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Jack Curtin, DVM
Abington Animal Hospital
19 Randolph Street
Abington, MA 02351
Tel: (781) 982-0606
K - Most reptiles treated; box turtles for me; very reasonable. (09/01/04)


Martha Lindsay, DVM
Andover Animal Hospital, Inc.
233 Lowell Street
Andover, MA 01810
Tel: (978) 475-3600


Countryside Veterinary Hospital
289 Littleton Road (Rte 110)
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Tel: (978) 256-9555
Mon-Fri 9:00am-8:00pm
Sat 8:00am-4:00pm Comments:
GS - (03/14/05)


Joerg Mayer
Tufts New England Veterinary Medical Center
200 Westboro Road
Grafton, MA 01519
Tel: (508) 839-5395
Fax: (508) 839-8726
  • A good friend dedicated to exotics animals. An excellent herp vet!!!!! (07/31/00)
  • M - I took my sick Russian Tortoise to Dr. Mayer and he was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and gave me some great information. I would recommend Dr. Mayer to anyone. (11/03/03)

    Jamaica Plain

    Connie Orcutt, DVM
    Tracy Ritzman, DVM
    Angell Memorial Animal Hospital
    350 South Huntington Avenue
    Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
    Tel: (617) 522-7282
    Fax: (617) 522-4885
    LD - Both are excellent exotics doctors at Angell. I've had great experiences with both of these women with my pets. There is currently (Feb, 2001) also an exotics intern, Dr. Dyer at Angell, but I have had very little personal experience with him. (02/18/01)


    Dr. Patricia Hess
    Kingston Animal Hospital
    192 Main Street
    Kingston, MA 02364
    Tel: (781) 585-6525
  • LK - I have read a lot of stories about peoples horrible experiences with vets taking care of their herps. I did not have this experience with Doctor Hess. she was very competent and caring and went out of her way to help me with my leopard gecko, she would have died. (03/25/05)


    Debora Lichtenberg, DVM
    Debora Lichtenberg Veterinary
    2 Belchertown Road
    Pelham, MA 01002
    Tel: (413) 253-7797


    Warren Fleming, DVM
    Firehouse Veterinary Clinic
    4 Hedges Pond Rd.
    Plydmouth, MA 02360
    Tel: (508) 888-9313
    He sees all reptiles, amphibians and other exotic pets.


    Linda J. Siperstein, DVM
    VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital
    19 Main St
    Wakefield, MA 01880
    Tel: (781) 245-0045
    DM - VCA Wakefield has very good evening/weekend hours, is conveniently located. They provide excellent care for a wide variety of reptiles, birds and mammals. Dr. Weinstein is the best of the best! We found out about his practice thanks to the arrival of a stray Patagonian Conure in need of immediate medical attention. Our green iguana's regular vet was not available, so I called around and discovered that VCA Wakefield had an exotic specialist on duty who could see the bird right away. I was sufficiently impressed with his techical knowledge and thoroughness that I decided to make an appointment for our iguana's next check-up with Dr. Weinstein. That appointment turned out to be a life-saving one for our Lizzie. Her former vet had passed off marginally high calcium and phospherous levels as 'probable seasonal hormonal changes'. Dr. Weinstein was much more thorough. He found that the hysterectomy that had been performed 5 years ago was not complete; some uterine tissue remained and one ovary was still functioning. She was egg bound again! He performed another hysterectomy, and even took Lizzie to his home overnight so he could watch her carefully. Although Lizzie's liver was permanently damaged as a result of a chronic infection (due to incomplete removal of the uterus during the first hysterectomy), she is doing quite well a year later. Dr. Weinstein is now the family vet for both Lizzie and the no-longer stray parrot, who we named Roxanne (after a futile search for her previous owner and a DNA test to decide whether to call her Roxanne or Rockie). In addition to Dr. Weinstein's technical knowledge and fine surgery skills, I am impressed with his willingness to thoroughly explain everything. Not only are my pets getting the very best of care, but I learn something at every check-up. For example, he takes the time to show me how a white blood count is done, or to show me my pet's pathology samples, so I can see for myuself the difference between pathological and normal tissue. It is evident that he cares very much for all the animals he treats, and not just the 'paying customers'. There seems to be a steady stream of injured strays - everything from cockatiels and cats, to turtles who've been hit by cars, - passing thorough as temporary residents of the hospital, being cared for by Dr. Weinstein until they are well and a good home is found. (01/04/03)
  • KG - Disregard Dr. Weinstein listed at this location. He doesn't work there anymore. Dr. Siperstein has treated my red tail boa twice. She is an amazing doctor. Very knowledgable about reptiles. She owns turtles herself. She's so clean to the point that she throws her pen away after each patient. I highly recommend her. And she has awesome hours, taking patients as late as 8pm. (05/03/07)


