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Avon Lake

Frank Krupka, DVM
Avon Lake Animal Clinic
124 Miller Road
Avon Lake, OH 44012
Tel: (440) 933-5297
Tel: (440) 892-3708
  • AH - He is in a clinic with several other vets but he is the one to see for exotics, especially herps. I have taken a boa and burmese python to him, very knowledgeable and helpful. Thourough with you, will help out however you need it, also very quick at calling back after hours when had trouble with burm at night. (07/15/02)
  • RP - We took our African Leopard Tortoise to Dr. Frank Krupka and he is wonderfully helpful and the clinic is great. They were extrememly thorough and he answered all of my questions and all of my 7 year old sons questions too - even "Do African Leopard Tortoises get married?" "Yes, if there are two of them" Highly recommend him. (11/18/06)


    Paul Levitas, DVM
    Animal Hospital on Mount Lookout
    3175 Linwood Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45208
    Tel: (513) 871-8866
  • I went to Dr. Levitas for my iguana. He had his own iguana when I went to him last year. Although he likes to raise iguanas mean, he seemed to know his stuff. We talked about current research, Mader, and MK. (02/25/01)
  • AZS - Very friendly, Very Knowledgeable, overall a pleasure to deal with. He squeezed my little 6 month old Ig in for an initial exam in-between surgeries. And still managed to take time out of his busy day to chat about iguanas, and MK, and other research. Gave Ozzy a quick diagnosis and explained clearly how to administer his new medicine. Will definitely be using from now on! (04/21/02)
  • EC - I got a rescue Red Tail Boa. He was in extremely rough shape. Dr. Levitas answered several questions over the phone. A vet visit was very affordable...less than 40 bucks. He also gave my snake some dewormer, just in case, and some medicine to get rid of mites at no extra charge. He was very thorough and knew exactly what he was doing. (06/30/02)
  • ER - He really took the time to give me a lot of advice on my iguana on the phone--even though Im in Japan. It is impossible to find a competent herp vet in Japan. He was so kind and helpful. (04/16/04)
  • ER- I live in Japan--where there is a bad shortage of herp vets. I got my small iguana from an incompetent store. The iguana had gangrene on its tail. Over the course of 5 weeks Dr. Levitas talked to me on the phone several times, and even called me in Japan, to help me with my baby. We also talked about my other herps. All for free. He seemed very knowlegable and very nice. My ig is better now:-) (05/21/04)
  • EC - Dr. Levitas has been our vet for our green iguana for over four years and he is the best!!! I could not imagine a better doctor for our baby. He is extremely knowledgable and passionate about reptiles and all animals. He even went to New Orleans to help rescue animals after hurricane Katrina. He has a wonderful way with people; he has reassured us many times when we have worried excessively about our ig's health. He is always right, too. He has taken excellent care of our iguana throughout these years--including a perfect spay on our iguana (her tummy doesn't even show the scar just a few months later!)What a wonderful doctor and person. Wish we did not have to leave Ohio in a year as we will certainly miss him. (12/21/06)
  • JB - I had a sick bearded dragon the day after Thanksgiving. I called Dr. Levitas' office and spoke to his receptionist. She told me he was off that day but would be in the office, she took my information and said she would give the Dr. my message. A short time later, Dr. Levitas called me asking about my beardie. After giving him my animals symptom's, he said he would meet me at his office the following day (again, his day off). Did a very through examination of my beardie, explained things to me and let me decide what options should be pursued. Overall, a very knowledgeable, personable, compassionate man who went above and beyond to make time to see me and my beardie. Highest recommendation, on a scale of one to ten, he's an eleven. (11/24/07)

    Jeffrey Werwa, DVM
    Cincinnati Animal Medical Center
    7617 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45237
    Tel: (513) 761-8387
    Fax: (513) 761-8415

  • HP -Absolutely lovely wonderful vet, I take ALL of my exotics to him. Doc Werwa is a euthanization as last option vet and will go out on a limb to make sure he has done EVERYTHING possible to help the animal, he also is very reasonable as far as prices go, and hes an awesome guy over-all to boot! (10/14/06)
  • C - Located in the Valley Shopping Center. But will be moving in Feburary 2008 to new location on Plainfield Rd. Best Vet in town. He is just a good ole county vet. Very resonable rates. Cares about all his patients and the owner. Dr. Werwa and his staff truley cares about his patients and not the money. He far and beyond the call of duty. When you go once you will never go to another vet. Just give him a try and you will see for yourself. I haven't seen an animal be turned away. My kids just love him to death. (12/05/07)


