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Karen Oertley-Pihera, DVM
Sam Rivera, DVM
Bells Ferry Veterinary Hospital
6460 Highway 92, Suite 100
Acworth, GA 30102
Tel: (770) 926-5311
Fax: (770) 926-7796
  • CS - Dr. "O" is great with all 4 of my Igs ... 2 of which are rehabs that she helped me literally snatch from the jaws of death to now live healthy, happy lives. She even gave me a break on the charges since the Igs were rehabs - now that's what I call a very caring Vet! ... Dr. "O" helps me over the phone too! (02/12/03)
  • Dr. Rivera is also a contract veterinarian at Zoo Atlanta, which has a great herp collection. (06/11/04) Co-worker recommended
  • A - Dr. Rivera is now with Zoo ATL full time and is no longer with BFVH. (02/27/06)
  • AP - Told that none of the physicians treat snakes. (06/24/06)
  • A - I understand that Dr. Rivera is gone. Unfortunately, though, my experience with him was not too great. He told me my bearded dragon would have to have surgery in one week or else he would be dead in two weeks. This happened a year and a half ago, and my beardie is perfectly healthy. (08/04/06)


    Maxwell R. Sidner, DVM
    Animal Medical Clinic
    6300 Jefferson Road
    Athens, GA 30607-1711
    Tel: (706) 548-4486


    Matt McCord, DVM
    Bowdon Animal Clinic
    1306 South Highway 100
    Bowdon, GA 30108
    Tel: (770) 258-3256
    DB - Dr. McCord's hospital handles a wide varity of animals from tropical marine fish to farm animals. He has seen my own personal snakes and lizzards, plus, those of my son and several friends. We all feel that he is an exellent vet. Plus, he keeps a snake of his own. He has three operating rooms, and one of the best staffs that I have found so far. They all care. Animals seen: A wild caught imported lizard with skin ulcers; an egg bound Ball python morph; a pet shop find with a respiratory infection; a rescued ball with burns. (02/26/06)


    Hall Animal Clinic
    5550 Old Macon Road
    Danville, GA 31017
    Tel: (912) 962-3415


    Ray Habermann, DVM
    Foothills Veterinary Clinic
    375 Auraria Road
    Dawsonville, GA 30534
    Tel: (706) 216-1356
  • BS - Dr. Habermann has been examining my monitors, geckos and all other reptiles and has really been helpful to have. He is very reasonably priced and very caring for the animals. He really loves what he does and it shows. (05/11/04)
  • SC - Had to take my iguana in for a tore tail. The vet was very knowlewdgable of reptiles. I was very impressed with him & his staff. Will be taking my other reptiles & animals to his practice. And his prices are fair!! (02/05/05)


    Jason Hutcheson, DVM
    Mimi Shepherd, DVM
    For Pets Sake
    3761 North Druid Hills Road
    Decatur, GA 30033
    Tel:(404) 248-8977
    Fax:(404) 248-0426
  • DP - I looked all over middle Georgia for a good vet to use for my iguana. Dr. Hutcheson has been great. The practice specializes in exotic pets. I have only seen Dr. Hutcheson. He seems knowlegeable and very willing to answer my questions. He appears to be very patient with the animals. I choose to drive over an hour through Atlanta traffic to see him rather than drive to another place that is closer. I feel very fortunate to have found him. (08/19/02)
  • AS - website update (01/07/07)


    Dr. Michael Akins
    All Creatures Animal Hospital
    2482-C Mt. Vernon Road
    Dunwoody, GA 30338
    Tel: (770) 393-3400
  • I'd like to recommend my herp vet, who came highly recommended to me. I was not disappointed! GREAT people skills as well as herp knowledge. He examined my Bearded Dragon.
  • TL - I worked for the Akins for nearly 7 years prior to moving to Missouri and they were great exotic vets. I have never worked for other vets that did so much continuing education to keep up to date on changing information. They also have veterinarians working for them that are vets at The University of Georgia and so there is always an exotic vet available (7 days a week). (12/09/02)
  • M - Way over priced! Decent care; 40 dollar office visit and 23 dollar fecal exams; they tried to sell me less than a cc of albon for 44 dollars ; would not recomend do to high price; a visit with a fecal exam and some meds 159.00 bucks insane. (07/31/03)
  • J&CR - I have never been so impressed with a veterinarian clinic in my life! Dr. Mike is extraordinary with animals and the technicians, Tracy and Whitney, have more knowledge and experience than some of the previous vets I have seen! The staff, Mandy, Daniel, and Kelly to nsame a few, make us feel like part of the family. I highly recommend them!! (12/10/03)
  • F - Dr. Akins and his staff were extremely pleasurable to deal with and very knowledgeable. I took my ball python b/c he is not defecating regularly and he was able to make a few suggestions that will hopefully help. Sammy is soaking right now. I would definitely recommend Dr. Akins and his staff! They gave me a folder with all of my snake's exam information as well as lots of other information that every ball python owner should read. (01/16/05)


    Donald Delong, DVM
    Jennifer Sandy, DVM
    Avalon Animal Hospital
    2585 Cruse Road
    Lawrenceville, GA 30044
    Tel: (770) 822-5551
    MD - The entire staff was very knowledgable on the care of herps. Dr. Delong and Dr. Sandy both are very caring and treat my herps like they are part of my family and not just some dumb snake. I will not take my herps to any other vet. (06/19/02)


    Brad Wilson,DVM
    Veterinary Clinic West
    763 Whitlock Avenue SW
    Marietta, GA 30064
    Tel: (770) 424-5484
  • P - Additional Information: Brad is also the visiting vet at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Brad examined my Boa Constrictor Imperator. (06/24/06)


    Alan P. Rutter, DVM
    Lake Harbin Animal Hospital
    2056 Lake Harbin Road
    Morrow, GA 30260
    Tel: (770) 961-5036
  • JW - All types of exotic and small animal practice. Dr. Rutter is a No nonsense vet who was great with my Russian Tortoise and He has more than reasonable prices. I would highly recommend him. (03/15/07)


    April & Marty Mathis, DVM(s)
    Live Oak Veterinary Associates
    3283 East Bypass Southeast
    Moultrie, GA 31788
    Tel: (229) 985-7377
    Small and Large Animal Medicine and Surgery; 24 Hour Emergency Service
    HH - Practice does not specialize in herps per se, but none in deep South Georgia do. However, Marty is somewhat knowledgeable about herps and WILLING to treat them, whereas very few vets down here will. He has treated a snake for me before and my wife and I also use him for our dogs, cats, and horses. Marty is an excellent vet and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. (10/11/03)


    Karen Colson, DVM
    Medlock Bridge Animal Hospital
    5155 South Old Peachtree Road
    Norcross, GA 30092
    Tel: (770) 242-9272
    Tel: (770) 447-0290
    Fax: (770) 242-9102
    Very knowledgeable herp vet, who has lots of first hand know-how as a herp keeper. (06/06/02)


    Richard Bink, DVM
    Central Animal Hospital
    2357 Ogeechee Road
    Savannah, GA 31415
    Tel: (912) 234-5931
    Tel: (912) 234-5931
    T - Dr. Bink was great with my ball python, and didn't make me feel like I was stupid for asking questions. (05/04/04)

    Last updated: 03/23/07

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