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Dr. Linda Massey
Dr. Shirley Russman
Dr. David Schoonover
VCA Veterinary Care Animal Hospital
9901 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
Tel: (505) 292-5353
Fax: (505) 293-9402
  • SM - Dr. Russman has treated our box turtles (Terrapene ornata ornata and Terrapene carolina triunguis), and was very good with them. (07/20/01)
  • SM - Dr. Schoonover has treated our box turtles when Dr. Russman wasn't available. Dr. Schoonover also treated a colubrid snake that I was "babysitting" for a friend; he *really* liked the snake! (07/20/01)
  • List updated (03/21/02)


    Daniel Levenson, DVN
    Southwest Veterinary Medical Center
    2469 Corrales Road
    Corrales, NM 87048
    Tel: (505) 890-8810
  • SM - Dr. Levenson is a member of ARAV, and is a former member of the Rio Grande Turtle & Tortoise Club. He's very good with turtles, torts, and lizards. (And he's a nice guy!) I have not used him as a vet, but I've had lots of conversations with him, and he is very knowledgeable, and yet is always willing to learn more. (07/20/01)
  • W - Took my 5 mo old beardie Mike to Dr. Levenson for a check up on 2/26/05. Dr L was super! Very knowledgeable, made appropriate easy to incorporate suggestins on improving my care for Mike. Have had a couple follow up phone conversations. Mike is doing well, and I am very pleased w/ Dr L! (03/04/05)
  • Above is feedback from former practice Aztec Animal Clinic (Albuquerque). (12/26/06)
  • WF - Dr. L is the best! He has seen my bearded dragon Mike three times. Dr L is always very thorough and is easily acessible by phone or email to answer questions and help determine when I have a problem if an office visit is needed. (02/14/06)


    Barney Oldfield, DVM
    Totah Animal Hospital
    305 East 20th Street
    Farmington, NM 87401
    Tel: (505) 325-0323
    He has studied and written articles on different snakes and lizards. And has snakes, iguanas, and bearded dragons of his own. I use him for my chameleons and iguanas myself and feel he is knowledgeable and cares for the reptiles.

    Last updated: 12/26/06

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