    Lori A. Koenig, DVM
    Lakewood Animal Hospital
    14572 Madison Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44107
    Tel: (216) 226-0400
    CH - Dr. Koenig provided excellent emergency and followup care for our rescue iguana, Sorath. She is compassionate, affordable, and definitely worth it. (09/24/04)

    Victoria A. Wendt, DVM
    Roberts & Wendt Animal Hospital
    1458 W. 117th Street
    Cleveland, OH 44107
    Tel: (216) 521-0533


    Donald L. Burton
    Animal Care Unlimited
    2665 Billingsley Rd.
    Columbus, OH 43235
    Tel: (614) 766-2317
    Fax: (614) 766-4508
    [Email]   [Website]
    Founded the Ohio Wildlife Center. Practicing veterinary medicine with exotic pet emphasis for 14 years.
  • CW - My leopard gecko was very ill due to sand impaction and calcium depletion. Drs. Amy Hayward [Now at Norton Road Verinary Hospital [01/14/07] and Allison Stern of this practice saved her and gave me important advice on her care. (07/29/01)

    Lani A. Steinhort, DVM
    Assistant Professor-Clinical General Practice
    Special Interest Avian/Exotics
    Ohio State University
    Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
    601 Vernon L Tharp Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43210
    Tel: (614) 292-3551
    Dr. Lani Steinhort is the doctor that I have had all contacts with, she is wonderful, she took time out of her busy day to call my house to check on Buddy. She wanted to make sure we were doing okay!!


    Daniel T. Brauer, DVM
    Dayton South Veterinary Clinic
    3200 Wilmington Pike
    Dayton, OH 45429
    PH: (937)294-8888
    JM - He is in a group practice, but the only Dr. to see herps. He is very knowledgeable about iguanas. (02/18/01)

    Dawn M. Stiens, DVM
    Kettering Animal Hospital
    1600 Woodman Center Drive
    Daytona, OH 45420
    Tel: (937) 294-5211

  • I took my iguana to Dr. Stiens for approximately 1.5 years. Although I questioned some of her advice (like waiting to see if a gangrene tail fell off on its own) she did seem to be current. She knows about current diet information and is very easy to talk to. (02/25/01)
  • HVC Note: Dr. Steins no longer sees exotics (03/30/04)

    Beth Weisberger, DVM
    North Main Animal Clinic
    8015 N. Main St
    Dayton, OH 45415
    Tel: (937) 890-4744
    Tel: (937) 890-8909
    Fax: (937) 890-3911
    Additional Info:
    She also works out of the Clayton Animal Hospital. Both are with the Dayton Animal Hospital Association Inc.

  • M: My iggy Sugar started acting so strange that I thought maybe it was mating season. She's not been mated, but with a sonagram I learned she is full of eggs. Since she is not caged, she didn't have a safe place to lay her eggs. So, I've bought a cage, and put in a pan with sand. Hopefully, she should lay them in the next couple of days. This vet is very good with iguana! She's gentle and understanding. And the charge was more reasonable than I thought it would be. (07/04/01)
  • DP: Dr. Weisberger has been over-seeing all my bearded dragons and other reptiles and amphibians since I moved here 2 years ago. She has done successful surgery on baby dragons as small as 5 grams up to working with my 5 yr old iggy. I trust her and have been recommending her to all my fellow reptile frinds and customers. (11/4/01)
  • LS - Picaso is my year and a half old rescue Pareodura pictus. Picaso was very very sick when I took him in. He got better, then alot worse, so I took him in to see Dr. Weisberger, she saw him on a last minute strech. She figured him out right away. Sence he is only 10 grams, he had to be flushed for a poop sample. There was half the problem, he was backed up really bad from the sand the previouse owner had him on. Then the news of parasites and worms. She mixed a med just for him, taught me how to give it to him, and how to care for him for the upcomming weeks, even giving me extra meds incase he wont take it the first time. I highly recomend her, and will be taking my leopard gecko, Gabbie to her very soon. She was kind, answered all of my questions fully, and treated me and Picaso like valued friends. (06/16/02)
  • CM - I can't believe I accidentally found this site, and found my vet's name! This doctor is amazing -- I take five cats and a dog to her, several of which are special needs. She saved one of my cats after several other vets failed to diagnose his problems correctly. And the way I found her to begin with was that she saved one of my best friend's animals! She's great with all animals; I've seen her work with skunks, birds, reptiles, you name it. She is a miracle worker, I can't say enough good about her. (03/21/03) Non-herp recommendation


