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Dr. Richard Maser
Cavan Hills Veterinary Service
303 Hwy 7 A RR1
Cavan, Ontario L0A 1C0
Tel: (705) 944-5776
  • K - Richard works very well with herps,having completed his training by working at the Toronto Zoo with many species of Reptile.He and his staff are very knowledgable,courteous, and reasonable. Richard has treated many of my herps,including Emeralds,Ammies,many Colubrids.He is also our family vet for our regular pets(cat-diabetic,American Pitbull Terrier,etc.) (02/20/01)
  • My leopard gecko was severely ill with a neurological disease and almost died. Dr. Maser was excellent, he examined her thoroughly and was obviously very at home with herps. Her treatment consisted of a series of injections of different drugs, for which I visited the hospital regularly. The price for all this was very reasonable, and best of all my gecko has recovered. I believe that Dr. Maser also treats the reptiles at the Indian River Reptile Zoo (over 200 herps on display). We also use him for our other animals (dogs and cat). (07/26/02)


    Daren Auger
    Alta Vista Animal Hospital
    2616 Bank Street
    Gloucester, Ontario K1T 1M9
    Tel: (613) 731-6851
    Tel: (613) 731-9911 (referral/emerg.)
    Does mainly reptiles and specializes in them.


    Lynden Animal Clinic
    P.O. Box 44
    847 Lynden Road
    Lynden, Ontario, L0R 1T0
    Tel: (519) 647-3921
    Fax: (519) 647-2709
    [Website]   [Website]
  • EA - Dr. Lee performed an exotic internship at the Ontario Veterinary College. Examined my Iguana, was very knowledgeble and compassionate. (03/28/06)


    Daren Auger, DVM
    Blair Animal Hospital
    849 Shefford Road
    Ottawa, ON
    Tel: (613) 746-2443
    DM - I took my female corn snake to him because she had a lump near her vent. Luckily it was only fattie deposits as she is about 100 grams over weight. We did a needle aspir and a fecal. This man took time to come in even though he was on vacation to look at my snake and give me peace of mind. He was wonderful with her and I would recommend him to anyone in the area. He has snakes of his own and seems to really have a natural love for herps. (08/22/04)


    Dr. J. Sawyer
    Millennium City Veterinary Hospital
    Pickering, ON L1W 1L7
    Tel: (905) 420-9555
    Fax: (905) 420-5799
    CC - Dr. Sawyer is absolutely a wonderful veterinarian. Her care and knowledge of exotic animals is wonderful. She has experience with iguanas, water dragons, chameleons,geckos, and the list is endless. Her exams are very thorough and start off with questions about husbandry and needs of my pets. I was very impressed with her and her staff. I highly recommend her as a herp vet! (03/19/01)

    North York

    Richard D. Axelson, DVM
    Links Rd Animal & Bird Clinic
    41 The Links Rd
    North York, ON M2P 1T7
    Tel: (416) 223-1165
    Fax: (416) 223-1560
    Practice specializes in exotic pets. They are a well established service that are widely known in the Ontario veterinary community. They strive to educate the public on the care and wellness of the exotics that are presented to them.
    I was so fortunate to have found this clinic when I first got my iguana from a local pet store. I was told to feed him lettuce and water and was sent off to fend for him and myself. After researching this animal, I found and took him to Dr. Axelson where I was pointed on a path that was both beneficial and educational. My iguana is now a healthy 2 year old. He hates his semi annual vet trips but I keep telling him that they probably saved his life. Thanks Dr. Axelson and your colleagues and staff at the clinic.(07/02/02)


    Dr. Sawyer
    Millennium City Veterinary Hospital
    365-1225 Bayly Street
    Pickering, ON L1W 1L7
    Tel: (905) 420-9555
    Fax: (905) 420-5799
  • AS - Treats domestis, avian and exotics. Dr. Sawyer has examined my two green water dragons, my three red ear sliders, my cat and my crested gecko. She is always friendly and professional and obviously loves all animals. She's great! (02/11/05)


    Dr. Roberts
    Rockwood Veterinary Clinic
    179 Main Street South
    Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0
    Tel: (519) 856-9002
    C - Dr. Roberts is the best ever and so is the whole staff!! With them open 7 days a week it really helps with us working folk lol!! i drive 1 hour and 1/2 just to see them and it is so worth it!! (07/10/04)


    Dr. Janice Y. Vannevel
    Lasalle Animal Clinic
    1560 Lasalle Blvd., Unit B
    Sudbury, ON P3A1Z7
    Tel: (705) 560-7226
    Fax: 705) 560-2938
  • G - Dr. Janice Vannevel specializes in exotic pets including snakes, ferrets, birds and many more. Dr. Janice Vannevel is very approachable and explains every part of her examination so you know what she's doing to your pet. Very friendly and knowledeable. (08/15/07)


    Alistair Ker, DVM
    Thorold Veterinary Hospital
    2 Sullivan Ave, #B
    Thorold, ON L2V 2X9
    Tel: (905) 227-7644
    Fax: (905) 227-8820
    BM - Here's my vet - he's great. (03/04/01)

    Thunder Bay

    Patricia Alderson, DVM
    Balmoral Park Veterinary Clinic
    955 Cobalt Crescent
    Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5Z4
    Tel: (807) 623-3531
    Tel: (807) 626-4400 emergency
    Tel: (807) 623-7451 emergency
    Fax: (807) 622-5143
    AW - Dr Alderson gave supreme care to my iguana Ross who was having problems being gravid again. She spayed my Ross and saved her life. Ross is at her best I've ever seen in the 2 years since I've rescued her. I absolutely recommend Dr Alderson. (08/06/02)


    Dr. Robin Lane
    Animal Hospital of High Park
    3194 Dundas St. West
    Toronto, Ontario M6P 2A3
    Tel: (416) 763-4200
    Fax: (416) 763-4387
  • AC - They are open 7 days a week. I took my near death newly purchased bearded dragon here and after many tests and treatment she is as healthy as an olympian. She has seen both Dr Lane and Dr Regan. (10/21/07)


    Maureen S.J. Newell
    Trenton Pet Hospital
    Riverview Plaza
    Glen Miller Road, RR#5
    Trenton, Ontario K8V 5P8
    Tel: (613) 392-6667
    Fax: (613) 392-6844
  • S - Very friendly staff. Affordable (health certificate examination $35 Canadian). Maureen educates people on the care for Iguanas showing pictures from James Hatfield's book. (02/27/01)
  • T - And they no longer do reptiles. The Vet who was there is no longer. (05/20/03)


    Dr.Tracy Buhrows
    Lincoln Village Animal Hospital
    370 University Avenue East
    Waterloo, Ontario N2K 3N2
    Tel: (519) 746-7557
    In addition to her care of domestic pets and tropical birds, she also has experience with iguanas and bearded dragons, (she used to have an iguana as a pet). She likely has experience with snakes as well. Our society LOVES her. Many animal lovershighly recommend her as well. (03/04/01)

    Last updated: 11/14/07

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