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Gloria J. Goodman, VMD
Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center
3000 Concord Road
Aston, PA
Tel: (610) 494-2811
  • VR: Dr. Goodman has treated my Bearded Dragon as well as other exotics that I own. She is excellent with the animals and very willing to spend time to answer all my questions and concerns. (05/03/01)
  • HVC Note: Vet provided updated listing information. (04/20/03)
  • DO - Same as the previous comment TENFOLD. Dr. Goodman and Tech Brian genuinely care for the animals and take all the time needed to talk and/or teach. My beardie is in great hands. (01/05/05)
  • AS - Dr. Goodman and her staff have been seeing my green iguana for two years now. She has a wonderful group of people working with her, and Dr. Goodman is incredibly knowledgable, thorough, and very nice. It's clear everyone there loves the animals they are treating a great deal. Highly recommended! (04/03/05)


    William M. Keer, DVM
    Jeanette Rilling, DVM
    Mike Wenninger, DVM
    Wright Veterinary Medical Center
    3247 Wimmer Road
    Bethlehem, PA 18020
    Tel: (610) 865-2611
    Additional information:
    Dr. Rilling sees all exotics including poisonous snakes, fish and amphibians.
  • Dr. Rilling did surgery on my Iguana and Chameleon - highly reccomended (08/27/01)
  • KL - Dr. Keer is very experienced with exotics. He will work with an owner to determine the best way to care for his/her animal. He is not quick to recommend expensive full analysis which may not be necessary to determine a cause of illness and he is quick to return phone calls and make time to see an established client. He does not care if you call him to ask about proper care of your animals. I have a 4 foot iguana which Dr. Keer has seen many times. Sometimes I have brought her in to do something as mundane as cut her nails. Dr. Keer didn't care. He gave me just the same caring and attention as when I brought her in and she was seriously ill. He also gave consideration to me when I could not afford all the care that was recommended. He found a way to diagnose her using funds I had available. I strongly recommend Dr. Keer for your iguana care. (09/06/02)
  • My Russian tortoise had pneumonia and the current medication he was on was not getting him better. He needed to see a vet who had experience with tortoises. Dr Wenninger discussed with me what my options were and performed the necessary tests. My tort received the correct medicine to treat his bacterial infection. He has recovered from his bout with pneumonia. (09/05/04)
  • AC - They do not see venomous snakes. (02/26/06)


    Richard Greenwalt, DVM
    Carlisle Small Animal Veterinary Clinic
    25 Shady Lane
    Carlisle, PA 17013
    Tel: (717) 243-2717
    Richard Greenwald is reccommended in two locations on your website (Camp Hill and Carlisle), reading this I felt that I was would be going to a knowledgable veterinary. Instead I found myself angered and in disbelief reguarding his supposed knowledge reguarding Green Iguana care. I felt obligated to send an e-mail with concern. (01/06/04)

    Centre Hall

    Dr. Ellen Scholz
    All Creatures Veterinary Care
    2780 Earlystown Rd. (Rt. 45)
    Centre Hall, PA 16828
    Tel: (814) 364-2040
    M - Also great with ferrets, which I believe are Dr. Scholz's specialty. They treat all typical pet animals from dogs and cats, to small animals, to reptiles, birds and other exotics. This is the most highly acclaimed and most frequently recommended vet in the area. The doctor was excellent with my bearded dragon. She knew exactly how to handle him, was very friendly and even cheered him on when he pooped on the exam table! She gave him a complete checkup, fecal exam and a parasite preventive all for a very reasonable price. I was quite impressed. (06/01/06)


    Richard Greenwalt, DVM
    Dover Animal Hospital
    5030 Carlisle Rd
    Dover, PA 17315
    Tel: (717) 292-9669
  • AS - I saw Dr. Greenwalt regarding shell rot on a Florida Cooter and edema in a terrapin hatchling in 2006. At both times I was impressed by his knowledge, his obvious affection for the animals, and especially his willingness to explain the illness and his rationale for choosing the treatment. Both turtles are recovered and thriving. (01/02/07)


    John and Deborah Lutz, DVMs
    Wintergreen Animal Hospital
    8439 Wattsburg Road
    Erie, PA 16509
    Tel: (814)825-6735
    [Email]   [Website]
    DandP - Dr. John specializes in reptiles. Dr. Deborah specializes in birds Both treat dogs and cats. (12/30/01)


