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Other collected vet recommendations
Virginia NIAD


Sayed Masood, DVM
All Pets Veterinary Hospital
43112 John Mosby Highway Chantilly, VA 20152
Tel: (703) 327-6666
Fax: (703 )327-4664
[Email]   [Website]
  • (03/02/05) Vet self-recommended


    Amanda C. Hayden, DVM
    Centerville Animal Hospital
    417 S. Centerville Turnpike
    Chesapeake, VA 23322
    Tel: (757) 482-9410
    TW - This is a good vet and I would recommend it for anybody who has a herp that needs a vet that is in Chesapeake. I use them myself and highly trust them. (07/08/03)

    Ruth Ann MacQueen, DVM
    Midway Veterinary Hospital
    1646 S. Military Highway
    Chesapeake,VA 23320
    Tel: (757) 366-4050
    Fax: (757) 366-4053

  • LB co-worker recommended (09/01/04)
  • A - I have taken three animals there and only one is still alive. I took a bearded dragon there because he wasnt acting right; she said nothing was wrong with him. One hour later he was dead. I also took a bird there for a cough. She gave him meds he got worse, i took him back and left him there. He died three hours later. Only the turtle that had a small bump on the side of his head removed is still alive. She swore he was a girl (he was not) she also said you couldnt tell the diffence between an eastern box turtle and a florida box (wrong). I knew more than she did simply by personal experience. If you love your animal dont take him to Midway! (05/17/06)


    Gregory S. Chrisawn, DVM
    Dumfries Animal Hospital
    17552 Main St.
    P.O. Box-610
    Dumfries, VA 22026
    Tel: (703) 221-1880
  • LR - He is a great vet for herps. And is very close by .We highly reccommend him.He sees our bearded dragons that we raise. He is very good with the animals, and goes out of his way to help you. (10/06/02)
  • KM - I was unimpresses with Dumfries Animal Hospital. I took my tortoise for a check up and I felt as if I had gained more knowledge from reading then the vet was able to offer. He offered to put my tortoise to sleep to de-worm him. (10/14/03)
  • FE - Dr Chrisawn is a wonderful Doctor. His bedside manner is gentle and compassionate. You could not ask for a better small bird Doctor. (03/19/04)


    Kelley McDonald, DVM
    Eastern Exotic Veterinary Center
    4001 Legato Road
    Fairfax, VA 22033
    Tel: (703) 654-3100
    Fax: (703) 654-3109
  • They are the BEST in the area.
  • Top notch care; highly expert. We take our Amazon Parrot and Green Iguana there. We have had routine on up to major surgery done by these folks with good results. We'll miss Dr. Stampf, but the others are great too. Vet Techs are adept at handling and counseling. Located near intersection of Route 50 and I-66. (03/19/01)
  • Had to make an emergency trip to the vet. My regular one was closed and the one down the road did not have an exotics vet onsite. They directed me to Eastern Exotics Vet Center and called ahead to let them know we were coming. They were ready for us when we arrived. Dr Raab was thorough, gentle with our ig, and explained everything that was being done, along with possible prognoses. She also took our ig to Dr Stahl to examine her as a precaution, as the reason for our visit was a little odd (temporary paralysis). All turned out fine. All in all a great experience with Dr Raab. (10/05/02)
  • B - I recently adopted a bearded dragon and took him to Eastern Exotics to get checked out. It turned out that he had pinworms, but Dr. McDonald seemed very knowledgable and comfortable giving my dragon a check-up. I was also impressed that the rest of the staff were also knowledgeable about bearded dragons. I intend to use Eastern Exotics as my primary vet from now on. (01/17/07)
  • J - Janice Raab, DVM left EEVC (2002). Currently practicing in Charlottesville, VA (02/09/07)


