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Cherry Valley

Katie Gaudette, DVM
CherryVale Animal Clinic
7360 CherryVale N Blvd
Cherry Valley, IL 61016
Tel: (815) 332-7387
DS: Dr. Katie is very knowledgable about many exotics. She has treated my rabbit, rat, and iguanas. I was very impressed with her knowledge and experience with iguanas. She was able to draw blood for a blood panel easily and the clinic evaluated the blood in-house, which meant that I got my results back quickly. I highly recommend her for anyone with iguanas or other reptiles. (05/10/01)


Byron de la Navarre, DVM
Animal House of Chicago
2752 West Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
Tel: (773) 878-8002
  • TH - Board Member of ARAV,Member Of Chicago Herptelogical Society, National and local lecturer on reptiles/amphibians. Dr D. is by far one of the most informed and qualified exotic and avian vets I have encountered in Chicago. He knows the husbandry,species specifics etc. and he even worked in Zoos all over the country for 1 year-studying exotics. Excellent herp vet with EXPERIENCE! (07/25/02)
  • HVC Note: Vet provided updated listing info. (04/05/03)
  • MU - The doctor did the best he could with my ill bearded dragon; and while all attempts failed, it was not for lack of effort, knowledge, or caring. The twice-a-day phone calls were more than I ever expected from a veterinarian, and he should charge much more than he does. (04/15/04)
  • BK - I took my new ig after seeing the listing on HVC. He and his staff were very knowledgable, and when I took Lizzy for his 1st visit, he seemed so calm anad relaxed, that i was too..:) They took their time to make sure I understood everything and answered any questions i had, even by phone. (07/08/04)

    Crest Hill

    Dr. Ronald Bray
    Crest Hill Animal Hospital
    1807 Plainfield Rd.
    Crest Hill, IL 60435
    Tel: (815) 729-1155
    Fax: (815) 729-4785
  • JS - I'm a breeder and had a large Retic with a severe respiratory infection.Dr. Bray didn't just give a once over,but ran cultures to make sure she was on the right antibiotic.He has extensive experience with exotics and has even treated snakes from area zoos. Anyone in the area with a herp I strongly suggest that you give him a try.I'll never go elsewhere. (01/27/04)
  • M - My leopard gecko had a tumor on the side of his jaw that was getting worse. I took him to see Dr. Bray (after finding him on this website) Unfortuntley my lizard had to be put to sleep, but the doctor explained the situation to us with a great deal of compassion and kindness. I would recommend him. (01/30/07)


    Brian Norton, DVM
    Northgate Pet Clinic
    2800 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
    Decatur, IL 62526
    Tel: (217) 877-4393
    Here is an EXCELLENT vet to add to your list for Illinois.


    Dianne Poliakoff, DVM
    Masako Mori, DVM
    Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital
    7510 W. North Avenue
    Elmwood Park, IL
    Tel: (708) 453-8181
    Tel: (708) 453-4755 emerg.
    Fax: (708) 453-8194
    [Email]   [Website]
  • Email: They are excellent with my iguanas!!! Most of the vets I have seen there know of Melissa Kaplan and agree with her diet. They don't even see dogs and cats! (06/29/01)
  • L&AB - We had simultaneous emergencies with two of our pets - a young Chamaeleo Trioceros Rudis and an Agalychnis callidryas (red-eyed tree frog). Because all of the exotic vets in our area were unavailable, Midwest Bird and Exotic Hospital squeezed me in. Dr. Edwards spent two hours asking questions, testing, and doing lab work on our two little ones. I was relieved to leave their office with two accurately diagnosed pets and an aggressive course of treatment to continue at home. I only wish my (human) children's doctors were as thorough diagnosticians as Dr. Edwards and the MBEAH staff! (09/08/03)
  • HVC Note: updated vet listing; added email (01/01/04)
  • M - Re: Dr. Mori. This is an exclusive hospital that only treats exotics. It was the first in the midwest and now is the largest.
    I had my iguana examined because he was refusing food. They gave me lots of information about care, husbandry, feeding and answered any questions I had. Most of the products I needed were right there. My iguana turned out to be a female who could not pass the eggs. She had surgery done at this hospital and now is more active than ever. I thank them for all of the care they gave her and me. (I think I was more of a basketcase). I recommend anyone with a reptile to go here, they truely do care. (02/17/04)
  • John Edwards, DVM has moved to Louisana. (07/24/05)
  • K - iguana, uromastyx - all the vets there know their stuff (Poliakoff, Clarkson, Smith, Brazelton, Chan) and they see all exotics for emergency (7p-8a). (03/21/06)
  • HVC Note: Practice has moved from Westchester to Elmwood location. (03/26/06)


    Dr. Timothy Harris
    Animal Care & Medical Center
    438 Peterson Road
    Libertyville, IL 60048
    Tel: (847) 362-5954
    Fax: (847) 362-7472
  • AM - Dr. Harris has examined and treated various reptiles of mine including, blood pythons, boas, and monitors. (06/08/03)


