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Teresa Bradley, DVM
Belton Animal Clinic
1308 N. Scott Avenue
Belton, MO 64012
Tel: (816) 331-3120
Fax: (816) 322-7377
[Email]   [Website]
  • L&TS - We operate a turtle rescue and Dr. Bradley has treated many of our turtles & tortoises with success, including various surgeries. (06/11/01)
  • L&TS - The vet practice has added a website. (03/03/03)
  • PO - We also offer after hours urgent care services under the name Animal Urgent Care of Cass County from 6pm to 11pm and see exotic pets. (05/11/06)
  • DG - I was extremely pleased when I made my first appointment with Dr. Bradley, as she specializes in reptiles. We wanted to find a knowledgeable vet before we needed one, and after meeting Dr. Bradley I was able to rest assured that she was exceptional! We own numerous reptiles (Crested Gecko, Gargoyle, Chahoua, Leopard & Bearded Dragon) and I would not hesitate for a moment to bring one of my babies to Dr. Bradley. I HIGHLY recommend this animal clinic and specifically Dr. Bradley, to anyone needing a great Herp Vet! (05/16/06)


    Douglas Pernikoff, DVM
    Clarkson Wilson Veternary Clinic
    32 Clarkson-Wilson Center
    Chesterfield, MO 63017
    Tel: (636) 530-1808
  • S - Dr. Pernikoff was great with my 4' Ball Python. He had burns on his belly, and Dr. Pernikoff did everything he could to help him. From shots (and teaching us how to administer them) to salves, to follow up visits! I would recommend him to anyone! (06/18/02)
  • AG - I took my two bearded dragons to him after finding his name on this site. I highly recommend him. He was very nice and glad to answer all of my questions. (12/26/06)
  • JK - I know that this website is for reptile and amphibian owners, but I wanted to let you know about my experience with Dr. Pernikoff and his staff. We have pet chinchillas and brought one of them to Dr. Pernikoff upon recommendations of several people that he is very knowlegable about exotic pets. Our chinchilla had lost a lot of weight and wasn't eating or pooping. He kept our chinchilla in his office for 4 days, never once calling to give us an update on his condition. We called each day inquiring and they always told us he was the same. On the fifth day, we called around 11 am (they open at 9 am) and we were told that he died during the night. THEY DIDN'T EVEN CALL US TO TELL US THAT HE DIED, WE HAD TO CALL THEM! It might just be a chinchilla to Dr. Pernikoff and his staff, but Teddy was our baby. Please do not take your beloved pets to this man. Your animal will not receive the love and care that it should. (12/28/06)


    Susan M. S. Sczepanski, DVM
    Horton Animal Hospital-Clinic
    1400 Forum Blvd #2
    Columbia, MO 65203
    Tel: (573) 446-3227
  • T - Very helpful. Gave us medicine for Dermatitis. Was upset that the pet store we brought our Iguana sold us Crystal. She really cared for the animal. (02/18/01)
  • M - My YBS developed a pink tint to his plastron. I brought him in to see Dr. Sczepanski on a Tuesday to find out what was going on. It was recomended that I drop his water temp & feed him more protein. Said nothing was wrong that enviornment/feeding changes couldn't fix. The Friday that followed, things were worse. His plastron was a much darker pink and he had also developed an area that resembled what thrush looks like in a horse's hoof. I took him to a different vet, they ran cultures on him, and found bacteria and fungi that were present. He was immediately put on medication; medication that he SHOULD'VE been placed on when I originally took him to the vet on Tuesday. I was very disappointed in the lack of knoweledge that was possessed by a vet who's supposed to know how to treat turtles, and would not recomend any turtle owner to bring their babies there. (04/15/06)
  • SK - She saved my baby slider's life. She told me exactly what I needed to change. She was genuinely concerned, she provided me with a new diet to feed her and endless helpful information to help my little slider get well and overcome her less than 25% chance of life. Thank you Susan! (01/27/08)

    Noah's Ark Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic
    1003 North Fairview Road
    Columbia, MO 65203
    Tel: (573) 445-1388
    Fax: (573) 446-8226

