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We appreciate the support from the following websites who have linked to Herp Vet Connection. Please note that Herp Vet Connection may not necessarily endorse the content of the listed sites.

About Snakes - Free online community for snake and reptile enthusiasts featuring free downloadable care guides, discussion forum and more.
Animal-allsorts, The Reptile House
Aussie Dragons USA
Australian Beardies
The Basking Spot
Borderview Bearded Dragons
Brazos Valley Reptiles
Captive Bred Excellence
Geckos Unlimited
Georgia Bearded Dragons
The Green Iguana Society
Henry Piorun Reptiles
The Herp Place
The HerpHouse
Hiers Herpetoculture
Hyper Hank's Reptile Links
Iguana Answers
International Reptilian
Jason's Snakes and Reptiles
John O. Hollister Reptile Collection and more
Iguana RAIN
Logan's LIzards
Massachusetts Turtle Rescue, Inc.
Melissa Kaplan's Reptile & Amphibian Information Collection
Mid-Michigan Reptile Rescue
Midwest Scales and Tales
My Pet Frog
Pro Exotics, Inc.
Reptile Central
Reptile Heaven
Reptile Lair
Reptile Rescue Canada
Reptile Hospice and Sanctuary of Texas
Reptiles, Among Other Things
Reptiles Vivarium (Spanish)
Samantha Iguana
Snakes NL
South Texas Herpetology Association
Tarzets Exotic Pets
The Tegu
Tortoise Trust
Turtle Homes
Web site for Turtle Wives and their Significant Others
Western New York Herpetological Society
World Chelonia Trust

LINK TO STEPHEN SHARP'S REPTILE SITE. Stephen is a reptile keeper in Stanley, County Durham, ENGLAND . He has been a private collector and breeder of reptiles for over 25 years.
TK Reptiles - For all your reptile needs!

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