    Amy Hayward, DVM
    Norton Road Veterinary Hospital
    1111 Norton Road
    Galloway, OH 43119
    Tel: (614) 870-7008
    Fax: (614) 870-9845
    [Email]   [Website]
  • BT - Also has an associate vet named Dr. Amy Hayward who is very active in tortoise rescue and reptile medicine. (02/18/01)
  • CW - My leopard gecko was very ill due to sand impaction and calcium depletion. Drs. Amy Hayward and Allison Stern of this practice saved her and gave me important advice on her care. (07/29/01)
  • Above comments while at Animal Care Unlimited (Columbus) (01/14/07)
  • MD - Amy Hayward used to work at Animal Care Unlimited but has moved. She is a very knowledgeable and friendly vet. We were very unhappy not to know where to find her but find her we did. I know many herp owners will be glad that she has been found again!! (01/13/07)
  • JH - Also works part time at the Marysville Veterinary Hospital. (03/20/07)
  • AH - I have seven years previous experience as the person to go to with reptiles at Animal Care Unlimited and am mentioned in that listing but would like to let my previous clients know where to find me at my new clinic. I have a large collection of tortoises and turtles of my own, as well as several rescued iguanas and other animals over the years. Vet-provided information (04/17/07)


    James B. Brenneman, DVM
    Elmview Veterinary Clinic
    3750 Shawnee Road
    Lima, OH 45806
    Tel: (419) 991-0755
    JH - This veterinarian sees all types of animals including birds, herps, dogs, cats and small animals. Also specializes in homeopathic medicine for animals. He sees both my snakes and my dogs. He is very knowledgeable and current. He is very picky though about how you treat your animals and lets you know when he doesn't approve. (04/25/02)


    Robert Dahlhausen, DVM
    Avian & Exotics Medical Center
    5989 Meijer Drive, Suite 2
    Milford, OH 45150
    Tel: (513) 576-1990
    Fax: (513) 576-6177
  • D - Avian, Ferret, Guinia Pig, Hamster, Iguana, Skink, Snake and Chinchilla Specialist. (11/09/04)
  • TR - Reptile and avian practice. I have taken several snakes to him and he has done an outstanding job. Very affordable. (05/02/04)


    Robert Nathan, DVM
    Gary Riggs, DVM
    Michael Selig, DVM
    Bird and Exotics Animal Hospital
    4873 Richland Avenue.
    Norton, OH 44203
    Tel: (330) 825-1637
    Barberton Veterinary Clinic
    4873 Richland Avenue
    Norton, OH 44230
    Tel: (330) 825-2434
  • S&J: We have been taking out two there for 3 years. The are EXCELLENT vets. Always up on the latest info - health, nutrition, medical. Excellent with handling out big guy (5 yrs. old 13 lbs) as well as out smaller girlie. (06/15/01)
  • Dr. Riggs is a wonderful vet. He is the veterinarian that works with the akron zoo. I have taken all of my exotics to his clinic, and have been very pleased. Kudos to him . [He] has taken care of my parakeets, veiled chamelion, pac-man frog, sulcata tortoise, hedgehog, etc... He also works out of the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. Very well-trained and professional staff! (05/17/03)
  • SRH (12/17/03)
  • So far I have taken my bearded dragon, and a very sick savannah monitor and seen Dr. Nathan both times. He is a tremendous help, not only with the care and handling of my reptiles, but also the extra length to help me make sure that their diet, cage set-up, heating, and lighting is correct. He is very up to date on his information and I find him to be an invaluable resource in my reptile's lives. Thank you Dr. Nathan. (03/16/04)
  • TBF - I took my 2 sick leo's. I've rarely been greeted by a handshake and eye contact from a vet [Selig]-this guy made an impression. He knew what he was doing as opposed to my other experiences with vets closer to me who claim to know small critters. I will surely go back since I run a small animal rescue. Very reasonable pricing. Nice and helpful staff. Everyone explained things appropriately (I didn't feel talked down to). Handled leo's gently yet firmly, meds were explained by purpose & method to dispense. Asked that I call back with update. I left with no questions unanswered. (05/11/06)


