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Boca Raton

Cherry Douglas, DVM
Jaffe Animal Clinic
950 North Dixie Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Tel: (561) 395-4030
[Email]   [Website]


M. A. Mossler, DVM
Bayshore Animal Hospital
1511 Florida Blvd.
Bradenton, FL 34207
Tel: (941) 756-5544
  • Dr. Mossler has years of experience in exotics including herp, avian, and wildlife. He is one of the best educated vets I've ever met because he stays abreast of all the latest information. I can't sing priase enough for this man. He is my python & parrot guru. (11/22/04) Vet self-recommended


    Carol Marusak, VMD
    All County Animal Hospital
    645 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
    Brooksville, FL 34601
    Tel: (352) 796-6788
    Tel: (352) 796-6789
    Tel: (352) 666-0904 emerg.
  • KI - I work for Dr. Marusak, and I have 5 reptiles. She enjoys reptile, avian, and small mammal medicine in addition to a busy canine/feline practice. She is very knowledgeable about their care and enjoys working with them, as well as with birds and small mammals. (07/03/07) Co-worker recommended

    Cape Coral

    Gary Nelson, DVM
    Milton McKelvie, DVM
    Viscaya-Prado Vet Hospital
    920 Country Club Blvd.
    Cape Coral, FL 33990
    Tel: (941) 574-6171
    Tel: (941) 574-7226
  • K - He's [Nelson] a great doctor. He treats all types of exotics including reptiles. If he does not know something he will tell you that he doesn't. I work with this vet, and have learned alot from him. (10/23/01)
  • K (10/02/02) HVC Note: added McKelvie based on submission
  • CK - We have been seeing Dr. Gary Nelson since he first opened his clinic in 1977. He (and other docs and staff) have seen us through many illnesses and injuries with cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, as well as our 2 iguanas. It is gratifying to see how he relates to clients and pets. As an ICU nurse, I have an awareness of some clinical conditions that all clients may not share; Dr. Nelson will always take time to answer questions, will always return a phone call, and I have complete confidence he gives my pets the best care possible. You cannot go wrong with Viscaya Prado Vet hospital for your pet's health care. (09/25/06)


    Sarah E. Guttery, DVM
    Cocoa Veterinary Hospital
    2300 State Road 524, Unit 108
    Cocoa, FL 32926
    Tel: (321) 636-2230
    Fax: (321) 636-0677
  • AR: I currently live in Indiana, but just recently moved here from Florida. I have taken my mangrove and argus monitors, an emerald swift, and a ball python (as well as other animals) to Dr. Guttery, and she's wonderful! She truly cares about helping animals... my swift was dehydrated and not eating... she injected him with fluids and then she HERSELF, (not an assistant) called me a couple days later to see how he was doing... she also has a scale in the front and it's cool that you can just pop in to weigh your animal anytime you want, especially if weight is a big issue. (10/21/01)
  • AM - Took my son's 2 yr. old leopard gecko because it wasn't eating. dr. guttery was absolutely fabulous. super helpful and spent lots of time with us. turns out our leo has an intestinal parasite so hopefully she's on the mend. great veterinarian for lizards. (7/24/06)

    Coconut Beach

    Susan Kelleher, DVM
    Broward Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital
    611 NW 31st. Ave.
    Coconut Creek, FL 33069
    Tel: (954) 968-7171
  • T - I am currently a volunteer at Broward Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital. I bring my turtles there as well. (08/14/03)

    Deerfield Beach

    Heather Skaggs, DVM
    Hillsboro Beach Animal Hospital
    540 South Federal Highway
    Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
    Tel: (954) 426-1234
  • CF - Dr. Skaggs is one of the best herp vets I've met in several decades ofthe herpetology. She recently joined this practice- unfortunately for Ohio herps. Request her, as I don't think any of the other docs are herp oriented. She has helped me with severeal chameleons (veiled & panther primarily), and has had numerous herps of her own, including cyclura. (09/24/04) Previously at Imperial Point Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Skaggs has recently transferred to a new animal hospital. This posting is to update contact information for all new and existing clients. (02/06/06)
  • C - She's recently moved to this clinic from Imperial Point Animal Hospital, Ft. Lauderdale. Still the best herp vet I know of. (05/01/06)


    Diane Perry, DVM
    Feline, Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital
    916 Broadway Street (ALT 19)
    Dunedin, FL 34698
    Tel: 727-735-0500
    Fax: 727-735-0300
    She's been recommended to us by a variety of pet stores, as well as other veterinarians as THE local capacity in regards to lizards. She's been taking good care of all our bearded dragons, and currently is treating our green iguana, another beardie and our savannah monitors. Susan Julian and Dan had some of their lizards treated by her, too. (02/05/01)

