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Rose Asterino, DVM
Clinton Animal Hospital
Hwy 72 East
Clinton, SC 29325
Tel: (864) 833-2487


Sue Ann Hurlbert, DVM
Healthpointe Veterinary Clinic
740 Shoals Drive
Duncan, SC 29334
Tel: (864) 486-8177
- Dr. Hurlbert sees typical small animals-dogs, cats-but also sees many exotics. According to her, she has lately treated a number of chameleons and may treat as many as four or more Iguanas a week. Liz, my 4yr.old rescued male Iguana was seen by Dr. Hurlbert for swallowing difficulties. In addition to being quite professional (not inhibited in the slightest to asking for other vet opinions or to refer to major vet schools should the need arise)-the office was pleasant/calming and exceptionally clean. Liz was very calm around the doctor who handled Liz quite well-examining him with little to no objections. Due to the nature of the exam, Liz was anesthetized with no problems either during or after the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Hurlbert and plan to give my regular cat vet her number as a referral. She is located close to Spartanburg, SC-which is a little (45min.)distance from me-or I would also use her as my cat vet. (07/08/02)

Moncks Corner

Samuel Gray Seashole, DVM
Live Oak Veterinary Clinic
735 South Live Oak Drive
Moncks Corner, SC 29461
Tel: (843) 899-5476
  • MB - Will work with Hot Snakes also, I believe. Took my Ball python there for examination. What a fine place, what a fine man! Snake remained completely relaxed, doctor and assistants were welcoming and easy with the snake. Snake was probed - and never even flinched. Doctor recommended doing nothing, just keeping an eye on the condition which I did and it improved on its own, as he said it might. (08/12/02)