    Kristine Vennen, DVM
    All Pet Animal Hospital
    5007 William Flynn Highway
    Gibsonia, PA 15044
    Tel: (724) 444-6600
  • LG - Kristine went to great lengths to help us treat our Burm. with an ongoing infection. Everyone that works at this vet office are very proffesional and go out of their way to help you with your pet. Even when that pet might be an 11 foot python!!!! (12/16/03)
  • MB - I had a Male Leopard gecko with a prolapsed hemipene. I called All Pet Animal Hospital. They got my gecko in that day, and Kristine Vennen and the staff there went out of their way to help me out. I would recomend these people to anyone. (04/24/04)


    Christina J. Mackensen, DVM
    Animal Hospital of Warwick
    2370 York Road #6
    Jamison, PA 18929
    Tel: (215) 343-5300


    Jeffrey S. Steed, DVM
    Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital
    1669 Manheim Pike
    Lancaster, PA 17601
    Tel: (717) 569-6424
    DS - examined two 11 week old bearded dragons with parasites. (04/30/02)


    Lisa Gote, DVM
    Gwynedd Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Service
    1615 West Point Pike
    Lansdale, PA 19446
    Tel: (215) 699-9294
    Open 7 days a week and 24 hours every day for emergencies, though, exotics doctor is not always on. "Call ahead"
    DR (03/23/01)
  • AC - Dr. Gote is no longer at this practice and they will not see/treat a venomous snake. (02/26/06)


    Dr. Joseph Hyduke
    Malvern Veterinary Hospital
    545 S Warren Avenue
    Malvern, PA 19355
    Tel: (610) 647-2626
    Fax: (610) 647-1080
  • (02/18/01)
  • I highly recommend Dr. Hyduke. We brought one of our iguanas to him that had been treated by another vet for a long period of time without satisfactory results. Dr. Hyduke was very methodical in his analysis of my iguana's condition. He recommended and implemented an effective course of treatment. In a short while, my iguana was once again a happy, active member of the family and she has not been as healthy as this in almost two years. (08/18/04)


    Richard Greenwalt, DVM
    Good Hope Animal Clinic
    6 Skyport Road, Suite C
    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
    Tel: (717) 766-5535

    Richard Greenwald is reccommended in two locations on your website (Camp Hill and Carlisle), reading this I felt that I was would be going to a knowledgable veterinary. Instead I found myself angered and in disbelief reguarding his supposed knowledge reguarding Green Iguana care. I felt obligated to send an e-mail with concern. (01/06/04)


    Lilli D. Kusiak, VMD
    Indian Walk Veterinary Center
    662 Durham Road (Rt 413)
    Newtown, PA 18940
    Tel: (215) 598-9000
    Fax: (215) 598-9877
    [Email]   [Website]
  • updated (05/18/02)
  • We are experienced with a wide variety of reptiles. No venomous reptiles, please. Vet Comments. (09/07/02)
  • HVC note: vet email updated (03/17/07)


    John R. Gulliford, DVM
    Somerton Animal Hospital
    13400 Philmont Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA
    Tel: (215) 673-1410
  • Good with Bearded Dragons
  • Dr is good with Herps, actually appears to like them, and is willing to admit when he is not familiar with a new breed, but is willing to learn about a new Animal that comes into his Practice. He is firm, but gentle with the animals, and his prices Very reasonable and he is willing to see multiple animals at a time. (09/25/03)

    Ivan B. Weinstein, DVM
    Animal Health Center
    Large & Bleigh Streets
    Philadelphia, PA 19152
    Tel: (215) 742-5808

    University of Pennsylvania Veterinary
    Karen Rosenthal, DVM
    Small Animal Hospital
    3850 Spruce Street
    Philadelphia, PA
    Tel: Appointment (215) 898-4680
    Tel: Emergency (215) 898-4685

  • Reptiles & Avian exclusively
  • DR (03/23/01)
  • EC - Looked at one of my eastern box turtles and showed me how to properly trim the beak and toenails. (02/27/03)
  • AC - U penn vet clinic does not allow venomous snakes to be seen. Dr.Karen Rosenthal, DVM is just teaching now and not seeing patients. (02/22/06)

    Jeffrey Gevanthor, DVM
    Mobile Practice
    Philadelphia, PA
    Tel: (484) 326-1349

