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Constance J. Organek, DVM
Bird, Cat and Exotic Animal Care
9824 Pembroke Lane
Leawood, KS 66206
Tel: (913) 341-3339
- She is very experienced with reptile rehabilitation and shows a strong understanding of reptile physiology and unique needs. Shows a great concern for your pet's well-being. Offers valuable input and allows you to make the decisions. Doesn't BS or try to rip you off. To my knowledge, she is experienced with lizards (geckos, beardeds, collared lizards) but the list probably doesn't stop there. Good vet to build a relationship with. (08/28/04)


Marguente Emeling, DVM
Gentle Care Animal Hospital
601 Kasold Drive #D105
Lawrence, KS 66049
Tel: (785) 841-1919


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