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Brian C. Mehringer, DVM
Avon Veterinary Clinic
7253 East USHighway 36
Avon, IN 46123
Tel: (317) 272-8706
  • S - (03/31/05)

    Fort Wayne

    David E. Thoma, DVM
    St Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
    5818 Maplecrest Road
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835
    Tel: (219) 485-1602
    Tel: (219) 426-1062 emergency
  • SK - Dr. Thoma has done very well with my iguanas. I highly recommend him. (02/26/02)
  • DK - He is no longer practicing in Indiana. he moved out of state. (03/22/06)

    Rademaker, Lewis, Funnell, Beck
    Allen Veterinary Hospital
    5026 Decatur Road
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Tel: (260)744-4121

  • D - Was very impressed by the vet wasn't just out to make money took the time to explain all the details I needed to know about my Leopard Gecko/ (11/09/04)
  • KS - My brother and I took his iguana to him. He took the time to explain what he did wrong and what he can do to help him. You can tell he really loves animals, and that love, instead of money, is why he's in business. He also charged less than my previous vet (who saw my cat before I moved out of state.) (02/15/07)


    Dr. Clark
    VCA Valle Vista Animal Hospital
    398 South Emerson Avenue
    Greenwood, IN 46143
    Tel: (317) 882-9111
    Despite the "hospital" in the name, VCA is a pet care clinic for all pet needs, emergency or otherwise. Dr. Clark is very knowledgeable about reptiles and she is a fan that keeps them herself. She diagnosed and is treating our two Bearded Dragons for coccidia and also for pin worms in one of them. When I called the office asking to see a vet the same day, the clinic made room for us. Great experience, reasonable prices. (05/16/02)


    Angela Lennox, DVM
    Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic
    9330 Waldemar Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46268
    Tel: (317) 879-8633
    [Email] (Dr. Lennox) [Website]
  • Re: Dr. Angela Lennox, DVM
    Works with all kinda of Exotics. From Monkeys, Zebras, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Hamsters, Mice...everything but cats and dogs! Even all Wildlife!!! What a Doctor!!! She is a very nice and to the point Doctor. She works with loads of compassion for your animals and will not turn away from anyone in need of help. I am glad I found her!! (01/07/02)
  • This Clinic has more than 1 Vet; they specialize in exotics; they also have some rescue and placement assistance; have taken 2 ball pythons for treatment; very knowledgable and friendly staff. (01/19/02)
  • C - Re: Dr. Angela Lennox, DVM
    I am a reptile breeder and would not trust anyone else BUT Dr. Lennox and staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable!!! (07/04/02)
  • AB - I feel totally safe using this vets office. Both vets and all staff are just wonderful!! I wouldn't dare take my dragon anywhere else!! My bearded dragon is at the office right now with a fractured spine and a calcium deficiency. Dr. Lennox and staff exspecially Cariena (spelling?) have been wonderful.I left her there today knowing that she couldnt be in better hands! I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of an exotic vet!! (08/26/02)
  • HVC Note: Vet provided updated listing info. (03/27/03)
  • SS - Dr. Lennox is an expert. My Quaker parrot has an abnormal beak condition which Dr. Lennox diagnosed, treated, and brought bird-girl back to excellent health. I'm totally confident in Dr. Lennox. (01/05/05)
  • S - I have had multiple bad experiences with this vet. I have taken a rat snake with a skin condition to her, as well as an aquatic turtle with an infection, and she did not properly diagnose or treat either condition. She always seems unwilling to take the time to talk to customers and answer questions. I will certainly not be taking any of my reptiles back to her office again. (06/03/07)
  • BF - Angela is a fantastic vet. I am co-owner of Bradford Cole Herptoculture and we use Angela whenever we have health issues with our ball pythons. She has treated everything from respiratory illness to retained eggs. (12/11/07)

    Eric Frazer, DVM
    Beech Grove Animal Hospital
    4960 South Emerson Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46203
    Tel: (317) 783-4101
    Tel: (317) 787-6134

    Beth Ann Breitweiser, DVM
    All Wild Things
    6058 N. Keystone Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46220
    Tel: (317) 255-9453
    Fax: (317) 255-2613

  • AJ - I had my asian box turtle examined and she was very professional and very helpful. She even drew me a picture of a reccomended setup for his habitat! Also, since I had come a long way to have him treated, she reccomended a home remedy and it is working great! (03/03/03)
  • TF - We met Dr. Breitweiser @ a mthly. Midwest Reptiles Show in Indianapolis & discovered that she's very knowlegeable about all kinds of reptiles. Recently, we've needed her services & have found that she's very geared toward education, & isn't bothered by our questions . Her fees are also VERY affordable! (08/14/03)


    Laurence W. Reed, DVM
    Westchester Animal Clinic
    55 East US Highway 20
    Porter, IN 46304
    Tel: (219) 926-1194
  • He is an excellent veterinarian in northwest Indiana. He knows reptiles very well.
  • M - Wow! I have been to see so many local vets and by far Dr Reed knows the most and is the best for my turtles. I would never think of taking little peanut and pistachio (eastern box turtle and baby red ear slider turtle respectivly) anywhere else! His fees are also nominal and VERY resonable. (04/27/04)

    South Bend

    Gilmer Park Animal Clinic
    60660 U.S. 31
    South Bend, IN 46614
  • JA (10/25/07)


    Carol Dartz, DVM
    Sheri Carpentier, DVM
    Arbor View Animal Hospital
    244 West US Highway 6
    Valparaiso, IN 46385
    Tel: (219) 762-7267
    CC - Both have several years of experience with many different herps ranging from iguanas to chameleons to toroises, turtles and more. (12/14/02)

    Last updated: 12/28/07

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