    Crystal Ponsor, DVM
    South Suburban Animal Clinic
    26611 Dixie Highway
    Perrysburg, OH 43551
    Tel: (419) 872-0920
    Fax: Fax: (419) 872-2023
  • C - Dr. Ponsor works in a clinic with four other small animal veterinarians, she is the only vet who specializes in avian and exotics. A great asset for those in need of herp care in the NW Ohio area. Dr. Ponsor used to have an iquana, and is very experienced with herps and avian medicine. I have worked with her for three years and she is brilliant, my idol I must say. (08/02/02)
  • MT - Crystal Ponser is FABULOUS! She is knowledgable about herps, and is gentle and kind with my iguanas. There are a lot of vets out there who are going on outdated info when it comes to iguanacare, but Dr. Ponser not only is up-to-date, when my first ig was found to have a heart condition, she researched it, and even called me at home after office hours to keep me posted. I can't begin to tell you how much something like that means. I am thrilled that I found her, and feel fortunate to have my igs under her care. I recommend her highly. (12/31/04)


    Ingrid A. Schweinfurth, DVM
    Jonathan M. White, DVM
    Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital
    295 Lancaster Avenue
    Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-1192
    Tel: (614) 861-1700
    Fax: (624) 861-7460
    [Email]   [Website]
    C - I have personally taken 3 iguanas, a tree frog, and a 6 foot boa constrictor (as well as 2 dogs and 2 rabbits) to Drs. Scweinfurth and White for many different ailments and regular check-ups. Both veterinarians are highly qualified and are so caring with any animal - whether it has fur, scales, hair, or just skin! They are always keeping their info updated on all animals - including reptiles and amphibians - and always seem to know just what to do to help my reptiles and amphibians! They are both highly intellegent, willing to take almost any type of animal, tremendously caring, and always helpful! (09/01/03)


    Michelle Kilgore, DVM
    East High Veterinary Clinic
    2444 East High Street
    Springfield, OH 45505
    Tel: (937) 323-9000
    DJ - I have used her because of her knowledge of iguanas proper care.She also has one of her own. She is very good. Best in the City,I have tried others and they obviously did not know what they were talking about. I highly recommend Dr. Kilgore. (08/17/02)


    Michael P. Myers, DVM
    3924 Airport Highway
    Toledo, OH 43615
    Tel: (419) 385-7433
    MS - The GREATEST Reptile Vet. in the Toledo area! (06/13/02)

    Susan Orosz PHD. DVM
    Tim Reichard MS DVM
    Bird & Exotic Pet Wellness Center
    5166 Monroe St. Suite 305
    Toledo, Ohio 43623
    Tel: (419) 843-3137

  • MW - I came across Dr. Orosz while working at my pet store, as she is the only avian licensed practicing vet in the area,and I wanted to go to only the best with my parrots. Dr. Orosz used to teach at the U. of Tennesse for avian care, along with avian surgeries and exotics surgeries. I started going to her after the other reptile vet in the city had no idea what do to for my dragons. She is strickly an avian and exotics vet and is constantly going to conferences to further learn more. She took one look and knew exactly what to do. She has even performed surgery on one of them to remove a tumor. She is strickly an avian and exotics vet and is constantly going to conferences to further learn more. She is one of the sweetest people I know,and will bend over backwards for you. (03/28/05)
  • HVC Note: Comments above are from when Dr. Orosz practiced at Perrysburg Animal Care. (07/07/07)
  • MW - This pratice is exotic animals only, both vets are specialist and have taken the extra time to learn these difficult species unlike most cat/dog vets. Both travel throughout the United States, Canada and Europe to give lectures on care and medical pratices. Dr Reichard was once our Toledo Zoo vet for many years, but now has gone into private pratice and also teaches vet tech students at Stautzenberger College. He is my personal reptile vet, he is great at what he does. Dr Orosz is an avian specialist(the only board certified in the toledo area btw) and sees small animal exotic species. She was my reptile vet until Dr Reichard came into her practice. She is a great fill in vet for an emergency when Dr Reichard is out of town and she is very homeopathic in her aiding. She has performed a surgery on one of my beardies and brought my friends near death tortoise back to life. Dr Orosz was once a FT staff at U of Tennessee,teaching many avian classes but also taught reptile surgery. (06/24/07)
  • SL - Dr. Orosz is now in practice with Dr. Tim Reichard. Dr.Tim was head veterinarian at The Toledo Zoo for 22 years and is now in practice specializing in herps. Dr. Orosz no longer has her practice in Perrysburg, Ohio. My bearded dragon, Ozzie has his first appointment with Dr. Tim on Saturday, July 7th. I have stopped in the office to purchase gut loader for my crickets and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I will gladly update on our experience if you'd like. (07/03/07)

    Last updated: 12/27/07

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