    Fort Lauderdale

    John N. Case, DVM
    Clinic For Animals
    5462 North University Drive
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351
    Tel: (954) 749-0551
    Fax: (954) 749-5462
    N - I rescue and rehab Iguans and Dr. case has been my vet for almost 8 years. Dr. Case handles all of my pets including anything that I might turn up with such as a duck, rooster, opposum, racoon, turtle or kitten or fox. (03/07/03)

    Fort Myers

    Dieter Ruidi, DVM
    Exotic Animal Clinic
    13102 State Road 80
    Fort Myers, FL 33905
    Tel: (239) 694-560
  • RM - I have had great success with Dr. Kordon and Dr. Ruedi. They have treated many species of reptiles and exotic mammals at my store and have always exhibited professionalism and fairness. (02/25/03)
  • HVC Note: Dr. Kordon now practices in Naples (11/14/07)


    Dale Kaplan-Stein, DVM
    Oaks Veterinary Hospital
    229 NW 75th St
    Gainesville, FL 32607
    Tel: (352) 332-7387
    Fax: (352) 332-9468
  • B - I personally have never used them but I do have a friend that sells reptiles and he has nothing but great things to say about this Vet Hospital. (05/13/07)


    David A. Jourdenais, DVM
    Geneva Oaks Animal Hospital
    4193 North County Road 426
    Geneva, FL 32732
    Tel: (407) 349-9536
    Fax: (407) 349-2050
  • Email - Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and horses. Dr. Jourdenais has personally treated my monitors and uromastyx. The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. He has diagnosed and treated an unusal bone fracture in one of my monitors. Very helpful. (07/08/03)
  • SW - Has taken care of all 9 of my lizards wonderfully. Just recently diagnosed a pair of imported Water Dragons and administered proper medications. Was taught by my grandfather at UF, who recommended him to me in the first place. Wonderful man and wonderful staff, you will feel taken care of here! (03/08/06)


    Vanessa Rolfe, DVM
    Bird & Exotic Hospital
    6147 Lake Worth Road
    Greenacres, FL 33463
    Tel: (561)964-2121
    [Email]   [Website]
  • JH - I take all four of my bearded dragons to Dr.Rolfe She and her staff are very professional and pricing very fair. (03/25/07)


    Rex Koester, DVM
    Indialantic Veterinary Clinic
    307 4th Avenue
    Indialantic, FL 32903
    Tel: (321) 724-2277
    Fax: (321) 724-0266
  • KR - General practice but Rex is heavily into herps. Hours 8-5 Mon-Fri (until 6:00 on Wed), 8-12 on Saturday. CO2 laser and blood analysis on site, but no imaging ultrasound. Practice shared with Patricial Lambertson, who is not a herp expert but can pinch-hit if necessary. We were referred to Rex by our previous herp vet who moved out of town. I've been extremely pleased. He has been through a variety of ailments in my (large!) snake collection, is doing most of the reptile & amphibian work for the local exotic pet store (Incredible Pets), and I've met spur-thigh tortoises in the waiting room and bearded dragons being nursed by the staff. He also keeps herps personally. Highly recommended. (07/31/02)
  • S - Dr. Rex Koester Certified Herp Vet and the other Dr see cats and dogs etc. Also other listing in Florida.I found Dr. Rex Koester from a friend on He is an extremly wonderfully Dr. Very afforable office visits. And he was wonderful with Rocky my Mississippi Map. He is certified Herp Dr. The staff was awesome, they even call you the next day to see how things are doing with your turtle etc. Highly Recommend. And what is so nice with this Dr. you have any question you can call and he will talk to you right then and there or call you back the same day. The office visit was $35 and the antibotics was $5 for a bottle. He showed you step by step what he was gonna do and even let you look under the microscope with what was wrong. So if you live in the Brevard Co, in Florida I would go see him. He is not one of the Dr's in and out. I'm very pleased!! (02/27/03)


    John Rossi, D.V.M., M.A.
    Riverside Animal Hospital
    2641 Park Street
    Jacksonville, FL
    Tel: (904) 388-3494
    Fax: (904) 388-2280
    DP - Voted JAX best veterinarian (08/06/01)