    Cedarcrest Animal Clinic
    PO Box 375
    Route 631
    Fishersville, VA 22939
    Tel: (540) 943-7577
    This is also an animal hospital with boarding for all animals, has emergency care, and makes house calls.
  • SS - Had a very sick box turtle. Vet took excellent care of him, even keeping him overnight to get him well again. Most recent is an african sulcata toroise. Just for his first checkup. vet did a thourough exam and really seemed to know a lot about these tortoises, also. So far, I have had great experiences with this vet. (01/15/02)
  • L - This vet takes care of my snakes and my 4 birds. He is very knowledgeable about herps and exotics. Highly recomfmended. (09/09/02)
  • K - My waterdragon got into something she shouldn't have been messing with, so I called up Cedarcrest. They were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful; they took the time to really look into my dragon's incident. You'll be completely reassured as to your herp's well-being when you deal with these friendly and intelligent people. (02/26/03)
  • R - (I don't know if you list pets other than herps just to post a positive review of a vet.) I have a rabbit and needed to find someone that understands small pet care when another vet was not able to solve a health problem my rabbit was having. Cedarcrest did a thorough evaluation and was very knowledgeable about rabbit health. They took the time to find the cause of the problems and not just treat the symptoms and I believe they saved my pet! I have since had appointments with two different veterinarians at Cedarcrest, and both were very helpful and professional - they go above and beyond the expected! (05/08/06)


    Robert S. Dove, DVM
    Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville
    14760 Lee Highway
    Gainesville, VA 20155
    Tel: (703) 754-8387
    Fax: (703) 754-0533
    [Website] Comments:
  • TLP - Excellent reptile vet. Also sees other exotics, birds, dogs, cats, and horses. He treats my bearded dragons, plated lizard. In the past he has cared for my cockateils. He has been the vet of a few Presidential pets, also. (11/7/01)
  • HVC Note: updated listing (01/01/04)


    Rick Krason, DVM
    Animal Hospital of Lynchburg
    1705 Memorial Ave.
    Lynchburg, VA 24501
    Tel: (434) 845-7021
  • JC - Have taken a baby veiled chameleon and a red-footed tortoise to Dr. Rick. He knows his stuff. And if he doesn't know he's willing to find out. The chameleon was treated for a bacterial infection. She was so small that the treatment had to be modified for her and Dr. Rick made sure I understand her treatment. The Red-Footed had a case of worms. Both are doing wonderful today. Thanks Dr. Rick. (06/28/06)
  • B - I have taken many of my snakes to Dr. Rick, and he is an incredible vet. He takes his time to do examinations, and to talk with you about problems and treatments. If he can't find the problem right away, he'll do anything he can to find it. He is the best vet I've known, for herps and small animals. (02/08/08)

    Newport News

    Paul Gustafson, DVM
    Warwick Animal Hospital
    11117 Jefferson Avenue
    Newport News, VA 23601
    Tel: (757) 595-3337
    [Email]   [Website]
    KS - They have the highest level of certification, and were one of the first to have laser surgery available. Dr. Gustafson is a very competent vet who has bred snakes and worked at a large zoo before. He currently takes care of the herp collection at the Virginia Living Museum, where he encounters everything from bullfrogs to alligators. I have complete faith in the staff at this vet. (05/22/02)


    Denise G. Cisco, DVM
    Friendship Veterinary Hospital
    1231 W. Little Creek Road
    Norfolk, VA 23505
    Tel: (757) 489-4083


    James W. Poage, DVM
    Paul L. Stewart, DVM
    Valley Animal Hospital
    5146 Hildebrand Road NW
    Roanoke, VA 24012
    Tel: (540) 366-3433
    Tel: (540) 366-3434
    Fax: (540) 366-2909
  • K - Awarded best website 2000 awarded best lobby in Veterinary Economics magazine. See all exotics and we are Mill Mt Zoos animal hospital (11/10/04) Co-worker recommended Comments: I work there as a licensed Vet Technician.
  • DP - Dr. Stewart treats all exotic species, and has a special place in his heart for reptiles. He owns several African Spur-Thighed Tortoises, a Brazilian Rainbow Boa, a Black Snake and is very knowledgeable about keeping all animals healthy and happy! He treats every pet as if it were his own. (01/30/05) Co-worker recommended
  • JH - Dr. Stewart has 10 years in practice treating reptiles and amphibians. He is a member of the ARAV, a zoo consultant and reptile keeper. The hospital and veterinary staff are reptile-friendly and knowledgeable. They have heated hospitalization cages and provide a full compliment of diagnostic,therapeutic,surgical and preventative medical capabilities. (04/17/06)