    Dr. Stephen Michael Dyer, Diplomate ABVP (Avian)
    Phoenix Veterinary Hospital
    9 Pelham Island Road
    Wayland, MA 01778
    Tel: (508) 358-8100
  • TS - In this three-vet practice, Dyer is the one who specializes in exotics. When my uromastyx needed a second opinion (2/2005)prior to surgery, I brought him to Dyer. I was blown away with the staff and equipment. He even took blood from my uro and shared the results with the primary. Expensive however. (03/01/05)


    Dr. Charles Innis
    155 Turnpike Rd.
    Westborough, MA 01581
    Tel: (508) 366-1444
    Fax: (508) 366-6449
    2001 ARAV Treasurer
  • CWS - Very good with iguanas. Sees many reptiles.(02/16/01)
  • T - Dr. Innis successfully removed a peach pit from my iguana's stomach. Did a liver biopsy while he was in there that showed cirrhosis. I think he is VERY knowledgeable, and I got several recommendations to use him, to the effect that I was not in the least worried to leave my Mozart with him. Very pleased with his care, his follow-up, and his continued efforts to find a cure on Mozart's behalf. (09/23/01)
  • He is an amazing vet (for your cats and dogs - if you also have "normal" pets) but he goes above and beyond for his reptile clients. I've seen him do special research on anything he does no know and he will work tirelessly late and through lunch to keep your animals healthier and content. Probably not a better Vet in the nation or the world but he does not get cocky or aloof. He is there for you with any "silly" questions you may have and happily answers them all. Nothing makes him happier than an enthusiastic reptile owner. :) (04/02/04)
  • CS - Dr. Innis moved on to work for the New England Aquarium. He does hold appointments about once a month at the location you have listed but that might be worth a mention. (04/06/06)


    Greg Mertz, DVM
    Odd Pet Veterinarian
    595 Columbian
    Weymouth, MA 02190
    Tel: (781) 760-6560
  • He only treats herps, birds, and various little critters. He's well respected in the area. When I brought my dragons in, he showed me the parasites under the microscope while I was in the office.
  • J - No longer practices at the Dedham location. Practices Tues and Thurs in Weymouth. He also practices other days of the week at another location, but I'm not sure of them. He saw my Albino Burmese Python for a checkup. He is extremely knowledgable and glad to answer all questions. He has an extensive background. (04/30/02)
  • HVC Note: Have removed Odd Pet Veterinarian (Dedham) listing. (05/08/02)
  • LC - He is also seeing animals in Needham MA (Chestnut street) I have not yet brought my bearded dragon to him, but he has taken care of one of my rats. (01/22/04)
  • TR - He's changed his number [Was: (781) 251-9131] He's in Weymouth on Tuesday evenings and Saturday Mornings. He also see pets in Neeham on Thursdays. (11/04/04)
  • TS - He's based out of New England Wildlife in Hingham MA where he is the Executive Director. (see He works Tuesdays in Weymouth and Thursday nights in Needham (6-8 pm). He performed surgery on my uro at the Wildlife Center in Hingham. He can be reached at (781) 251-9131. (03/01/05)
  • L - Dr. Mertz examined my Red Tegu. He was very knowlegable and informative. I was impressed. Dr. Mertz is very experienced with herps and I highly recommend his services. (02/07/06)


    Nancy O'Leary, DVM
    Tara Temple, DVM
    Worcester Cat Hospital
    347 Park Ave.
    Worcester, MA 01610
    Tel: (508) 798-0400

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