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Ann Arbor

Vickie Daldin-Marsh, DVM
Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital
4990 Ann Arbor-Saline Road
Ann Arbor, MI
Tel: (734) 913-0003
  • KT - Dr. Daldin-Marsh has extensive experience in herp medicine. She has treated several of my lizards (and cats) successfully. She has my trust and my recommendation. (02/27/01)
  • AG - I did not see Dr. Daldin but I saw 2 other Drs. within Animal Kingdom with my Box Turtle of 15 years. Dr. Barnes was very nice but I did not get a diagnosis - just antibiotics. Re: Dr. Pratt, I urge you not to see with a turtle. She tried to get blood, cut 5 of his nails, couldn't get anything and sent us home. An hour later all 5 nails were bleeding and he could have died from that! (09/15/02)
  • Dr. Pratt has made many mistakes on the herps I care for, recomending euthanasia based upon misread information being the most gregious. I would strongly urge anyone contemplating using her services to avoid doing so. (10/04/03)
  • CK - I have taken my canary winged brotogerias to vickie, my 2 lovebirds for over 16 years, my mother has taken her two lovebirds for over 16 years, I have taken my two grey-cheeked parakeets to her as well as my yellow nape amazon for 10 years. Everything was more than absolutley wonderful until she hired other vets to run her office and she is no longer available. I wouldn't take a muskrat to the vets in her office anymore. I took my birds with high regard for her opinion and treatments but I wouldn't take a house rat to the ones currently running her vet's office. She needs to get rid of the incompetent vets currently running her office and start doing it herself again. My mother, my ex-husband, and my self all agree that the current vets are incompetant and shouldn't be treating animals. (01/17/05)

    Susan Lewis, DVM
    3382 Washtenaw Avenue
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    Tel: (734) 973-1884

  • MS: Dr. lewis has spayed my iguana successfully, removing 57 eggs from her belly. She's very experienced with iguanas and has operated on them a lot. she also is a great vet because she actually shares her knowledge with her customer. I recommend her highly. (05/29/01)
  • AH (02/04/03) HVC Note: Submittor does not recommend vet for snakes or small herps. Provided detailed comments. Email HVC for details.

    Battle Creek

    Jeffrey LaHuis, DVM
    Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic
    455 West Dickman Road
    Battle Creek, MI 49015
    Tel: (269) 963-9347
    Fax: (269) 963-5191
  • JW - He worked on my boas, iguanas, gila monsters, pythons, newts, salamanders, turtles, & tortoises. (04/24/03)
  • He takes care of both my ball python and my mali uro. I can always get a quick appointment and he's very experienced and knowledgable. (09/10/03)
  • K - Jeff has taken care of all my herps including my very hormonal and tempermental male iguana. We decided to neuter him in hopes of curbing his aggression, which involved getting dangerously close to his main blood supply. Amos made it through surgery with flying colors, and is doing much better with his temper. (04/10/07)

    Birch Run

    Kimberlee A. Buck, DVM
    Frankenmuth-Birch Run Veterinary Hospital
    9339 South Gera Rd
    Birch Run, Michigan 48415
    Tel: (989) 652-6689
  • I use her [Buck] for my Leopard geckos and she is a great vet. (03/15/01)
  • I've seen Dr Buck a few times for my lizards. She seems knowledgable but frankly not very interested. Also her prices are quite a bit higher than other Vets in the area. She knows her stuff, but I was hoping for someone who likes herps a bit more than she seems to. (04/30/04)


    Jason R Harrison, DVM
    Airport Animal Clinic
    7749 East 34 Road
    Cadillac, MI 49601
    Tel: (231) 775-1378
  • SH - Bearded Dragon exam (healthy) very thorough, knowledgeable and kind. (01/08/07)


    Kenneth M. Harr, DVM
    K. K. Vrabel, DVM
    Canton Center Animal Hospital
    5900 North Canton Center (just north of Ford Rd)
    Canton, MI 48187
    Tel: (734) 459-1400
  • We're fairly new to the herp world, having just started w/garter snakes this past June. I called my old vet in Fenton and they recommended several vets; Canton Center was the easiest for me to get to, since I know the area. I've seen Dr. Harr twice and Dr. Vrabel 3 times. Dr. H seemed to know what he was doing; the 1st time w/him was for my snake's eye-he has been having a heck of a time w/a stubborn left spectacle. The second was a check-up for Racer since his cage-mate died of unknown causes the night before. We saw Dr. Vrabel the last 3 times; first for deworming Racer and his new cage-mate, once for the same blasted spectacle (bleeding that time) and again recently for a check up on it. She also seems to know her stuff and is a very personable lady. (My kids like her.) (01/29/04)


