-7084
    [Email] [Website]
    JC (11/25/03)


    Pam Wiltzius, DVM
    River Road Animal Hospital
    1508 18th Street Northwest
    Puyallup, WA 98371
    Tel: (253) 845-7525
  • KW - She was very nice listened and handled my girl with care. She has a beardie of her own, so that says a lot. The clinic is opened 7 days a week, 7-9 on M-F, 7-5 Saturday, and 10-4 on Sundays. So you don't have to take off work to go. I took my beardie there who seemed under the weather. She was found to have worms and cocidia. Got to look under the microscope for my self. Dr. Pam explained what was there and explained the meds that could be used. I was very happy with the visit and felt very comfortable in the fact that I had finaly found a vet for my beardie. She's over an hour drive from my house on a weekday but it's worth it. (04/17/06)


    Erika Cantamessa, DVM
    Renton Veterinary Hospital
    128 Rainier Ave. S.
    Renton, WA 98055
    Tel: (425) 255-8676
    Fax: (425) 255-7880
  • WR - Small and Exotic Animal Medicine,Surgery and Dentistry. I took my Leopard Gecko to her. Very informative and personable. Got me in without an apointment! (01/15/07)


    Tracy Bennett, DVM
    Bird & Exotic Clinic of Seattle
    4019 Aurora Avenue North
    Seattle, WA 98103
    Tel: (206) 783-4538
  • I would recommend Tracy to anyone. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a genuine love for the animals.
  • JH - She is a wonderful vet with a ton of experience She sees all herps plus birds and rodents. She has seen my iguana, Cuervo, on many occassions and is very good with her. Cuervo can be nasty, but Dr. Bennet has lots of patience for her. (03/11/02)
  • ML - The Bird & Exotic Clinic has moved to 4019 Aurora Ave N., Seattle WA 98103. The phone number remains the same. (06/18/04)
  • JS - I initially was referred to Tracey Bennett and her veterinary team that includes a surgeon by my previous vet, who highly respected their work. My iguana was suffering from a torn abdominal wall and migration of her organs, that was not diagnosed or diagnosed incorrectly by several local self-described "herp/exotic" vets. This team if vets, Dr. Bennett, Dr. Kamaka, and Dr. Lejnieks, provided emergency surgery on my, at that time 10 year old iguana, repaired as much of the internal damage as they could and repaired her abdominal wall. They continue to provide excellent treatment for all of my rescue iguanas, are knowledgeable, respected in their field, caring, honest, and responsive to both the pet and pet owners needs. Although there are many "exotic" vets in the Seattle area I would contact the Northwest Herp Society before taking your reptiles to their clinics. (10/16/04)


    Stephen B. Carr, DVM
    Banfield, The Pet Hospital
    9950 N. Newport Highway
    Spokane, WA 99218
    Tel: (509) 464-1564
    Fax: (509) 464-1586
  • DA - He has seen my Iguana a couple of times, he has known how to fix all my problems very knowledgable. (12/27/04)


    Michael H. Jones, DVM
    Jones Animal Hospital
    3322 South Union Ave
    Tacoma, WA 98409
    Tel: (253) 383-2616
  • LB - I took a ~1-year old iguana in to see Dr. Jones....he was *great* with my iguana. Knowledgeable and willing to spend time with you chatting about your iguana. He's got a great sense of humor, too. I would highly recommend him to anyone with an iguana in the Tacoma/South Puget Sound area. (08/21/01)
  • Dr. Jones was very friendly and took great care of my bearded dragon when he suffered a bite from my iguana. However, when I took my collared lizard to him, he did not perform any tests before diagnosing her ailment and prescribing medicine. I followed his instructions and my collared lizard died 4 days later during the weekend. The medicine he prescribed was for intestinal bacteria. I now believe that my collared was suffering from impaction. I realize that collareds are small and relatively new to the pet trade, but I still think he should have performed some bacterial test or ex-ray before prescribing medicine. (05/22/03)
  • I took my juvenile iguana for a check up a little after I had purchased him. Dr. Jones was friendly enough with a lot of helpful suggestions as far as lighting and diet. My only concern was that he stated that the size of an iguana is often determined by the size of the habitat in which they live (that statement is contrary to the research I've done). I got the impression he did not know exactly the size of the habitat an iguana needs, but did realize that iguanas do need lots of space. Overall, I do think Dr. Jones has potential and does try to keep up-to-date and learn the information in the herp veterinary society. (02/06/04)

    Liane Sperlich, DVM
    Brown's Point Veterinary Clinic
    6720 Eastside Dr. NE, #4
    Tacoma, WA 98422
    Tel: (253) 927-1323


    Amber Wheelbarger, DVM Sno-Wood Veterinary Hospital
    17954 Woodinville-Snohomish Road
    Woodinville, WA 98072
    Tel: (425) 483-5834
    [Email] [Website]
    ST - They are part of the Pet's Choice chain. Dr. Wheelbarger listens to the client, discusses treatment options comprehensively, and follows up. Excellent, excellent service. (11/27/03) general recommendation

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