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East Greenwich

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists
1480 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818
Tel: (401) 886-OSVS (6787)
Fax: (401) 886-8998
  • Practice self-recommended (09/11/07)


    Dr. Susanne Saslaw
    Hope Veterinary Care
    62 Hope Ave.
    Hope, RI 02831
    Tel: (401) 823-7211
  • DC - Dr. Saslaw examined a P.m. grandis for me. I took him in to her after many attempts to find a good and available vet. Knowing that this guy had parasites of some sort, I tried to make an appointment with Dr. Wietsma at Ocean State but had a really hard time getting an appointment that wasn't more than 2-3 weeks away. Since my grandis had lost a lot of weight, I decided to try other vets in the area and had not so great experiences with a couple of them before someone recommended Dr. Saslaw to me. Anyway, she is very good and logical, and is more available than Dr. Wietsma (she does consult with him also). One of the vets to whom I had taken this grandis before finding Dr. Saslaw, decided that besides the parasites, he also had abscesses in his throat and prescribed antibiotics for him - I was skeptical but gave him the antibiotics because I figured the vet knew better. However, after a few days, I decided to stop giving him the antibiotics, found out about Dr. Saslaw, and when I took him in to see her, she rightfully identified the roundish-white things in his throat as calcium sacs, not abscesses! I liked the way she thought about it, which was very logical - she pointed out that the roundish things in his throat were symmetrical (and they wouldn't be like that if they were abscesses). (02/04/05)

    North Kingstown

    Henry Wietsma, DVM
    Wickford Veterinary Clinic
    7440 Post Road
    North Kingstown, RI 02852
    Tel: (401) 295-9739
    Tel: (401) 886-6787 (emergency)
    Dr Wietsma is affiliated with a 24 hour animal hospital where he practices one day a week. It is Ocean State Veterinary Specialists, 3307 South Country Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818 (401)886-6787
  • A - Although we only had an exam for our ig, it was obvious how knowlegable he is. He is affectionately known as Dr Iguana and sees other exotics as well. (03/23/01)
  • VA - I cannot thank Dr. Weitsma enough for the care that he has given to my umbrella cockatoo, Ivy. Twice he has saved his life with his expert knowledge. I would highly recommed his practice for any bird.
  • Dr. Wietsma examined a P.m. grandis and a R. ciliatus for me. He was very knowledgeable about both species and I recommend him highly. One caveat is that it's not necessarily easy to get an appointment with him, especially if you have an emergency, as he is only at this place one day a week and is no longer taking new patients where he regularly practices (I forget the name, but I think it's in someone else's posting on here anyway). I did have some problems with his tech at Ocean State not getting back to me about fecal sample results, but that had nothing to do with Dr. Wietsma. (02/04/05)

    Last updated: 11/14/07

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