    Dr. Molly Herdic
    Spotsylvania Animal Hospital
    9133 Courthouse Rd.
    Spotsylvania, VA 22553
    Tel: (540)582-6370
    Fax: (540)582-1003
  • KG - I take my Bearded Dragon and Western Box Turtle, as well as my dogs, cat,ferret,gerbils, and Ball Python to this vet clinic and I have never had any problems dealing with them. They really know what they're doing. (02/04/05)


    Lock Boyce DVM
    Boyce-Holland Veterinary Services
    21047 Jeb Stuart Highway
    Stuart, VA 24171
    Tel: (540) 694-3564
    Tel: (540) 694-4110 emergency
    Fax: (540) 694-2271
    DB -Dr. Boyce has experience with iguanas; he worked as a veterinarian at the San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park!! I just love him!!! (08/27/01)


    Scott J. Stahl, DVM, DABVP - Avian
    David A. Crum, DVM
    Lisa Carr, DVM
    Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services
    111-A Center Street, South
    Vienna, VA 22180
    Tel: (703) 281-3750
  • Manassas - Took a baby bearded dragon. Dr. Stahl gave a thorough exam, explained everything, and is clearly extremely knowledgable about beardies as well as other lizards and exotics. (12/07/01)
  • I brought Dr. Stahl my egg-bound beardie. He tried several conservative methods to help her, but she finally needed surgery. Dr. Stahl was efficient and compassionate. She's doing just fine. His follow-up care, advice and staff are all first-rate. (04/05/02)
  • H - WOW, you just cannot get any better than Dr. Stahl for care to both your pet and you! His bedside manner is EXCELLENT and his follow is supurb! We took our Iguana there and he saved his life and our Iguana is doing better now than he ever has!!! Highly Recommend. I just wish the majority of doctors were this good! (07/31/02)
  • JG - This is one outstanding Doctor. I will highly recommend him to anyone. My regular veterinarian, Dr Mark Vernon had seen both of my parrots. He is an excellent Doctor. But when an old injury on my African Grey just would not get better he recomended the "top gun". Dr Stahl is just about the nicest Dr I have ever been to, highly knowlegable,extremely dedicated and compassionate and very thorough. He goes above and beyond. Cannot get any better than this. (03/05/03)
  • HVC Note: Above listings reflect when Dr. Stahl was with EEAV (Fairfax) (02/11/07)
  • JN - Scott Stahl no longer works with Eastern Exotic. I believe his new center is "Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services." Dr. Stahl is the best I have ever seen. I have 3 water monitors, a green iguana, a green tree python, turtels, rabbits and ferrits. I travel 60 miles one way so he can see to all my animal health care and yearly check ups. I hope to find him again where ever he is. (06/05/03)
  • I have worked with Scott Stahl for almost 10 years. He is an excellent, caring herp/exotic vet and person. (07/28/03) co-worker recommended
  • JH - Took my young Ball Python for a check up and the place is top notch. Saw Dr. Crum who was great, very friendly, professional, informative. I highly recommend this practice. High marks across the board. (03/23/04)
  • SP - Dr. Stahl is one of the absolute top exotic animal vets in the country. He is highly sought after for seminars, and his papers are highly regarded. He is not only regarded as one of the best by his patients and their owners, but by his peers everywhere. (05/26/04)
  • Dr. Stahl is wonderful with the animals and the owners. He's been treating my rabbits for eight years and has done a lot to help educate rabbit owners about their pets. (06/04/04)
  • I agree about Dr. Stahl. What an amazing guy. I trust him completely with my birds. I have aging birds, so there have been some tough times lately, and he and his other vets, Dr. Crum and, today, Dr. Carr, were attentive, careful, patient, gentle, thorough and seemed to understand how important my bird is to me. I endorse totally. It's not easy to find a good bird vet, or vet practice. These guys are keepers. Dr. Stahl was everything I had heard from friends. Excellent. Oh, and their vet techs are also excellent. (05/06/05)
  • VC - This man is great. He was the fourth vet I went to because there are not many reptile vets where I live and my collared lizard had blister disease but not because of husbandry reasons. The first two were eh and the third was good but did not know enough and sent me on to Dr Stahl. I had a blast at his office. He showed me a slide show and gave me a paper to read. I learned so much at his office. He is a very very very smart man and is not after your money. He gave me an effective treatment but it didn't break the bank, but he did give me the option of the other treatment but told me i should just go with the cheaper treatment. That means alot to a college student. (04/01/06)
  • J - Add another vet under Scott Stahl"s practice Lisa Carr, DVM so now there are 3 (02/09/07).
  • HW - I would have a VERY hard time recommending this vet group to anyone. I brought in my ig for a lump on his side. They took X-rays and did a barium series. After I brought him back home, he became very aggressive. Some how he had managed to break his back and tail. When I brought him back, again, they would whisk him away upstairs to do who knows what. When I requested his X-rays to get a second opinion, the films were of very poor quality and there was even someone else's films in there, a rabbit's. They were never able to tell me what the lump was. (07/25/07)