  • JD - Dr. Gevanthor specializes in herps and other exotics. He has a house call practice,which makes things much less stressful for the pets, and allows him to examine the animal's home environment. Dr. Gevanthor is a very patient, gentle, and caring vet who loves herps. I've seen him work miracles with turtles that seemed injured beyond repair, and have also seen him work wonders with iguanas and tortoises. (08/05/07)
  • MR - Examined my RES within my home, spent an invaluable amount of time going over pets habitat, health, and provided exceptional care for our pet. We were extremely happy with his service. Excellent provider! (09/15/07)
  • JM - I've seen Dr. Gevanthor work with iguanas, turtles, and other exotics, and have never witnessed a vet so devoted to making and keeping animals well. He's profoundly knowledgeable, and remarkably sensitive to his "patients'" needs. (11/04/07)
  • M - This man is so wondeful. My iguana is not friendly at all and as soon as Dr Gevanthor picked him up, I new he was great. He not only came to the house but was there for a good two hours and explained in detail everything i needed to know. I will use his services again.I give him 10 stars and a thumbs up! (01/30/08)


    Dr.'s Lee, Ibrahim, Waltman
    Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital South
    560 McNeilly Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15226
    Tel: (412) 344-6888
    Fax: (412) 344-5459
    [Email]   [Website]
    24 hour routine,critical and emergency care for canine, feline, pocketpets, herps, exotics in the South Hills of PGH.
    L - Very good, from mites, infections to successful surgery on my Columbian Red Tail Boa. They have a sister clinic in Robinson Township. (01/11/02)

    Denise Pleban, DVM
    Northview Animal Hospital
    223 Siebert Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
    Tel: (412) 364-5353
    Tel: (412) 364-5374

  • CL - Very good with turtles and Large lizards.. such as monitors. Have had.. adopted green water dragons, Australian water dragons, Box turtles and savannah monitor cared for by her... She is willing to try non-conventional approaches when the more mainstream have failed... treated Metabolic bone disease, somach infections, mouth rot, abcesses, eye infections, dermititis and does sexing. Has always been very optimistic and honest when dealing with all situations.. willing to answer questions and give advice on more unusual things.. such as cage modifications for blind iguanas. (09/12/02)
  • SG - Had her look at my 2 beardies and 2 sav monitors; very experienced and honest; perfect 'bed-side' manner. I recommend her to everyone in the Pittsburgh area. Have fecals done regularly, so far no problems. Helped greatly with sav's broken leg, not only doing Xray's and giving me liquid calcium, but calming me down! [never had a herp break a leg; I thought surery was involved! ekk!] (02/05/2006)
  • K - Very good vet. Have taken all four of my aquatic turtles (african sidenecks, penn cooters) and baby bearded dragon. Very knowledgeable and good attitude. Has treated one of my turtles with a damaged shell and all is well. Very quick with fecal exams and handles animals very well. (07/19/06)