  • M - After taking my YBS to another clinic to be examined, his condition worsened quickly. I brought him (just 3 days later) to Noah's Ark to be looked at. They got Fiona in immediately, took their time by asking the typical qusestions regarding habitat, feeding, length he's been in my care, etc. They also provided him with a thorough exam, and gave detailed directions on administering medications and care for Fiona for the following week while being treated. They were knoweledgable & caring when it came to my turtle. Over the years I've taken other critters (dogs/cats) to them before, as have other members of my family, and never once has any of us ever been disappointment in the treatment either we, or our pets, received. (04/15/06)


    Daniel S. Wentz, DVM
    Ferguson Animal Hospital
    483 Airport Road
    Ferguson, MO 63135
    Tel: (314) 524-0707
    Near Lambert Airport
  • Dr. Wentz is amazing. He's always given us 110% of his attention, even for the smallest things. His prices are great (I believe its $11 for a fecal check), his advice is excellent, and he is trusted by breeders and owners across the state. I moved to Milwaukee and he has continued to help us out with all my questions, going the extra mile. His clinic deals with all domestic animals, as well as herps. I take my bearded to him. (10/30/02)
  • J - I just recently (1-2 months)started going to Dr. Dan Wentz after 2 years and 2 vets, of failed attempts to cure my leopard geckos. Sadly we had to put one asleep and we are still in the proces to help the others, but he is great he takes the time needed and goes over everything with you including housing, food, supplementations, temps. Even though i have several vets closer to me i will take that hour drive to know my reptiles are in quality hands. I highly recommend taking your reptiles and even those cute and cudley animals. (09/17/03)
  • J - I recently took my 3 1/2 yr old female iguana in for a checkup and was not very impressed with the visit or his unwillingness to listen to me or my concerns. His care sheet is horribly outdated and he is unwilling to listen about more recent studies as to diet temps (he told me to raise her basking temp to 105 and it is now known that at that temp on igs it starts to cause organ failure) and lighting. He also suggested me to bring her back to be spayed in the summer suggesting that it is just as safe as spaying a cat when it is known that anesthesia is much more dangerous with reps and herps and that they can hold there breaths for up to 30 mins which can cause even more problems with any surgery. Any vet that would suggest an unnecessary procedure which could cause more problems in the long run will not be a vet for any of my animals. (02/04/06)
  • M - Dr. Wentz is a wonderful vet. Anytime I have ever had a problem with my animals he is there to listen and help me. The wonderful thing about this animal hospital is their first priority is the animal. They are not expensive at all and the people who work with him are wonderful. They get to know you on a first name basis along with your dog. I would recommend anyone who has problems with their animals to go and see Dr. Wentz. Also this hospital goes to Pet Co. on Lindsay Ln. I think once a month atleast to give shots such as rabies, parvo, they do the microchip and much more for really cheap. (03/13/06)
  • LR - Dr. Dan is amazing with my female iguana Cosmo. She had to be spayed and the surgery was a wonderful success. He has also helped teach us the essentials about iguana care and gave us some wonderful advice on where to learn more. I recommend Dr. Dan to many of the reptile owners I come across, and I plan on using his services for the duration of having Cosmo. (05/10/06)
  • CH - I am a veterinarian at Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Illinois. I just moved in to a house in Ferguson when I had an emergency with my 3 dogs eating toxic amounts of coffee. I ran them all over to Dr. Wentz, on a busy Saturday, because driving to my hospital in Illinois would have taken too long. Without even knowing I was a vet, Dr. Wentz immediately whisked us all into the back of the hospital to start inducing vomiting. It took 2 hours of repeated treatments to induce vomiting and give them a messy suspension of activated charcoal. If you can imagine 3 large dogs puking all over his hospital and flinging black goo everywhere, you can imagine the scene. Dr. Wentz took it all in stride and was fabulous. Thanks! Caitrine Hellenga, DVM (03/26/07)
  • D - I have been going to Dr. Dan since 1993. I began going to him for my Iguana's, but since then anywhere from Ferret's, Turtles, Guinea Pigs and Dogs. He is wonderful! I have 3 Chinese pugs, had 4--love you Gizmo. Well he saved my oldest of 13 yearS---3 times! She had to have a major surgery for cancer twice and a deadly ear infection. I cannot Thank him and his staff enough. GREAT JOB ! (08/02/07)