    Howard J. Schwartz, DVM
    Clarkston Veterinary Clinic
    6687 Dixie Highway
    Clarkston, MI 48346
    Tel: (248) 625-1821
  • This was my first visit with Dr. Swartz. I was very impressed on how thorough he was in checking my sulcatas diet, enclosure, heat source, vitamins, etc. The exam was very informative and I feel that we have a good chance in beating the respiratory infection that we've been fighting. I would recommend visting Dr. Swartz with your reptiles. (02/08/02)
  • Dr. Schwartz was very thorough with my bearded dragon and spends time making sure that the enclosure and food are all adequate. Seems very knowledgable about various herps. (05/11/03)
  • R - Dr. Schwartz seems to be very knowledgeable. We saw him today with our ball python who is not eating. He seemed very thorough. He drew blood from his heart, administered fluid, took an x-ray, and kept him overnight. Tomorrow he plans to feed the snake by tube as it has been a long time since the snake has eaten. He paid special attention to the snake's environment and did not seem to overlook anything. He also helped the snake with retained eyecaps and shed. I have been at wit's end with no real information from local vets, and it was a relief to find someone who knew what they were doing. I will post more as I get results of testing and what he plans to do. (07/20/04)
  • ES - At various times, have taken my two red-eared sliders to Dr. Schwartz and he was able to save them from an infection. Showed me correct way to give them a shot and used antibiotics which work best for reptiles. Handled my turtles with care. Also, he goes to herp vet conventions to increase his knowledge. Recommend him highly. (06/23/06)
  • K - It is my opinion that you should not take your frog to Dr. Schwartz. I took my african clawed frog to him because she was bloated. He told me there was nothing he could do and she would die in a few weeks. I found a website that really helped me out with her. With a change in diet she is getting better. He may be good with reptiles but not with my frog. (03/20/07)

    Clinton Township

    Thomas M. Bankstahl, DVM
    Jennifer M. Periat, DVM
    Parkway Small Animal and Exotic Hospital
    39321 Garfield
    Clinton Township, MI 48038
    Tel: (586) 416-8800
  • JR - Dr. Banksthal is one of the best exotic vets I've come across. He's excellent in diagnosing ailments in reptiles, amphibians, birds, along with dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Banksthal. My female RTB(Red Tailed Boa) had stomach parasites which Dr. Banksthal quickly diagnosed and treated. The outcome was excellant and she was cured within a week. He's very friendly, listens, and is extremely knowledgable. (10/21/03)
  • S - I have two Amazon Parrots, an Umbrella Cockatoo and two rescue greyhounds. Dr. B. is the best vet I have ever been to. I would highly recommend him for avian vet work. He also does other exotics, but I have not personally used that service. He also sponsers the EARL foundation; a rescue for Exotics. He is the best.(09/25/03)
  • JB - Dr Periat has been keeping herps herself for many years and has a keen interest in exotics. She's treated many of our rescue herps, from Iguanas to large Burmese Pythons, as well as our own personal animals. She comes highly recommended from Mid Michigan Reptile Rescue. (08/03/04, previously at Frankenmuth-Birch Run Veterinary Hospital)
  • HVC Note: practice relocated to above address; Dr. Periat joins practice in July 2005 (11/02/05)

    Commerce Township

    Gretchen Humphries, DVM
    Dr. Bernadette Hermann
    Dr. Michelle Forbes
    Animal ER Center
    1120 Welch Rd.
    Commerce Township, MI 48390
    Tel: (248) 960-7200
    Fax: (248) 960-7201
  • M - She [Humphries] is the only one at this vet who works with reptiles and exotics so you have to call ahead to find out when she is working. But you do not need an apointment! She is very good with reptiles. Very knowledgeable, and handles them well. Very helpful and very nice! (03/06/04)
  • HVC Note: above comments while at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital (12/27/07)
  • I [Humphries] work at a full service after hours facility and all the ER DVMs see a full range of exotics, including reptiles and amphibians. Hermann & Forbes Vets coworker-recommended (12/18/07)


    Byron Hagewood, DVM
    East Detroit Animal Hospital
    24506 Gratiot Avenue
    Eastpointe, MI 48021
    Tel: (586) 776-5011
  • SK - Dr. Hagewood treats all exotics, and is extremely knowledgeable with turtles and tortoises. I have had many favorable experiences with this vet. He has examined and treated my box turtles, (6) and has been treating a leopard tortoise rescue that was in terrible condition. Needed 2 beak trims, blood work, etc. At first we were not sure this tortoise was going to live. (01/21/02)
  • S - Dr. Hagewood examined my iguana because my cat had gotten ahold of him and chewed part of his left leg off. You can imagine how upset I was & he was a doll about the whole thing & fixed my baby right up! My iguana & kitty play much better together now. I gave that bad cat what for when I got home! Anyway, I would recommend Dr. Hagewood very highly! The best part is....boy, that Doc is quite a looker too! Hubba! Hubba! (12/08/03)
  • ST - Been taking my two bearded dragons to Byron and he has been treating them really good. I like whenever I have a problem with my beardies, Byron will call me back personally regarding their health when I call to talk to him. (12/11/03)
  • K - Treated me with respect and was a wealth of information. I appreciated what he tried to do to help Brutus, the anole. I truly recommend this vet. (02/09/05)


