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Keith Gold, DVM
Chadwell Animal Hospital
3004 Emmorton Road
Abingdon, MD 21009
Tel: (443)512-8338
  • KR - My wife and I have had an incredible relationship with this vet over the past 5 years. He has successfully treated our 6 year old bearded dragon on multiple occasions as well as our rottweiler. He is by far one of the best veterinarians in the Baltimore/Washington region. We have had many experiences with other vets but none as great as those with Dr. Gold. (01/29/04)
  • A - I've taken a few of my ball pythons to Dr. Gold for RI problems. Dr. Gold has been great. Very friendly, knows his stuff, and gets the animals problems cleared up! Also I've leeft messages for him to call me because I've had questions and he has always called back. I've also taken rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats to him to be looked at. Great vet all around! (01/12/07)


    William A Boyd, DVM
    Pulaski Veterinary Clinic
    9707 Pulaski Hwy
    Baltimore, MD 21220
    Tel: (410) 686-6310


  • I am an iguana owner; his name is Sam. I take him for his yearly appointments, the people that work there are very nice and caring they check sam for everything and I love that. I wish he had a clinic for animals in the city that was closer to me like in Cronwell but it is worth the cab fare to see this doctor and his wonderful staff that works there. (03/05/05)
  • F - I had a sick red-eyed tree frog. I took him to see Dr. Boyd. The diagnosis was worms and the treatment was Ivermectin. There was another red-eye that was treated at the doctor's recommendation because of the exposure. Both frogs died within 5-days of treatment. Ivermectin and red-eye's don't mix. The service was nice, but my frogs are dead. (01/03/07)
  • L- I took my parrot in for a check-up to be sure he was healthy. All tests came out fine, no diseases or infections. Dr. Boyd (Avian Vet) said that my parrot had a minor birth defect. His ears had skin over them and were not open, but that the parrot was still very healthy. He suggested a minor surgery that would open his ears so he would not get infections in the future. We followed his advice with regret. It has been over a year since this surgery. Our parrot has been to the vet every month since, due to swelling and puss oozing out of his ears. We were NEVER informed that this may happen. This vet took a perfectly healthy parrot and suggested surgery that was not needed. Maybe for the money? He did not even send the parrot home with any pain meds or antibiotics. I have to open the parrots ear, & pull out dried puss every other day. We switched to another Avian vet approx. 6 months ago and was informed that this type of surgery had a very low success rate. It shou! ld only be done if a parrot has been suffering and there is no other hope. Our parrot is now on meds and we are still cleaning his ears on a daily basis, but nothing seems to help. Now we may have to be put our parrot down due to the pain and cronic infections because the ear will not heal properly after this surgery. (01/20/08)
  • C - I have a really sick bearded dragon and I took her to see Dr. Boyd. When he looked at her he told me I was wasting my and his time by bringing her in. He didn't even look and tell me what was wrong with her. Just gave her a shot and said if she makes it till tomorrow come in for another shot. I do not recommend him to anyone that loves there pet and wants to actually know what is wrong with there animal. (01/21/08)
  • SH - I used Dr. Boyd to care for my three iguanas for a number of years. His "bedside" manner was, at times, less than cordial, but I continued using him because he was the only vet I knew of who was knowledgeable about iguanas. When my oldest got sick, I took him to Dr. Boyd, who needed to keep him overnight for further examinations. I explained that he was in pain and would try to bite, and I entrusted my dear iguana to Dr. Boyd. Later it turned out that, apparently, my iguana had tried to bite someone who threw him into the cage and shut the door on his tail, because he wound up with two nodules (one on rib, one on shoulder) which were caused by injuries (found this out after surgical removal of the nodules) and his tail broken in TWO places. My heart aches everytime I think of how much additional pain this iguana had to endure due to inept handling. I have since switched to Dr. Gold at Chadwell in Abingdon. I am much happier with his treatment of my animals. (01/25/08)


    Morse R. Davis, DVM
    Adrienne M. Cardella, DVM
    Kingsbrook Animal Hospital
    5322 New Design Road
    Frederick MD, 21703
    Tel: (301) 631-6900
    Tel: (301) 607-1007
    Fax: (301) 631-6999
    I am a wildlife rehabilitator and I have brought numerous injured reptiles and mammals, to Kingsbrook....and they have always been able to help. I have been a client of their's for the past 13years without ever faltering in my decision to let them see my reptiles or my dogs. (10/07/03)