    Dr. Stephen H. Hart
    Hidden Hills Animal Hospital
    12130 Fort Caroline Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    Tel: (904) 641-3384
    F - Dr. Hart has treated both my bearded dragons and will soon be checking my baby chameleon. He's very caring and concerned about reptiles and has even made copies of articles he's read about my chameleon for me. (02/01/06)

    Darlene Lundberg, VMD
    Argyle Animal Clinic
    6001-2 Argyle Forest Blvd.
    Jacksonville, Florida 3224
    Tel: (904)771-2781
    Dr. Lundberg has an enthusiasm rarely seen in today's go-get-'em society. Even though she's scheduled for 15 minutes per patient, it's rare that she doesn't spend more. If sincere care is your goal for your pet, please call. (09/29/02) General recommendation


    Nancy S. Mettee, DVM
    Harmony Animal Hospital
    1401 West Indiantown Road
    Jupiter, FL 33458
    Tel: (561) 746-5501
    DS - I was absolutely impressed with Dr. Mettee, and would recommend her to anyone with reptiles or other exotics. She had a great "bedside manner" with our Bearded Dragons, and happily answered all of our questions. She proved to be very up-to-date in her knowledge and expertise. She's the only herp vet I have seen who made me feel confident and comfortable treating my animals. Definitely worth the hour drive. The facilities at Harmony are equally impressive, very clean and high tech. Dr. Mettee is also the Head Veterinarian at the Marinelife Center of Juno Beach, FL, specializing in exotic pets, birds, and wildlife medicine. Her degree is from Texas A&M, and she's a member of the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine. (09/19/04)

    Lake Mary

    Dr. Christine M. Mocklin
    Lake Mary Veterinary Clinic
    2889 W. Lake Mary Blvd
    Lake Mary, FL 32746
    Tel: (407) 322-4060
  • DC - Great herp vet and overall exotics vet. All types of herps treated (09/16/07)


    Theresa Merkle, DVM
    Polk County Animal Hospital
    7433 US Highway 98, North
    Lakeland, FL 33809
    Tel: (863) 858-2252
  • JB - I took my Beardie to Dr Merkle and she was great with her. She gave me a lot of information and was very knowledgeable. The office got me in right away, because my dragon wasn't eating. (06/13/07)

    Nola Z. Gedeon, DVM
    Marcum Road Animal Hospital
    131 Marcum Road
    Lakeland, FL 33809
    Tel: (863) 858-1718
    Small animal and Exotics (03/23/02)


    Dr. Lightfoot & Dr. Bartlett
    Avian Animal Hospital of Bardmoor
    11405 Starkey Rd
    Largo, FL
    Mon-Fri 8:00am- 6:00pm
    Sat 8:00am- 1:00pm
    Tel: (727) 398-1928
    Emer:(727) 531-5752

    JS (07/24/02)


    Michelle Brush, DVM
    Livingston Animal & Avian Hospital
    15104 Livingston Avenue
    Lutz, FL 33549
    Tel: (813) 979-1955
    The office is just north of Tampa.
  • K: She successfully operated on my tiny green anole to remove an abscess and my anole has been in great health since then! She owns and seems knowledgeable about a variety of species, including tree frogs, geckos, and bearded dragons. Great "bedside manner." (05/02/01)
  • J - Dr Readdy has been taking care of my rabbit Lucy for awhile now. She is truly an awesome vet. She has real compassion and understanding for and of the animals. She has performed surgery on Lucy and is very knowledgable about the proper medication and pain management for the bunnies. She is a former bunny owner herself and owns several of her own pets. I can't say enough good things about her. She is a remarkable vet. (02/28/05)


    Orlando Diaz-Figueroa DVM,MS,Dipl. of ABVP
    Lake Howell Animal Clinic
    856 Lake Howell Rd
    Maitland, FL 32751
    Tel: (407) 628-8000
    Tel: (407) 644=4449 emerg.
    Fax: (407) 628-8412
    [Email]   [Website]
  • Only Board Certified Veterinary Practicioner specializing in Avian/Exotic animal medicine currently in Central Florida. Vet self-recommended (04/05/07)


    Douglas Mader, DVM
    Marathon Veterinary Hospital
    11187 Overseas Highway
    Marathon, FL 33050
    Tel: (305) 743-7099
    Tel: (800) 832-7694
    Fax: (305) 743-4057
    [Email]    [Website]
    SC - Dr. Mader is AMAZING - I wouldn't trust my bearded dragon with anybody else. His facilities are up-to-date, and he is SO nice! (01/31/06)