    Virginia Beach

    Hilltop Veterinary Clinic
    1732 Laskin Road
    Virginia Beach, VA 23454
    Tel: (757) 425-6790

    Herbert A. Hulls, DVM
    Peter Fisher, DVM
    Pet Care Veterinary Hospital
    5201-A Virginia Beach Boulevard
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462
    Tel: (757) 473-0111

  • DH - His office is one of the few vets in Tidewater recommended by one of the largest pet stores in the area. Ball python, very ill had blister disease and respiratory infection possibly parasites. Also, the vet knows herps; took the time to help me understand why my animal had so many problems; made reccomendation's for diet (ie, frozen versus live), temps, humidity, parasitic condition's and substrate reccomendation. Tthis saved my boa's life and improved her quality of life an health. (12/29/01)
  • B - Re: Boa Constrictor Imperator. Dr Hull from Pet Care was out so I saw Dr .Fisher instead. Very nice guy and informative. Care sheets for the animals being seen is given to every owner. (01/06/03)
  • RP - After taking our new bearded dragon for his check up, I found the staff and doctor very helpful. They took the time to go over all areas of concern and double checked to make sure I understood his recommendations. Being a new owner I felt much better after leaving the office. It also felt good knowing the doc and staff really listened. I'm glad we had found them. (09/27/03)

    David H. Morris, DVM
    Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital
    2013 Pleasure House Road
    Virginia Beach, VA 23455
    Tel: (757) 460-3308

  • TM - Dr. Morris performed major surgery on my egg bound iguana. Has treated my Redfoot tortoises and kingsnakes. He not only treats herps he keeps them himself. Dr. Morris spent time in California studying and treating displaced Desert tortoises. I found him to be very knowledgable of reptile husbandry. (05/04/02)
  • Not only is Dr. Morris an extremely gifted vet in general (he managed to save my sister's bird's leg from being amputated; it was hanging on by mere shreds of skin), but his special ability with not-so-furry animals is amazing. My hingeback turtle had been ill for months, and no one had been able to figure out why. Dr. Morris pinpointed the problem immediately, and within a week my turtle was better than before. He is now the only vet my family takes any animal to. If one has the time, one should ask to see the turtle he saved during his time in California- it had been hit by a car on the highway, and Dr. Morris completely restored its shell by hand with fiberglass. It's a *montrously* happy turtle. (12/09/04)

    Andrew Silverstone, DVM
    Animal Care Clinic of Holland Road
    3501 Holland Road
    Virginia Beach, VA 23452
    Tel: (757) 340-6996
    Fax: (757) 340-7658

  • I would like to let the herp community be aware that I treat and care for reptiles, amphibians, fish, alomost every creature. Please come by and pay our hospital a visit. Vet self-recommended (05/17/07)


    Helen Jewett, DVM
    Ridge Lake Animal Hospital
    1400 Old Bridge Road
    Woodbridge, VA 22192
    Tel: (703) 491-1111
    Tel: (703) 690-4949
    Fax: (703) 497-2926
  • RM - Great w/reptiles, birds, and small mammals. (03/08/05)

    Last updated: 02/16/08

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