    Jay A. Schweizer, DVM
    G. W. Buckaloo, DVM
    Wayne Fry, DVM
    k Chrysler Animal Hospital
    12440 E. New 40 Highway
    Independence, MO 64055
    Tel: (816) 358-2857
  • MK - Each and every one of these vets is knowledgable, personable, and dedicated. Not to mention they are not afraid to say when they do not know what is causing something, and to call someone who would know. They know and respect Dr. Teresa Bradley who is one of the best herp vets in the whole country. These guys have helped to revive and revitalize a number of reptiles for either myself or surrounding area pet stores. If you are looking to find a vet that is dedicated these are the guys to go see. Everything from turtles, snakes, hermit crabs, and common lizards, all the way to the truly exotic. They have it covered!
  • MK - This clinic serves animals of all types but prides itself on the treatment of exotics. This doctor (and the whole clinic for that matter) are very knowledgable, pleasant to work with, listen to their patients, and have done quite a bit of research on all sorts of exotic animals. This doctor's knowledge of lizards has been often impressive so I know he does his homework. A real must see if you live in the area. (12/01/03)

    Richard Schrock, DVM
    Three Trails Animal Hospital
    600 W. 23rd Street
    Independence, MO 64055
    Tel: (816) 252-5105
    Tel: (816) 836-1141
    Fax: (816) 252-6037
    [Email]   [Website]

  • J - Dr. Schrock is a very reputalble veterinary with many years experience with not only small companion animals but also with the pocket pets and reptiles. He his very knowledgable as well as caring and compassionate. (11/20/07)

    Kansas City

    Brock Exline, DVM
    Hecker Animal Clinic LC
    7240 Wornall Road
    Kansas City, MO 64114
    Tel: (816) 333-4330
    JS - Extremely knowledgeable vet who works with almost any species of animal and excels in knowledge of reptiles. I am an employee of Lakeside Nature Center, and we refer all of our questions on herps to Dr. Exline and take more critical animals to his clinic. He is an amazing veterinarian. (04/09/04)


    Timothy Chirpich, DVM
    Raytown Gregory Animal Health Center
    7037 Raytown Road
    Raytown, MO 64129
    Tel: (816) 353-6681
    Additional Information:
    There are several veterinarians in this clinic and all of them seem to study/specialize in various different animals. So this clinic is a good one stop place to take all your pets. You may end up seeing a different vet for each of them, but you only have to go to one place.
    MK - This vet is very polite, listens, and is not afraid to tell you if he does not know about something. He has done his research to find out as much as he can on iguanas, and other reptiles. He was not afraid to tell me that at times if he does not know the answer he will contact Dr. Teresa Bradley (One of the best reptile vets in the country) for the answer, because he knows what is important is the well being of your animal not how much he impresses you. He examined a couple of my iguanas, and treated one of them for an abcess. The cost was reasonable, and the experience was pleasant. (09/26/01)

    St Louis

    Jay King, DVM
    Lawrence Zeis, DVM
    Watson Road Veterinary Clinic
    3725 Watson Road
    Saint Louis, MO 63109
    Tel: (314) 644-1544
  • L - I work at this clinic, and highly recommend it...and not just because I work there. I wanted to work there, because I loved the care they gave my animals. Jay King is an excellent Vet, and is known for specializing in snakes, all sorts of reptiles, and birds. He has the knowledge of nearly every animal. Dr. Zies is wonderful as well, and gives all animals the best of care. It's a friendly environment, the staff listens to the clients concerns, and won't burn a hole in your wallet. It's a great clinic for all animals. (04/10/02)
  • RJM - I found Dr. King's office on this page and made an appointment for my Tokay Gecko. Dr. King was not in that day, but Dr. Zeis was able to help me. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and affordable. I would recommend them to anyone. (11/20/06)

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