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Robert F. Giddings, DVM
Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital LLC
977 Farmington Avenue
Berlin, CT 06037
Tel: (860) 828-7736
  • - After diligently searching for a competent vet to treat my iguana, I happened upon Dr. Giddings. He was recommended to me by another lizard owner whose pet iguana suffered from kidney failure. This person happily claimed that Dr. Giddings saved their reptile from the brink of death. After several visits to his practice with my own iguana, I would wholly recommend him. I have found him to be incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and articulate. He seems to truly be concerned with the health of the animal. A couple of years ago, Dr. Giddings spayed my iguana. I was very happy with the treatment he provided and her quick recovery. (04/16/02)