    Mary Ester

    Jim Whiteside, DVM
    Wynn Haven Animal Clinic
    351 Woodland Ave.
    Mary Esther, FL 32569
    Tel: (850) 581-2213
  • CB - Dr Whiteside has probe all my snakes (9) correctly, has a wonderful personality, and has worked with me on payments several times. He is GREAT in general!! (04/23/06)


    Stephen W. Grigsby, DVM
    Christine Connell Grigsby, DVM
    Harbor City Animal Hospital
    7670 North Wickham Road Suite B
    Melbourne, FL 32940
    Tel: (321) 757-7381
  • JO - Harbor City Animal Hospital treats all animals, but specializes in exotic animals like reptiles, ferrets, etc. They also care for the animals at the nearby Brevard Zoo. HCAH cares for our cats, ferrets, reptiles (iguanas, beardies, chameleons, etc.) and our large and small snakes. Many of these are extremely fragile high-needs animals. Their expertise is extraordinary. I would not trust another vet with any of our animals. (05/24/06)
  • SW - So far the only experience I've had is with Dr. Steve Grisby with my snake, but I can't say enough wonderful things! EXTREMELY knowledgeable about reptiles, their health and medicine. He is very much up to date on treatment, and I would DEFINEATELY recommend him to anybody. We recently moved from Daytona to Cocoa, and my vet up there, although he is extremely good with furry animals, will be the first to admit he doesn't know that much about reptiles. He HAS helped me several times (with both of using Dr. Mader's book) pull my now 13 year old iguana through a couple of different injuries and illnesses. We are very very selective about whom we take our kids to, but with Dr. Grisby being so much closer to us now, and being as impressed as my husband and I are, I do believe we'll be changing vets. He is THAT good! (04/06/07)


    Avian and Exotic Animal Medical Center
    12125 South Dixie Highway
    Miami, FL 33156
    Tel: (305) 234-2473
    [Email]    [Website]
    MS - Doctors & staff are wonderful. Website is great. Very knowledgable and being new to turtles spent time answering questions. Turtles & Tortises(Red Eared Sliders, Fla Cooter, African Spur)When Alice (RES) had a respiratory infections and I had to give shots for 10 days. They called several times just to make sure Alice was ok. (08/24/01)


    Anja G. Kordon, DVM
    6720 Lone Oak Blvd.
    Naples, Florida 34109
    Tel: (239) 297-6519
  • RM - I have had great success with Dr. Kordon and Dr. Ruedi. They have treated many species of reptiles and exotic mammals at my store and have always exhibited professionalism and fairness. (02/25/03)
  • HVC Note: above comments while at Exotic Animal Clinic (Fort Myers) (11/14/07)
  • LF - She now practices in Naples, small animals only. (09/18/07)

    Animalife Veterinary Center
    2171 Pine Ridge Road, Suite B
    Naples, FL 34109
    Tel: (239) 513-1777

  • LM - They have helped me when my ball python had a respiratory infection and with my MBD iguana. (12/30/07)


    Jennifer Fortune, DVM
    Jim Whiteside, DVM
    The Niceville Animal Clinic
    509 E. John C. Sims Parkway
    Niceville, FL 32578
    Tel: (850) 678-2002


  • (1999)
  • LW - She maintains a Pet Shop/Pet rental next to her clinic. In the Shop there are a few animals including an iguana and bearded dragon. They are kept in small cages with no UVB and limited diet. The dragon gets dried crickets. I brought in some super worms and mixed greens....they were surprised at the availability of "mixed greens". The attendant asked the vet about UVB and she was told to inform me that there were no light bulbs on the market that would provide such. Granted this was a year ago....I however would never bring my beardie or any other animal to the clinic. (07/31/02)


    Suzanne T. Billiar, DVM PA
    All Pets Clinic
    1741 E. Silver Springs Blvd.
    (In the Ocala Shopping Center)
    Ocala, FL 34470
    Tel: (352) 351-3588
  • We took our Bearded Dragon to Dr. Billiar and as an emergency she got me right in. She thouroghly examined him and not only gave him the medicines he needed she explained to me what I needed to do to help in his recoperation. She answered all my questions and made me feel glad I came to see her. She is *G*R*E*A*T* I found this website and thinking that a "Herp Vet" is more of a specialist I found Dr. Billiar she is an A.R.A.P. So I felt more comfortable knowing this. I wouldn't have known that unless this website was available. (06/25/01)
  • TE - My son's tree boa developed mouth rot and we knew of nothing of the herp vets in the areas.We found Dr. Billiar's name and recommendation on this website and she turned out to be wonderful very concerned and professional.We would certainly use her again. (11/04/04)