    Lawrence Giebel, DVM
    Quince Orchard Veterinary Hospital
    11910 Damestown Road
    Gaithersburg, MD 20878
    Tel: (301) 258-0850
  • Gaithersburg - I've taken my blue tongue skink and my brother took his bearded dragons to Dr. Giebel several times. He has always been friendly and conscientious. He's even called from home and offered his home number when I was worried. I have had nothing but positive experiences to report. (03/16/01)
  • JM - I brought my leopard gecko to him and he has taken very good care of it for a case of sand impaction. He actually called me at home to report on his condition and answered questions about a few changes I was making to my tank. (02/14/02)
  • S - Both Lawrence and the technician were wonderful with my unruley iguana!! They were so helpful and caring, they even gave us a tour of the office! :) Great vet!! (05/22/02)
  • C - I LOVE HIM! I have 4 g.pigs who can be difficult sometimes, but all the vets there are GREAT. I also have a sheltie who they all awww over when he comes. He is GREAT! when I had a pregnant piggy he answered my questions. when one of my pigs broke her leg he called to check up on my "baby"! GREAT VET! But can be busy sometimes because of popularity :) (01/27/03) Non-herp recommendation
  • MA - I have two Russian Tortoises under Dr. Geibal's care. He has great knowledge and love for tortoises and turtles, but the best part is--he is always willing to learn more about your particular species. He calls you every now and again, just to check up. I would recommend him to any exotic pet owner. (10/22/03)
  • A - Dr. Geibel is the best vet in the area. He makes all his patients (human or animal) feel right at home and welcome. He saved my bunny many times for she always gets sick with something. If you ever read this Dr. Geibel, thank you for taking such good care of Pokey. Your nursing her back to health and expertise and care have meant so much to me and her and I will always cherish your dedication to us. You're the best! (03/13/04) Non-herp recommendation
  • JR - Dr. Giebel is the most caring vet I have ever encountered. He actually follows up by phone days later to see how your pet is doing!!! Great manner; great doctor (11/19/04)
  • NP - Dr. Giebel and staff (Nick) checked out a south american red-footed tortoise we found walking down the road in the Poconos (NE PA). Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Enthusiastic about exotics and pet care in general. Would definitely recommend them. Ask for a tour -- they are justifiably proud of their efforts. (08/25/05)
  • KS - Dr. Giebel is a wonderful vet. He took great care of my two baby cockatiels. Unfortunately, despite his attention and care, one of them passed away. (06/30/06) Non-herp recommendation
  • LB - Today I took my albino Pac Man frog to Dr. Lawrence Giebel. I can't say enough positive things about him and his staff at Quince Orchard Veterinary Hospital. They are the best ! Dr. Giebel saved my frog's life. Thank you, Dr. Giebel. (08/21/07)

    Deborah Alls-Temples, DVM
    Gaithersburg Animal Hospital
    280 N. Frederick
    Gaithersburg, MD 20877
    Tel: (301) 948-2828

  • I love this vet and have had only great experiences with her.
  • D - Takes great care of my bearded dragon. Calls to check up and gives extra, helpful information on my species. (06/26/06)

    Dr. Jason Ornstein
    Dr. Ginny Smith
    Montgomery Village Veterinary Center
    9144 Rothbury Drive
    Gaithersburg, MD 20886
    Tel: (301) 368-3444
    Tel: (240) 683-8387
    Fax: (301) 519-2344
    [Email]   [Website]

  • Co-worker recommendation (12/18/04)

    Victoria Hollifield, DVM
    Best Friends' Veterinary Hospital
    7600-H Lindbergh Drive
    Gaithersburg, MD 20879
    Tel: (301) 977-1881
    Fax: (301) 977-2468

  • Vet self- recommendation (12/18/07)


    Robert Russon, DVM
    Cumberland Valley Veterinary Clinic
    17747 Virginia Ave
    Hagerstown, MD 21740
    Tel: (301) 739-3121
    Email - Doesn't just look at reptiles; also looks at other animals too. Dr. Russon is very nice and has helped me much with my reptiles. (05/07/03)


    Jeffrey L. Rhody, DVM
    Lakeside Veterinary Center
    8693 Cherry Lane
    Laurel, MD 20707
    Tel: (301) 498-8387
    Experienced in turtles, tortoises, bearded dragons, iguanas, and other herps. (01/16/02)

    Montgomery Village

    Also see Gaithersburg


    Dr. Victoria Hollifield
    Best Friends Veterinary Hospital
    5100 Muncaster Mill Rd.
    Rockville, MD 20855
    Tel: 301-977-1881
  • SM - Vet has office in home and makes herself available off hours if necessary. Took my 4 leopard geckos (1 seriously ill) for diagnosis and treatment. They took supremely good care of the ill one over 5 days and great care of the 3 who weren't sick. They made daily phone calls (sometimes more than one) to me for updates and helped me feel much more secure under the circumstances. I won't hesitate to return. (04/25/03)


    Dr. Thomas Ryan
    Feathers Scales & Tails Veterinary Hospital
    330 One Forty Village Rd
    Westminster, MD 21158
    (410) 876-0244
  • D - Examined my beardie; is very knowledgeable; specializes in exotics. (02/09/05)
  • DK - Dr. Ryan spent 15 years in Central America working with iguanas. He has been back since to do the same. I have a green iguana, female, app. 4 years old (a rescue). My cat vet recommended Dr. Ryan. He is HIGHLY recommended by me. (04/23/05)
  • MM - Dr. Ryan is very knowledgeable with bearded dragons. I took mine there and he was diagnosed with coccidia. Dr. Ryan specializes in exotics and it was nice to visit a vet who doesn't see mainly cats and dogs. He asked me about uvb, food, sunlight, and explained parasitic infection to me. I will definitely be going back to Dr. Ryan with any reptiles that I have in the future, including my now healthy bearded dragon! (09/12/07)

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