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Dr. Joseph Filigno
Blackwood Animal Hospital
612 N. Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ 08021
Tel: (609) 227-8503
  • R - Dr. Joe has been helping us with our zoo for the past six months when we switched vets. Our old vet was very nice but didn't seem to know much about reptiles. Dr. Joe seems to know how to fix our problems just by looking at our animals without running lost of expensive tests. (11/19/07)

    Bound Brook

    Barry L. Stuart, DVM
    Advanced Care Small & Exotic
    1991 US Highway 22
    Bound Brook, NJ 08805
    Tel: (732) 764-9595
  • He is WONDERFUL!
  • RS: Very good with my ig. Very knowledgable. I used to work for two other vets and I know a good vet when I see one. (05/23/01)
  • My boyfriend and I have 2 young red-eared sliders. One is pretty sick. We live relatively far from the vet I called, but he is the closest one to us. I have no problem paying for his advice, or his medical assistance, but I didn't want to bring my sick turtle in if the car ride would prove to be detrimental to his health. The woman who answered the phone told me I had to bring in the turtle, period. I understand that in order for a definate diagnosis, the turtle needs to be examined, but I was hoping for some reassurance that the turtle would survive the car ride. I guess even reassurance is no longer free. (02/12/03)
  • J (08/18/03) HVC Note: Submittor had negative experience with sugar glider. Email HVC for further info.
  • J - Saw Dr stuart few months ago with my guinea pig, she was really sick. He ran some bloodwork; I didn't even think you could do that on such a small pet. He found she had liver disease. After 2 weeks of treatment she was back to normal runnin around the cage playing again. It was awesome. 2 thumbs up for him... would highly recommend him to any one. He has a great personality and bed side manner. He fixed my little Ginger piggy, . Thanks Dr stuart you're the best... (12/06/04)
  • A - Dr Barry Stuart helped out my dying Snake and brough her back to life. He is the most knowlegable vet I have ever met. I have lived in 3 states and taken my reptile to several vets, 6 to be exact, and none have ever been more knowing and caring than dr stuart. He is a god send. I don'w know what I would have done if I had not met him. He was always there and eager to see my pet when he had pneumonia, when he was constipated, when he had a bad shed. I am glad there are vets out there that are so caring as he is and as knowledgeable about treatment and diagnosis of reptile and other pets. His staff is woderful and very pleasant to deal with and make the visit so much easier. He is A plus in my book. Obviously any negative feed back came from people who don't see quality and all they want is a free ride and free advise, you can get that on the internet. Go see him if your pet is sick and if it can be saved he will do it.... (12/06/04)
  • JA - I took my very sick, young Slider Turtle to Dr Stuart after learning of him on this site. He happened to be closed on the evening that I brought the turtle, who was suffering from Peunmonia, however, when I rang the bell, Dr Stuart came to the door and asked me what the trouble was. I told him and he took me right then and there! Turtle needed antibiotics desperately! I am very greatful to Dr Stuart as he brought my little guy back to life that evening. He was also very informative on how best to care for the turtle.. drawing sketches of tank set-ups and what kinds of lighting and food the little critter needed to become healthy and happy again. His assistant, April, was also very sweet and helpful. Turtle is doing 100 times better now and I owe it all to Dr Stuart and his expert advice, kindness. (10/07/07)

    Franklin Lakes

    Cheryl Welch, VMD
    Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital
    754 Franklin Avenue
    Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
    Tel: (201) 848-1991
    Fax: (201) 848-1992
  • TD - Dr. Welch has been taking care of my 2 iguanas, 5 chinchillas, 3 guinea pigs and 1 dog for 9 years and I highly recommend her. Both she and her staff treat the animals as if they were their own. She is very good at explaining everything about what may be wrong with your animal and is not afraid to explore cheaper options if money is a problem for you. She always listens to you and takes what you have to say into consideration. She is a wonderful vet! (01/14/07)