    Elizabeth Clark, DVM
    Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
    2250 N. Old Bethlehem Pike
    Quakertown, PA 18951
    Tel: (215) 536-6245
  • Excellent vet and treats all kinds of reptiles
  • LA - My 17 year old son has a red bearded dragon who became ill do to a bite from an insect or pinky. I at the time was in the hospital and was unavailable to help him so he took it upon himself to call around looking for a vet. He came upon my vets number in the my phonebook and felt that if mom trust them then I can. He drove himself and his beardie down to the vet, by this time the beardie was fading fast and need emergency care. Upon arrival the vets office informed him that he was under 18 and had no money so there fore they counld not treat his pet. In shock my son returned home with a limp beardie in his arms and call a friend who posted some cash for him till the bank opened the next day. At this point the vet was willing to look at his pet. When they informed him that they would have to keep the pet over night he gladly left him feeling that was the best thing to do for him at this point. When I returned home the next day and was informed of the problem I called the vet right away to find out where we stood with the situation. I was treated rudely on the phone. Feeling that it is a little hard to talk to a person about something like this on the phone. I felt that a meeting was in order with the vet. Upon arrival to the office I was asked to have a seat and wait. My son and I did shortly after which the vet came out to meet with us. Her rudeness surprised me but I hung in there with her till she was done. After which I started to talk with her about where we recived our information and how we only did what we were taught and learned about. She became more and more rude as this time pasted. Finally my sons beardie was shoved our direction and told that he would probly not survive and was told that it was due to our lack of care. At the same time the vet also told us that due to his strong health going into this maybe he would be lucky. (showing the care the pet recived proceeding the injury.)At this time I felt the need to speak my mind about he rudeness. I told he that I felt her bedside manner was harsh and not really needed in this matter, she became mad and turned her back to us and walked out of the room. When I turned and looked at my son, my heart was breaking to see the look on his face. I informed him that I know for a fact that he did nothing wrong and that I would do everthing possible to help him find someone who could help us. We returned home and found the breeders phone # and called for assistance in this matter. I was givin the info and went home to use it. After all had settled down I called the vets office back to talk to the person in charge. I explained the story to them and I was told that I would be contacted back, and here we are 2 days later and have still not recived a call. I do feel that when it comes time to pay the bill they not heisate to call. I am righting this to inform others of the care that was givin so they will never be put in this situation like my son and I were. (07/18/02)
  • MS - I brought two gravid females into this cliic around the second week of April. Dr. Clark came out to the waiting room and asked me why I brought them in (there was no exam. room available). I told her that my two box turtles were very pregnant and uncomfortable. She asked how I knew that the turles had eggs and I said "Well, you can feel the eggs if you stick your finger up in the rear wheel wells" And I proceded to do so with one of the turtles. She immediately lost interest in me and my turles and snapped that what I just said was nonsense. She explained that turtle eggs are soft and can not be palpated; the ONLY way to diagnose a gravid turtle is by xray. I did not argue or tell her that I'd been throught this about 6 or 7 times with my turtles. I just looked at them and said that I was hoping that we could give them a shot of oxytoxin if indeed they they had eggs since they had been acting weird for a while. She seemed frustrated that I even suggested this and with a sharp tone said the oxytoxin will never work on a turtle, whether or not they were ready to give up those eggs . Completely unprompted she then announces that my two turtles must be spade (!) I couldn't believe that she'd say that much less announce such a thing as if these turtles were her own. She said that her facility could not retrieve the eggs if indeed there were any. The U. of Penn could do this and would not see my turtles without a recommendation (hers) and she would not give a diagnosis or recommendation without first xraying each turtle ($) I was genuinely nice. I did not argue and along with information that I disagreed with (silently) she really seemed to be bucking for a confrontation. I told her that "there is another herp vet not too far from me and that" - that is were she interupted me and said "Fine!" and walked away. I would like to repeat that I maintained an approachable demeanor and did not ever contradict her. I can not recommend her. (05/27/04)
  • Good vet, but thinks too much on the term IBD. But she didn't give up on meds and treatment. 99.9% of my animals come back to complete health. (10/09/04)


    Dr. Rose Fiskett
    Shippensburg Animal Hospital
    93 Walnut Bottom Rd.
    Shippensburg, PA 17257
    Phone: (717) 532-5413
  • HW - Dr. Fiskett was our vet when she was in VA. She is fantastic with reptiles as well with birds. I now travel 2hr just to take my igs up to see her. (07/25/07)

    State College

    Alan M. Friedlander & Dr. Jones, DVM
    Animal Medical Hospital
    1909 North Atherton Street
    State College, PA 16803
    Tel: (814) 234-0201
    KF - Dr. Friedlander treated my boa constrictor for respiratory infection. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and good with my snake. I definitely give him my recommendation. (02/20/03)


    Dr. Esteban Baeza
    Street Road Animal Hospital
    4869 Street Road
    Trevose, PA 19053
    Tel: (215) 396-4747
    [Email]   [Website]
  • L - He has been very knowledgeable about iguanas and turtles. His hospital has a special room equipped to handle our "exotic" pets. Dr. Baeza has always been very knowlegable and has my full confidence. Anything I needed to change he was able to direct me where to get what I needed and spent time talking to me. Very easy to communicate with. He is always able to see me. (other vets, I have to wait days or they have no idea about iguanas)I highly recommend him. (02/05/05)


    Dr. Len Donato
    Radnor Veterinary Hospital
    112 N. Aberdeen Avenue
    Wayne, PA 19087
    Tel: (610) 687-1550
    Fax: (610) 687-6709
    I took my Iguana to this vet due to my ig's toes had become abcessed. I was referred to Radnor due to the fact that the vet I had an appointment with was out of town, and she needed to be seen asap. Dr. Donato of Radnor Vet hosp is incredible. I did not know what to expect when I took an ig to the vet! The vet asked me a million questions, told me tips for heating, cageing, and what to and not to feed. When he said not to use dog food or cat food, that I had an IG not a dog, I was overjoyed!! He told me greens, no lettuce!! I was so happy I found a vet who not only knew iguanas well, but has one that is about 9. He put Spikey (my ig) on a higher heat temp, and antibiotics, and said he woulo call in 2 weeks to check on her. And he did!! He called to find out how she was. I have called him about several things re my ig, and he is never bothered, and is not rushed. He genuinely cares for the animal., This is the type of vet that all should be!! (07/11/01)

    Last updated: 02/16/08

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