    Bruce Bogoslavsky, DVM
    Animal Veterinary Hospital of Orlando
    1320 West Oak Ridge Road
    Orlando, FL 32809
    Tel: (407) 855-7387
    TF - Dr. Bruce was very caring and spent extra time with my bullsnake. He made certain all my questions were answered and is always very easy to talk with. His entire staff is very friendly and I enjoyed taking my pets to them. (09/05/01)

    Ivan Alfonso, DVM
    Kirkman Area Animal Clinic
    5633 Metrowes
    Orlando, FL 32811
    Tel: (407) 295-7547
    Fax: (407) 293-6331
    [Email]   [Website]

  • RB - Special interest and experience with chameleons. Ivan is our staff vet for our breeding and import facilties and treats all of out herps. One specific example was a recent episode involving one of my breeder bearded dragons. She was found bleeding from the vent, was non responsive, and was all but dead IMO. Using a combination of old school medicine with modern day techniques, he succesfully treated Tipps. She went through a remarkable recovery and is currently thriving! For other examples of his herp abilities, visit our website to see pictures and descriptions of other animals and proceedures. (12/01/01)
  • RB - Is my on-staff vet for many species of reptiles including ball pythons, bearded dragons, uromastyx, various chameleon species, uroplatus and other geckos, various amphibians and others. Highly recommend him to anyone in the Central Florida area. (03/12/04)

    Pembroke Pines

    Greg Rupp, DVM
    Pembroke Lakes Animal Hospital
    11210 Pines Blvd.
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
    Tel: (954) 435-8800
    Tel: (954) 521-6411 emergency
    Fax: (954) 438-7459
    The only vet in Broward county doing emergency call for exotics. He examined my 2 boas, green burmese, 2 Fl kingsnakes and an eastern indigo. Really spends the time to examine and then educate you about your specific snake. Complete handouts given on each snake. Focuses on surgery of all reptiles. Great prices for services offered. I really felt like this guy is an asset to my snake collection. (11/2/01)

    Pompano Beach

    Susan A. Kelleher,DVM
    Broward Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic Inc.
    611 Northwest 31st Avenue
    Pompano Beach, FL 33069
    Tel: (954) 968-7171
  • This exotics only clinic will see any non-venomous reptiles. From basic care sheets to complicated surgeries, the doctors (Dr. Kelleher and Dr. Clark) do all they can to help. (02/09/06) Vet self-recommended
  • Clark MacCullough, DVM has moved to Bay Moorings Animal Hospital (St. Pete.) (11/15/06)


    Dr. Earle
    Coastal Animal Hospital Wellness Center
    545 Gus Hipp Blvd
    Rockledge, FL 32955
    Tel:: (321) 632-3800
    MM - VERY nice, extremely knowledgable with Herps - did Grimmy's stone removal surgery. Is also into homeopathy and will work very hard with you for finding alternative remedies whenever possible. She is the one that had me feeding the bad tempered Grimmy Chammomile flowers (worked great too) (02/18/01)

    Safety Harbor

    Don J. Woodman, DVM
    Animal Hospital Of Northwood
    701 Enterprise Road East
    Safety Harbor, FL 34695
    Tel: (727) 725-1691
    STC - Did some of his graduate education work with sea turtles. FAB exotics vet. He saved my very sick lizard boy (an austrailian bearded dragon). Spent lots of his personal time researching and making phone calls to other experts all over the country. He works with other reptiles as well and birds. I cannot recommend this man highly enough. He is the greatist! (03/28/03)

    Saint Petersburg

    Info to be verified
    Dr.Janine Cianciolo
    FL 33714
    Tel: 328-1825
    PM - Additional Information: Dr Cianciolo is a great vet,she has worked with quite a few of my animals and has been a pleasure to know,i have nothing but good things before i called,then since she was so nice on the phone and some of my breeders recomended her i asked her ot come give check ups to a few of my snakes and she was great,i would recomend anyone to her. (12/06/01)

    Chris Griffin, DVM
    VCA St Petersburg Animal Hospital
    3295 62nd Ave. North
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33702
    Tel: (727) 527-5803
    SJ- Dr. Griffin is wonderful with reptiles but especially savannah monitors. He's done experimental surgery on our monitor and was written up in vet. abstracts.He is very caring and knowledgeable in reptiles especially savannah monitors. (03/04/01)

