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Van Pennington, DVM
Priest Lake Veterinary Hospital
2702 Murfreesboro Road
Antioch, TN 37013
Tel: (615) 361-4646


Amy Richard, DVM
Hillcrest Animal Hospital
6207 Stage Road
Bartlett, TN 38134
Tel: (901) 377-2244
CT - Dr. Richard has six plus years of hands on experience with reptile medicine. She keeps a variety of reptiles at home herself and is well versed on not only medicine but also husbandry aspects. Specializes in turtles/tortoises. (09/12/02) Veterinarian recommended


Tai Federico, DVM
Riverview Animal Hospital
1306 Dorchester Road
Chattanooga, TN 37405
(423) 756-6011
KF - He has yet to see any of my little ones, but he was the doctor for my fiancee's Iguanas and we won't take them anywhere eles. (07/10/02)


Jackie Smith, DVM
Animal Clinic of North Clarksville
1567 Fort Campbell Blvd.
Clarksville, TN 37042
Tel: (931) 645-9890
  • V - Dr. Smith sees several iguanas and has owned them. She seems very knowledgeable with a genuine interest on what kind of care you have for your iguana. I took my iguana to her for a general checkup. I brought in a fecal for testing, she drew up bloodwork, and gave him an complete onceover. She moved cautiously around him so as not to frighten him. She knew to pull on his dewlap to get him to open his mouth (some do not and try to force the mouth open with a tongue depressor) and squirt liguid in the side of mouth. I will continue to go to her even though she is 1 1/2 hours away from me. (09/29/01)
  • SH - We take our snakes to Dr. Smith. She is very professional and shows a lot of concern. If she is unsure about something, she will research it to find the answer. I am comfortable take all of our snakes (currently over 100) to her and will continue to do so. (06/03/02)


    Glenn P. Weatherly, DVM
    Collierville Pet Hospital PC
    18 South Byhalia Road
    Collierville, TN 38017
    Tel: (901) 861-0370
    MF (7/30/2004)

    Shannon McGee, DVM
    Collierville Animal Clinic
    474 Highway 72
    Collierville, TN 38066
    Tel: (901) 853-8519
    Fax: (901) 853-4087

  • M - Dr. McGee is one of the best exotic animal DVM's in the entire region. He's not only great with herps, but any other type of animal as well. Dr. McGee has cared for my 3 snakes (Burmese Python, Dumeril Boa, Red-tail Boa) as well as connect me with other herpers in the area. He's a wonderful doctor with more experience with exotics than any other I have ever met. (06/14/03)


    David Hannon, DVM
    Vet Pets Animal Hospital & Pet Store
    1890 North Germantown Parkway
    Cordova, TN 38018
    Tel: (901) 756-5556
    H - Dr. Hannon has been my vet for 2 of my three bearded dragons. He is very helpful and very informative. His clinic also runs E.A.R.L (Exotic Animal Rescue League) (12/02/01)


    Greg Thomas, DVM
    Lindsay, DVM
    All Animals Veterinary Hospital
    2163 Highway 48 North
    Dickson, TN 37055
    Tel: (615) 446-7991
    BF - I took all of my RTBs to them, and they are great. (04/26/04)


    Richard K. Hall, DVM
    Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital Inc
    1717 Schaeffer Road
    Knoxville, TN 37932
    Tel: (865) 691-8387
  • MB- Dr Hall has been my iguana's regular vet since I got her in 1992, and has played a large part of her remaining healthy through the years. (02/18/01) Comment while at Concord Veterinary Hosptial
  • Moved to this practice from Concord Veterinary Hospital (01/11/03)

    Michael P Jones, DVM
    University of Tennessee
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    2407 River Drive
    Knoxville, TN 37996
    Tel: (865) 974-8387
    MB: Though Dr Jones specializes in all exotics, especially birds of prey, he is amazing with iguanas. Dr Jones spayed my iguana nearly 7 years ago. Now I am accompanying a friend of mine on her visits to Dr Jones. Her ig has had a bout of "blockage" and that was successfully treated. In addition, he will be spaying her in 2 weeks. (02/18/01)


    Kyle Daniel, DVM
    Animal Care Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
    2750 New Salem Hwy
    Murfreesboro, TN 37130
    Tel: (615) 896-3434
    Fax: (615) 896-9503
  • TM - I work with Dr. Daniel and he is a wonderful exotics vet. We see geckos, iguanas, snakes, etc. I highly recommend Dr. Daniel. I even take my 5 snakes to him! (06/06/02)
  • DP - information update (03/03/05)


    James Talbot, DVM
    Belle Forest Animal Hospital
    154 Belle Forest Circle
    Nashville, TN 37221
    Tel: (615) 662-1700
  • LP - Snakes, birds, turtles, dogs, cats. He is very competent and compassionate. (08/19/02)
  • J - If you live in TN in the Nashville area, this guy is the best. VERY knowledgable and extremely kind. This guy knows his herps and has his stuff down cold. I am VERY glad I went to see him! (01/25/05)

    Michael Lutz, DVM
    Mobley Veterinary Clinic
    4709 Gallatin Pike
    Nashville, TN 37216
    Tel: (615) 262-0415

    Mike Corwin, DVM
    Airport Animal Clinic
    215 Pineway Drive
    Nashville, TN 37217
    Tel: (615) 367-9319

  • C - Treats all exotics (01/01/07)
  • DA - Dr Corwin treats all exotics and also works as the vet to the Nashville Zoo. Dr Corwin is the best Vet I have ever dealt with. He is very knowledgeable and caring. He did all he could to save our boy Iggy. I would not take my girls anywhere else but to him. (03/08/07)


    Teena L Foster, DVM
    PO Box 874
    Rogersville, TN 37857
    Tel: (423) 921-3835
    Tel: (423) 754-3362 cel
    Tel: (423) 409-0961 emergency pager
    Additional Information:
    She has an ambulatory practice for farm animals but does do herps in office. An appointment is needed due to her being on the road so much. She also carries supplies such as full spectrum lights and feeders. She has no street address.
  • Email - Large boids, caimen and my son's monitor. She spent several weeks training with Dr. Jones at U.T. and was the person who did the spay mentioned in Dr. Jones reccommendation in Feb 2001 under his supervision. (11/20/01)
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    Last updated: 03/23/07

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