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Jenna Franklin, DVM
Riverside Veterinary Hospital
201 North Main Street
Boscawen, NH 03303
Tel: (603) 224-5615
Tel: (603) 753-9834
  • ARAV member. Vet self-recommended (02/28/06)


    George Messenger, DVM
    Fisherville Animal Hospital
    108 Fisherville Road
    Concord, NH 03303
    Tel: (603) 229-0674
  • Email: We take all of our iguanas there and only to him!! Every rescue we take in goes to him for care as well as all the iguanas that our permanent members of our family. I have been to other vets in our state and NO ONE is as good as Dr. Messenger. He takes time to help us understand what is going on with our animals and explains all tests and proceedures fully BEFORE he performs them (including talking about how much it will cost us). He also spends time making the animal feel comfortable too and to me that is one of the most important things! Whenever we are in for a visit we see all kinds of animals there. Dogs, cats, ferrets and even exotic birds! All of his clients love Dr. George and after spending a few minutes with him it's hard not to see why. (04/06/01)
  • NP - We wouldn't take our furry babies to anyone else! Our dog had a mess on her leg from the negligence of another vet. Dr. Messenger had her doing fine in no time. Our bird was egg bound and although she died, he was wonderful in the way he treated her and me. He is truly connected to animals in a way I've never seen before. (11/20/01) Non-herp recommendation


    Julie C. Keene, DVM, PhD
    Lakes Region Veterinary Hospital, PLLC
    1266 Union Avenue
    Laconia, NH 03246
    Tel: (603) 524-8387
    SC - I have taken my Green Iguana and my Bearded Dragon to Julie since they were babies. Unlike some other vets (like Fisherville) Dr. Keene gives the impression that she really loves what she does- that my babies aren't just another appointment. She really cares about how my herps are doing and works with me on how to take care of them. LRVH also isnt afraid to help you out if you are not financially able to pay a large vet bill. She is THE BEST! LRVH has been more helpful to me than some human hospitals have been! LOL! (04/10/03)


    Robert Desena, DVM
    Marlborough Veterinary Clinic
    115 Main Street
    Marlborough, NH 03455
    Tel: (603) 876-3760
  • KG - Dr. Bob as we call him is one of the most gentle, nurturing, sensitive vet I have ever met. For years he has assisted our family with care. He has treated a greyhound who has had cancer for over three years. Shane is doing great! He has treated MANY greyhounds in our family. As well as guinea pigs, cats and other dogs. His practice is warm, inviting (yes, it is) and loving by all staff. They are truly there for the animals! Thank you guys! (07/08/03) Non-herp recommendation
  • LR - We have been going to Dr. DeSena since are bearded dragons were juveniles. The dragons are now both over 5 years old each is in good health. They have seen Dr. DeSena for annual routine exams as well as life-threatening emergencies. Dr DeSena has always been caring, knowledgeable and reliable. We feel lucky to have him as a vet, he is a real hero and genuinely loves reptiles. His staff is also kind and knowledgeable. We recommend him highly, as he is god-send for anyone who may need a reptile vet they can trust knows what to do. (04/05/06)
  • JM - I was brought an injured baby garter snake by a neighber's son because I am Known to love snakes. I called Dr. Bob and they said to bring it in and they would treat it. I was told they treat wildlife for free and only ask that you return the animal to where it was found! Of course they accept donations to help cover the cost. I just want to let people Know about a vet out there who is a vet because he really cares! (08/29/06)


    Paul H. Phenix, BS-DVM
    Nashua Pet Care Clinic
    150 Broad Street
    Nashua, NH 03063
    Tel: (603) 889-4738
    Fax: (603) 598-0081
    [Email]   [Website]
  • Dr. Phenix in my opinion is a great veteranarian, He took very good care of my cat as well as my gecko. He was very professional as well as having a good sense of humor. Which is very important. He also was very knowledgable.I have also seen him with other patients and the animals just love him, which to me is a key indicator. (08/01/05)
  • M - If you want to have the very best care for your "pet" family member. You MUST see Dr. Phenix. He is the very best care giver in the area. I recommend him to anyone and everyone I know. Hands down there is no-one better. (08/10/07)


    Anthony M. Guerino, DVM
    VCA Animal Medical Center NH
    1550 Woodbury Ave.
    Portsmouth, NH 03801
    Tel: (603) 436-4922
  • Email - I have recently had a less than satisfactory dealing with Dr. Guerrino, not to mention having misgivings about him for some time. I first met Dr. Guerrino when he spoke at our local herp society's monthly meeting. While he is a very nice man with a great personality and I personally know more than a few people who entrust their snakes to him, I would not reccomend him to anyone who has an iguana. While speaking at this meeting he mentioned feeding iguanas crickets as sited in a very old reference book. He passed this book around and to the best of my recolection he DID NOT discuss the negative sides of feeding an iguana animal protein. As for my recent unsatisfacotry dealings with him, I had to use him one night when my own vet was not on call. Our largest female iguana has swelled up to the size of a football over the course of 2 hours. Our own vet had previously declared her gravid and so we were greatly concerned. We drove the 45 miles to take Mel to see Dr. Guerrino and he performed x rays as well as blood work. He told us that nothing was wrong with her and that she was NOT gravid -even when I could see the eggs in the x ray. He told me that they were probably not eggs and that even if they were then she must be absorbing them. So, we took her home and less than a month later Mel began refusing food and passing orange urates so we took her to our own vet. Surprise Surprise!!! She is LOADED with eggs and is going in for surgery in 2 days. While Dr. Guerrino may be a very nice man and be excellent when it comes to snakes, IMHO he leaves too much to be desired as an iguana doctor. I won't ever use him again. Even in an emergency I'd rather drive the 50 miles to Boston than to use him. (04/07/01)
  • CM - Dr. Guerino does all type of Reptiles for a reasonable price and they do credit plans (Care Credit). (09/19/07)


    Michael Dutton, DVM
    Weare Animal Hospital
    91 North Stark Highway
    Weare, NH 03281
    Tel: (603) 529-4999


  • MH - I just can not praise Dr. Dutton and his practice enough. He is a very caring Dr. and you can tell that he just loves all his patients. I just brought my bearded dragon to him for the first time but was very comfortable with his exam and knowledge of bearded dragons. Dr. Dutton is an expert in the field when it comes to ferrets (which is how I found out about him). I bring all my animals to him and he has an extensive exotic/reptile/bird practice. I would recommend him to anyone for any type of animal. (04/20/07)


    Carol Macomber, DVM
    Granite State Animal Hospital
    19 Roulston
    Windham, NH 03087
    Tel: (603) 894-6099
  • SL - Carol is a dedicated, caring professional. When Spike was sick last winter, she made arrangements to get Spike to her HOME and gave me the medicine he needed along with the appropriate packaging (ice packs to keep frozen). She is exceptionally caring and expert on iguanas. Comments: Carol is a dedicated, caring professional. When Spike was sick last winter, she made arrangements to get Spike to her HOME and gave me the medicine he needed along with the appropriate packaging (ice packs to keep frozen). She is exceptionally caring and expert on iguanas. (10/31/04)
  • Above comments while practicing at Salem Animal Hospital (12/27/07)
  • K - I received my two Leopard geckos from Dr. Macomber and she is extrememly knowledgable. I would recommend her to anyone for their dog, cat, bird, reptile or other exotic animal. She is great with parrots also though. (10/19/07)

    Last updated: 12/27/07

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