    Timothy S. England, DVM
    Dr. Howe
    Crossroads Animal Hospital
    3232 N. Dettman Road
    Jackson, MI 49201
    Tel: (517) 784-1111
    KP - We have had both Dr. Howe & Dr. England examine snakes and geckos for us. They are very well versed in reptile diseases and treatments. We have recommended them to several of our friends and fellow breeders, and they have all been very pleased with the quality of service they received. (03/05/02)

    Sharon Harshe, DVM
    Country Garden Veterinary Clinic
    4491 South Jackson Road
    Jackson, MI 49201
    Tel: (517) 783-5851
    Mostly turtles, tortoises, and snakes. Very experienced in raptors. Very good with repairs to shells and infections. (09/12/02)


    Tim C. Whalen, DVM
    Cottonwood Veterinary Center PC
    7666 Cottonwood Drive
    Jenison, MI 49428
    Tel: (616) 667-6700
    Fax: (616) 667-8619
  • Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM; Saturday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • CM - Tim Whalen, D.V.M. is an excellent vet. He knows what he is doing and is very good at what he does. He also, in my opinion, has resonable prices for his services. I would recommend him to anyone. He examined my iguana and every experience I have had with him has been a good one. (02/23/06)


    Woodland Veterinary Clinic
    3012 Shaffer SE
    Kentwood, MI 49512
    Tel: (616) 942-6780
    Fax: (616) 942-0477
    Email - This place comes with high recommendations, from the place where I buy all my Herps from. (10/29/02)

    New Baltimore

    Jerrod Notebaert, DVM
    Anchor Bay Veterinary Clinic
    36755 Green Street
    New Baltimore, MI 48047
    Tel: (586) 725-8900
  • L - 24 hour emergency service; exotic vet is in Wednesday thru Sunday. Brought in bearded dragon. Vet is very knowledgable and also will see multiple exotics at a time. Would highly recommend. (04/18/06)


    Karen M. Updike, DVM
    Alissa M. Smitley, DVM
    Milwood Animal Clinic
    5942 Lovers Lane
    Portage, MI 49002
    Tel: (269) 342-9865
    Fax: (269) 342-6830
  • Iguanas, Snakes, Turtles, Bearded Dragons, Geckos... pretty much any exotic. (05/05/05)

    Rochester Hills

    Ann Calahan, DVM
    Rochester Veterinary Hopital
    2155 Crooks Road
    Rochester Hills, MI 48309
    Tel: (248) 852-3650
  • PZ - Bearded Dragon Experience! Other exotics as well. Including ducks, rats, and snakes. Bearded Dragon. I injured my litle dude's tail in a bathroom door. Required surgery. Exellent expeirence. Thorough, friendly, professional, informative, knowledgeable. Made me and my lizard very confortable. (06/11/07)


    Keith Cook, DVM
    Eileen Cook, DVM
    Southgate-Conway Animal Hospital
    14420 Eureka Road
    Southgate, MI 48195
    Tel: (734) 284-9122
    Fax: (734) 284-2550
  • Re: Keith Cook; Good Docs, Great Experinces, One of the closest vets that would see my Black Kingsnake. (04/10/04)
  • S - My Black Kingsnake Oreo has been seen by both Drs. Cook and been boarded while I went to Florida. They were kind, caring and excited to be taking care of Oreo.(05/23/04)


    Nadine Richter
    Ark Veterinary Clinic
    45559 Mound Road
    Shelby Township, MI 48317
    Tel: (810) 731-1430


    Bradley Fear, DVM
    Parkview Animal Hospital
    27126 Dequindre Road
    Warren, MI 48092
    Tel: (810) 573-4760
    (no venomous animals)


    Christina Rearick, DVM
    Westland Veterinary Hospital
    7610 North Wayne Road
    Westland, MI 48185-2022
    Tel: (734) 261-5900
    Dr. Rearick has been great with our 11 reptiles. She is very friendly, easy to talk to and very eager about her work. She sees a lot of reptiles and also specializes in birds.


    Wayne Beasley, DVM
    Cedar Creek Veterinary & Exotic Bird Clinic
    2295 North Williamston Road
    Williamston, MI 48895
    Tel: (517) 655-4906
    Email - Clinic is actually located south of Williamston
    Dr. Beasley examined our 1 yr. old Ball Python, after the sudden death of our hatchling Ball Python. He seemed to know Ball Pythons quite well, and explained everything he felt had gone wrong with our baby. He was very good with the 1yr. old, and has pronounced him healthy. My daughter is a biology major and was very satisfied with the care given her snake. (07/05/02)

    Last updated: 12/27/07

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