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Rapid City

James D. Mortimer DVM
Amy R. Goodrich DVM
Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital
4230 Canyon Lake Drive
Rapid City, SD 57702
Tel: (605) 348-6510
  • LE - AAHA Member - Specializing in small animals, birds, exotics, and herps. I was given a small green iguana from a local pet store. The owner told me that someone had brought the iguana to them and said that either they took it, or they would "dispose" of it. The owner of the pet store, knowing I was wanting to get an iguana, asked if I would take it and try to nurse it back to health. Luckily I already had a set up for an iguana, so I took possession of it. I went home and called my vet to see if I could get an appointment, they said yes, and I took it there at 3:30pm that same day. The vet, after xrays and a miriad of other tests, said that it had MBD, scoliosis of the spine, dry gangrene on the last 2" of it's tail, and, internal parasites, and a few other problems, and stated that it only had about a 30-70% of pulling through it all. The vet used language that a "normal" person could understand, let me look at the blood slides, xrays, and the results of all tests. They were very concise in explaining everything and all the care it would take. Gave me the proper information I would need. If there was a 1-5 rating system on vets, I would give "Canyon Lake Animal Hospital", all staff, vets, and vet techs, a 6+ !! (02/11/05)

    Sioux Falls

    Dayton Williams, DVM
    All Animal Pet Hospital
    2809 S Spring Avenue
    Sioux Falls, SD 57105
    Tel: (605) 339-9261
    Tel: (888) 339-9261
  • JD - He is the only vet in Sioux Falls I would take my herps to. Great with my green iguana. Have heard others say they don't trust anyone else after they go with him.He is the only vet in Sioux Falls I would take my herps to. (10/02/02)
  • JD - The only vet in SD that I would take my ig or turtle to. Very Qualified- is also the Veterinarian for the local zoo. (03/24/03)
  • He works part time as the veterinarian at the local zoo. I've taken the following herps to Dr. Wlliams for treatment and was very pleased: Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Iguanas, & Pac-Man Frogs. (08/04/03)

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