    Clark MacCullough, DVM
    Bay Moorings Animal Hospital
    3695 50th Ave South
    St Petersburg, FL 33711
    Tel: (727) 867-0118
    [Email]   [Website]
    Loves to work with all non-venomous reptiles. Moved from Broward Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic (Pompano Beach) Vet self-recommended (11/15/06)


    Kevin Brumfield, DVM
    Kathleen Cavell, DVM
    Northwood Animal Hospital
    1881 North Martin Luther King # J
    Tallahassee, FL 32303
    Tel: (850) 385-8181
  • My bearded dragon was under his care for several months. Dr. Brumfield had extensive knowledge about the care of bearded dragons, and went above and beyond what would be considered careing, helpful, and thorough medical attention. I felt that my pet was given the best medical attention possible. I honestly wish my personal doctors were so attentive and knowledgeable. The animal hospital is open 24 hours, and the entire staff (receptionists included) were absolutely a joy to be associated with. When my pet died, they sent me a condolence card and his paw prints. (03/15/02)
  • I [Cavell] am a veterinarian who enjoys herps of all kinds, in addition to avian and small mammal exotic medicine. (07/27/06) Vet self-recommended


    Lisa Doering, DVM
    Murphy Animal Hospital
    6845 Dale Mabry Hwy N.
    Tampa, FL 33614
    Tel: (813) 879-6090
  • MM - I have taken my Red Tegus to Dr. Doering and she is a very good veterinarian who knows a lot about reptiles, and also owns some. Highly recommended! (10/20/02)
  • DR - Wonderful job; she did surgery on my iguana (Star). Now she is big and fat. Dr. Doering is great with exotics. (09/11/07)

    Terri L. Readdy, DVM
    Barsch Animal Clinic
    9999 Plantation Blvd.
    Tampa, FL 33624
    Tel: (813) 962-7117

  • Commonly deal with general practice & surgery on bearded dragons, geckos, iguanas & more. Believes strongly in routine care to prevent zoonotic disease transmission to family members. (08/29/06) Vet self-recommendation

    Dr. Melissa R. Webster
    Tampa Veterinary Hospital
    2517 W. Kennedy Blvd.
    Tampa, FL 33609
    Tel: (813) 254-3031
    Fax: (813) 254-5859

  • J - Examined my iguana; seemed very experienced and nice. (03/23/01)
  • JM - Dr. Webster was very helpful in treating my panther chameleons. I am a chameleon breeder and I had a hard time finding a vet that I could trust until I started seeing Dr. Webster. She has not only taken blood samples for testing, but she has also treated with antibiotics and de-wormer. She is very knowledgable with reptiles and other animals (she also sees my dog Zeus). I am definately going to her for future vet visits and would recommend her to anyone with reptiles and/or other animals. (03/03/06)
  • Comments above when Dr. Webster practiced at VCA Tampa Bay Animal Hospital (Tampa) Notified by vet of practice change. (07/16/06)

    West Palm Beach

    Dale Porcher, DVM.
    Shores Animal Clinic
    3245 Forest Hill Boulevard
    West Palm Beach, FL 33406
    Tel: (561) 964-4488
    Fax: (561) 967-1192
  • JV - Specializes in herps and reptiles; recommended by herp breeders. (10/18/03)
  • AM - Puppies to exotics. When I bought my Emerald Tree Boa he needed to be dewormed. This was the vet recommended to me by a well respected pet store owner in the West Palm Beach area. Never once have I had a problem since. (02/02/05)
  • AM - Treats Reptiles, Birds, Dogs, Cats and other exotic mammals. Comments: Great guy, I take all 25 of my herps to him. He really knows what he's doing. (03/14/06)
  • ID - Dr. Porcher comes highly recommended by Wild Cargo Pets and Herpetologist Ron Dupont, Sr. (12/08/07)


    Dr. Jonathon Klarsfeld
    Hometown Animal Hospital
    17100 Royal Palm Blvd.
    Weston, FL 33326
    Tel: (954) 349-5800
    [Email]   [Website]
  • SV - Dr. Klarsfeld is an extremely knowledgeable herp vet. He works with top breeders and there collections. He also works with different museums and farms, all I can say is he's the best vet in town. (06/07/2007)

    Winter Park

    Dr. Hayworth
    McAbee Veterinary Hospital
    7206 Aloma Ave.
    Winter Park, FL 32792
    Tel: (407) 671-5858

    Robert E. Hess Jr., DVM
    Winter Park Veterinary Clinic
    1601 Lee Road
    Winter Park, FL 32789
    Tel: (407) 644-2676

    Last updated: 12/30/07

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