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Douglas W. Folland, DVM
86 North 70 West
Centerville, UT 84014
Tel: (801) 298-2014
JL - Dr. Folland was great, he examined my Red Tail Boa and has great experience and knowledge with herps. What made me feel more comfortable was the fact that he owns snakes and has one set up in his waiting room! His techs were also very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable as well! (05/14/03)


Martin G Orr, DVM
Bird and Exotic Pet Hospital
12720 Pony Express Road
Draper, UT 84020
Tel: (801) 565-1263
Fax: (801) 565-1287
[Email]   [Website]
  • AE - I took my ig in and he kept him for two nights when I went in to see him he was in a small cold cage and had defecated in there. He charged me for treatment that wasn't received. And 500$ later I still didnt know what was wrong with my iguana. (11/28/04)
  • HVC Note: Above comments reflect when Dr. Orr practiced and Bird and Exotic Pet Hosptial (Midvale). Updated to reflect Draper location (07/07/07)
  • A - Took my bearded dragon in for a sore mouth. All they wanted to do was x-ray her for $90. When I declined and just wanted them to check her mouth (where the problem was), they were rude and barely peeked in her mouth. Said everything was fine and wouldn't give me antibiotics. Then they sold me the wrong critical care solution to srynge feed her. My beardie didn't get on antibiotics (from another vet) soon enough and had to be euthanized a month later. This place is overpriced, rude, has CLUELESS help at the front desk, will never go back! (07/16/07)


    David A. Linsley, DVM
    Ben Lomond Animal Clinic
    1380 North Highway 8989
    Ogden, UT 84404
    Tel: (801) 782-9679
    SL - He's helped me with both of my Clombian Red tail Boas. (07/15/02)


    Yoeny Calas Dobson, DVM
    Riverwoods Pet Hospital
    3820 North University Ave
    Provo, UT 84604
    Tel: (801) 224-2233
    Fax (801) 802-0306
  • She is WONDERFUL! (02/18/01)
  • TB - This lady not only knows her herps, she loves them. I have seen her tell owners looking at an expensive procedure,"Let's get this pet healthy first and worry about payment can mow and weed the lot or something." She also coos and hugs and loves every critter in her care. Wonderful care giver. (05/07/01)
  • We had a baby turtle with a small URI. We wanted to help her feel better. She was strong, swimming, eating that morning. We took her to this clinic. She was dead 6 hours later... her tongue all swollen and eyes rolled back in her head. They refused to refund any of our medical bill, which came to 72 dollars for a turtle the size of a silver dollar. We will not be going there again.. and neither should anyone else who wants to keep their herp alive. (10/17/03)


    Dr. Cliff Mitchell
    North Cache Veterinary Service
    191 West 100 North
    Richmond, UT 84333
    Tel: (435) 258-2190 Fax: (435) 258-2489 [Email]
  • I am the veterinarian and I especially enjoy working with reptiles. I also see cats, dogs, horses, cows etc. Vet self-recommendation (02/03/06)


    Ross Anderson, DVM
    Southeast Valley Veterinary Hospital
    10572 South 700 East
    Sandy, UT 84092
    Tel: (801) 571-8050
    RT - Dr. Anderson has seen several of my leopard geckos. He helped my sick leo through 2 different infections. She's now healthy & happy. He was infinately available & made a real effort to save me money. He did a lot of work with me over the phone, after seeing my pet in person. He even did one fecal for free when I needed several of them. A very personable, friendly guy who did great things with my sick herp! I can't recommend him highly enough! :-) (02/06/04)

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