    Warren E. Briggs, DVM
    Ocean County Veterinary Hospital, P.A.
    838 River Ave. (Route 9)
    Lakewood, New Jersey 08701-5218
    Tel: (732) 363-7202
    Fax: (732) 370-4176
  • EH - I have two adopted iguanas who see Dr. Briggs regularly. My first ig, Trent, was treated for MBD and most recently for a bacterial infection, and he has recovered successfully from both. My second ig, Mozart, was treated for worms and stomatitis and recently had a toe amputated. We have had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Briggs. Anytime I've left a message for him, he always got back to me. He handles my igs extremely well and gives thorough examinations and explanations. Thanks to him, my igs are well and healthy. (02/18/01)
  • I have recently (11/05) completed the reptile endoscopy course at the University of Georgia under the direction of Dr. Steve Hernandez-Divers ( I see all kinds of herps & avian species in addition to small mammals. I will not see non-human primates or pot-bellied pigs. Vet provided information (02/04/06)


    Ronald F. Hurley, VMD
    Stafford Veterinary Hospital
    211 North Main Street
    Manahawkin, NJ 08050
    Tel: (609) 597-7571
    ES - Great Vet, I really liked him. (05/28/03)


    Honey Rothberg, DVM
    Marlton Animal Hospital
    9 West Main Street
    Marlton, NJ 08053
    Tel: (856) 983-5350
  • Email: Dr. Higashimura loves iguanas and dragons, and works harder at helping them recover and/or remain healthy than any vet I've ever know. (vet tech submission) (05/02/01)
  • HVC Note: Dr. Higashimura relocated from Animal & Bird Health Care Center & Hospital in Cherry Hill. (05/05/02)
  • TE - Dr. Higashimura loves lizards especially, but is experienced with all types of reptiles. Local breeders may contact her at the hospital to arrange for discounted ongoing, health maintenence services. (05/05/02)
  • DH - Dr. Rothberg is a Univ. of Pennsylvania Vet graduate, and has extensive knowledge of herps. She keeps up with the most current information about reptiles, and was very helpful with my iguana. (11/07/03)
  • DJ - I've seen her [Rothberg] nurse near-dead reptiles back to health, and she communicates with other herp vets in the field. Dr. [Kayo]Higashimura is no longer at Marlton Animal Hospital. (02/11/05)
  • RM - Honey Rothberg is the best vet I know. I had a Bearded Dragon that became very sick very fast, and since she did felt the Dragon would not live over night alone, she took it home with her to tend to it while she was on vacation. NO other vet would have cared so much. Just recently I moved to FL, Dr. Rothberg still allowed me to call for advice on my new Sulcata. I will miss her and the rest of her staff at Marlton Animal Hospital. (10/12/05)
  • S --turtle with serious shell infection, shell exhibited extensive flaking that was NOT typical of most infections-- Dr. Rothberg really seemed to know what she was talking about and when presented with a situation she had not yet dealt with she took detailed notes and photographs to consult with other experts in the field rather than haphazardly prescribing medications that could end up doing more damage than good--Awesome vet (09/22/06)
  • HZ - I have been taking my 2 green iguanas to Dr. Rothberg for almost 5 years now. In addition to being very thorough during their annual check-ups, she is extremely knowledgeable. She not only helped me determine the sex of both iguanas, one being a female and one a male, she explained her problems iguanas have as well as mating behaviors and what i should look for in the female during egg-laying season. I have had various problems with my iguanas, from abcesses to a few broken toes, and she has been extremely helpful and has done everything in her power to help me. Most recently, she came in during her day off just to look at my sick iguana because no other vet at their practice works with reptiles. I will forever be grateful for her compassion and skill. (06/29/07)
  • K - Dr. Rothberg must be part reptile. She is so knowledgable and sincere. She truly does care about every animal she meets. My baby turtle was on his deathbed when I brought him to her and she knew exactly what to do and he made a full recovery! I am so thankful that we found her and wish we lived in the area when we had our iguana! (02/15/08)
  • HR - This woman is terrific, very thorough, very reassuring and she takes her time and gives common sense advice. She told me she has 9 bearded dragons herself (for 12 years!) and her staff told me she has over 200 reptiles at home. Very reasonably priced too. The staff is very friendly and helpful over the phone. (02/15/08)


    R. J. Re, DVM
    Nutley Animal Hospital
    274 Washington Ave
    Nutley, NJ 07110
    Tel: (973) 667-7772
    He just loves Bearded Dragons.