    Stephen L. Barten, DVM
    Vernon Hills Animal Hospital
    1260 South Butterfield Road
    Mundelein, IL 60060
    Tel: (847) 367-4070
  • JK - Extremely knowledgable about reptiles of all kinds. Has lots of handouts with great husbandry information. Recommend very highly. (02/18/01)
  • CP - We brought our first reptile, a veiled chameleon, to Dr. Barten for a check up. He was very friendly and took a lot of time with us. We will bring our new beardie there as well. He gave us a lot of information to take home and suggested lots of websites. The only drawback was he was a bit pricy - a check up, some liquid calcium and a small book were $79.00. (07/26/02)


    F. Smith, DVM
    Kruger Animal Hospital
    1801 W. Hovey Ave
    Normal, IL 61761
    Tel: (309) 452-5111


    C. J. Johnson, DVM
    Pekin Animal Hospital
    221 Margaret Street
    Pekin, IL 61554
    Tel: (309) 347-6674
    Tel: (309) 686-0404 emergency
    DB - Has provided excellent care for all my iguanas and was reasonably priced. (03/10/02)


    Charles A. Burmeister, DVM
    All Pets Veterinary Hospital PC
    1225 West Loucks Avenue
    Peoria, IL 61604
    Tel: (309) 685-1441
  • NK - Dr Burmeister has examined both my red tail boa and my ball python. He is very knowledgeable and cares for all animals. (11/21/02)
  • NK - Dr. Burmeister cares very much for all animals. He has looked at both my Red Tail and my Ball Python. He is very knowledgeable on all reptiles and many other animals. He is fairly inexpensive. He is willing to see an animal at the spur of a moment. I recommend him to all my friends and family who have reptiles and any animals in general. (12/05/02)


    Sandra Durst, DVM
    Hillcrest Animal Hospital
    227 North Alpine Road
    Rockford, IL 61107
    Tel: (815) 398-9313
    Fax: (815) 398-9368
    Emergency Phone: afterhours (815)229-7791
  • KC - You must call the animal hospital to find out which dates and times Dr. Durst works. We have two baby bearded dragons, we took our babies to the vet yesterday, 6/12/06 for a general check up and because one dragon appeared to have an issue with it's foot, Dr. Durst said it was a shedding issue only, no concerns. We found out both dragons were female. Dr. Durst readily answers questions, is informative and specializes in avian, small mammal, reptile and chelonian medicine and surgery, she also treats my two lovebirds. She comes highly recommended by me. (06/14/06)


    Susan Horton, DVM
    Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital
    3735 W. Dempster
    Skokie, IL 60067
    Tel: (847) 329-8709
    Fax: (847) 329-8705
  • (10/19/02)
  • G - Dr. Horton examined my first reptile pet, a veiled chameleon.Dr. Horton is extremely intelligent,very personable, and innovative.She was thorough and precise.I am thankful to for allowing me to find her!! (01/18/03)
  • J - I have 7 bearded dragons and I feel so blessed that Dr Horton is in my area. I would travel for hours if I needed to but she is BRILLIANT! (02/10/08)


    Craig Staehle, DVM
    Best Friends Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, Inc.
    202 Frank Scott Parkway East
    Swansea, IL 62226
    Tel: (618) 222-9860
    Fax: (618) 222-9861
  • TS - I took a very malnourished and sickly leopard gecko to Dr. Craig after searching all over the place for a reptile vet. I rescued the gecko and a red eared slider from an uncaring and ill informed owner and knew the gecko needed to be seen by a vet immediately. I was seen promptly on time and noticed that the animal hospital was very clean and organized. The staff were friendly and helpful and Dr. Craig spent a total of 40 minutes thoroughly examining Blinky (the gecko) and offering tips for his renewed health. I found Dr. Craig to be very knowledgeable and he seemed enthusiastic in providing care. The office visit was comparable to a "traditional" vet visit at $38.75. All in all I am very pleased with Dr. Craig, his staff and the facilities and would recommend Best Friends to anyone in the metro-St. Louis area in need of a reptile or mammal vet. AA++ (06/28/07)

    Tinley Park

    Karen Shaw Becker, DVM
    Natural Pet Animal Hospital
    17266 S. Harlem Ave.
    Tinley Park, IL 60477
    Tel: (708) 342-1111
  • She is an incredible veterinarian who only deals with exotic animals. She takes her time and shows you exactly what needs to be done. She has a vast amount of knowledge in reptiles. She even has quite a few herself!
  • DM - My husband and I attended the NARB show (as customers only) in Tinley Park, IL in Oct. In the process of walking around carrying a small bearded dragon many people stopped to talk. We passed out a few of our business cards to people we met along the way. Well tonight one of them called us frantic; they had bought a baby bearded dragon and he seemed to be having convulsions.....We live in Wisconsin; they were in Oak Park Il. I went to this site and gave this vet's info and at 9pm on a Sunday the vet helped these people and the problem was handled quick and easily enough. The people called us back and thanked us for recommending this vet. Without this site it couldn't have happened. (11/10/03)


    Dr. Ken Welle
    All Creatures Animal Hospital
    2001 Linview St.
    Urbana, IL 61801
    Tel: (217) 328-4143
  • AB - Dr. Welle has been great with my iguana. When she became gravid over Christmas when I had to go out of town, the staff kept a close watch over her and helped me set up her nesting box. When she later became egg-bound, Dr. Welle did a great job on her surgery and throughout her recovery. (08/29/07)

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