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Dr. Jina Andrews
Central Bird & Animal Hospital
13060 Central Avenue Northeast
Blaine, MN 55434
Tel: (763) 785-2700
Fax: (763) 862-0090
  • PS (03/17/06)


    Stephen Barghusen, DVM
    Pet Crossing Animal Hospital
    4015 West Old Shakopee Road
    Bloomington, MN 55437
    Tel: (612) 884-8248
    Dr. Barghusen's love is frogs, but he sees all reptiles. He is pretty good and great to talk to. He is easy to work with and has an open mind. I think there are other vets with more in depth knowledge about reptiles, but he is eager and willing to learn and great for basic needs...fecal checks, xrays etc..

    Howard Lake

    The Housecall Veterinarian
    P.O. Box 336
    Howard Lake, MN 55349
    Tel: (612)636-8038
    Fax: (320)286-3277
    Dr. Shelton sees most every herp, and she does housecall's, really great for my BIG snakes. She is willing to consult with other vets when something is unusual, too. Which is way better than other vets I worked with who just muddled through on their own. She goes into the cities and way out into a lot of the burbs. She owns her own iguana too. (12/01/03)

    Inver Grove Heights

    John A. Newman, DVM
    Southview Animal Hospital
    32 West Mendota Road
    Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
    Tel: (651) 455-2258
    This guy heads the University of Minnesota Herp department. He is very knowledgeable and is one of the best known herp vets in Minnesota.

    Lake Elmo

    Anna Ulfeng, DVM
    John Baillie, DVM (Medical Director)
    Cedar Pet Clinic
    3417 Lake Elmo Avenue
    Lake Elmo, MN 55042
    Tel: (651) 770-3250
  • C - (03/14/05)


    John W. Baillie, DVM
    Cedar Pet Clinic
    3604 Cedar Avenue South
    Minneapolis, MN 55407
    Tel: (612) 721-7431 [Website]
  • C - (03/14/05)

    Dr. Alt
    Central Animal Hospital
    2700 Central Avenue Northeast
    Minneapolis, MN 55418
    Tel: (612) 781-6941
    This is the first herp vet I have had an experience with, and it was DEFINITELY a positive one. I brought my new BP to her for a checkup. She was very helpful, making sure I knew the proper husbandry aspects. (04/09/01)

    New Brighton

    Dr. David LoGuidice, DVM
    Ark Pet Hospital PA
    151 Silver Lake Road, NW
    New Brighton, MN 55112
    Tel: (651) 633-0567
    BM (02/25/01)

    Saint Cloud

    Janell Osborn, DVM
    Saint Cloud Animal Hospital
    300 Lincoln Ave NE
    Saint Cloud, MN 56304
    Tel: (320) 251-2494
  • BM - Dr. Osborn is a very enthusiastic and dedicated vet. She has a good medical knowledge of herps and is very easy to work with. (02/25/01)
  • This vet is constantly learning and striving to meet the demands of ever changing veterinary requirements. If there is something she does not know, she will find it out in a timely manner. She is an excellent surgeon. She once stitched up an Iguana that was attacked by a ferret. She specializes in herps as well as feline, canine, birds, and large animals. (07/23/04)

    Saint Paul

    Dr. Troye
    Como Park Animal Hospital
    1014 North Dale Street
    Saint Paul, MN 55117
    Tel: (651) 487-3255
    Email - This clinic is a wonderful resource for reptile care, besides the more common pets such as cats, dogs, and birds. I'm so thankful I found them. They have nursed the sick water dragon I adopted back to health. Staff people own reptiles as well as offer advice. (02/08/02)

    South St. Paul

    Dr. David Abramowicz DVM
    South St Paul Animal Hospital
    501 Concord Street North
    South Saint Paul, MN 55075
    Tel: (651) 455-5897
    [Email]   [Website]
    Former student of Dr Newman; Dr Newman has been retired for several years now, and lives in Georgia. Vet self-recommended (11/04/05)

    Janell Osborn, DVM
    South St. Paul, MN
    Tel: (651) 455-6540
    This vet does house calls only. She also studied under John A. Neuman and often uses his facilities to do her tests and lab work. She is a bit pricy since she charges for mileage, but I have also found her to be the most up to date on new medical procedures and to have the most connections to other vets to find answers to medical problems.

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