    Michael Doolen, DVM
    Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital
    225 Monmouth Road
    Oakhurst, NJ 07755
    Tel: (732) 531-1212
  • LB - Not just herps also have a bird vet and a ferret vet. Took my BRB to Doc Doolan for what I thought was respiratory infection. He cultured his mouth for bacteria and got him started on antibiotics. He called me to switch the antibiotics based on the results of the culture (at their expence) and called my 3 times to check on Cabo. Very cool guy. Explained everything and had us practice Cabos shots on a dummy snake. (04/03/05)


    Curt Boren, DVM
    Oradell Animal Hospital Inc.
    580 Winters Avenue
    Paramus, NJ 07652
    Tel: (201) 262-0010
    Tel: (800) 624-1883
    Fax: (201) 262-4275
  • AM - Dr. Boren saw my baby blue tongue skink as a re-check. His blood had previously been taken (by someone else), with very alarming results. When Dr. Boren tried to take another blood sample, he figured out exactly WHY the first blood sample was so strange. Long story short, the first sample was tainted with urine. It would have happened again had Dr. Boren not had the experience to recognize the forensics of the situation. Highly recommended! (08/30/07)


    Pompton Lakes Animal Hospital
    9 Cannonball Road
    Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
    Tel: (973) 835-4774
  • MD - Dr. Shokoff is great at taking the time to explain the importance of husbandry in regards to exotics. He has quite a few exotics at home as well, so he really practices what he preaches. He also has the ability and know how to use laser, ultrasonography, radiology, and endoscopy. (04/12/04)
  • B - Previously at Ridgewood; updated location. (02/21/06)


    Dean J. Cerf, DVM
    Travis Cerf, DVM
    Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital
    320 East Ridgewood Avenue
    Ridgewood, NJ 07450
    Tel: (201) 447-6000
  • MD - Dr. Shokoff is great at taking the time to explain the importance of husbandry in regards to exotics. He has quite a few exotics at home as well, so he really practices what he preaches. He also has the ability and know how to use laser, ultrasonography, radiology, and endoscopy. (04/12/04)
  • B - Dr. Farina is simply the best!!! She cares tremendously about each and every patient she sees and holds their health and well being in the utmost regard. She is equally as much a fabulous person as she is a fabulous veterinarian. If you live in northern NJ and you want the very best care for your pet, call Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital and set up an appointment with Dr. Farina. I promise you will not be disappointed. (02/19/06)
  • Dr. Shokoff has relocated to Pompton (02/21/06)
  • NJ - Dr. Cerf is an excellent doctor and very pleasant and personable. He really cares about each pet as if it were his own. I've seen his father Dr. Dean Cerf many times and he is excellent as well although harder to get an appointment with! (07/27/07)
  • Dr. Kimberly Farina no longer at Ridgewood Added Dean Cerf(08/06/07)

    Tinton Falls

    Anneliese Strunk, DVM
    Red Bank Veterinary Hospital
    197 Hance Ave.
    Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
    Tel: (732) 747-3636
    Fax: (732) 747-6562
    [Email] [Website]
  • I am a residency trained avian and exotic veterinarian with a special interest in reptiles. I am a member of the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV) and have experience in basic and advanced techniques, including endoscopy and CT scan. I will see all exotics except for non-human primates, pot-bellied pigs, or venomous reptiles. Vet self-recommended (12/13/07)

    Toms River

    Bernard Nilles, DVM
    Toms River Veterinary Hospital PA
    769 Route 37 West
    Toms River, NJ 08755
    Tel: (732) 349-4599
    J - (10/31/01)

    Washington Township

    Dr. Michael J. Weiss
    Dr. Patricia L. Link
    All Creatures Vet Care
    352 Greentree Road
    Washington Township, NJ
    Tel: (856) 256-8996
    MM - Both vets have been very knowledgeable and helpful when dealing with my 'zoo'. They also follow up after the initial visit to make sure the animals are doing well. Very knowledgable about reptiles. (08/08/01)

    Last updated: 02/16/08

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