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Colorado Springs

Lena Roeder, DVM
Dublin Animal Hospital
888 Dublin Blvd #A
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Tel: (719) 593-1336
  • JH - Thorough yet conservative. Doesn't want to do a bunch of unnecessary testing or treatment. Easy to talk to. Is willing to take the time required for the human to ask questions, etc. There is more than one vet at this location. Suggest specifically asking to see Dr. Roeder for herps. (02/18/01)
  • SP -Terrific clinic. We use all the doctors, but especially Dr. Roeder, for all of the animals that come into our Reptile Rescue as well as our other personal exotic animals. The staff is wonderful and helpful. Dr. Roeder takes time to review the cases and research any new or relevant treatments that may help with an animal. (12/06/02)
  • JH - Dr. Roeder is the primary vet in Colorado Springs used by Colorado Reptile Humane Society (08/04/04)


    Dr. John Summar
    Homestead Animal Hospital
    6900 S. Holly Circle
    Englewood, CO 80112
    Tel: (303) 771-7350
    Fax: (303) 771-7355
  • G - Homestead Animal Hospital is very well known for there work with repiles. Dr. John Summar was a Zoo Veterinarian in Hawaii prior to joining Homestead. He provides excellent care to Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, C. Water Dragons, Red Ear Sliders, Box Turtles, Geckos, Ball Pythons and has treated Camans and Monitors. He is very knowledgeable and very importantly sees Herbs every day. Not ocasionally like most vets. He treats all of my animals and is always teaching me more about how to care for them. (06/01/06)

    Fort Collins

    Denise J. Normington, DVM
    Raintree Animal Hospital
    2335 So. Shields Street
    Fort Collins, CO 80526
    Tel: (970)482-1987
    B - Ball pythons, turtles, amphibians (02/13/03)

    Matt Johnston, VMD
    James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital
    Colorado State University
    300 West Drake Road
    Fort Collins, CO 80523
    Tel: (970) 221-4535
    Fax: (970) 297-4100
    JY - Dr. Johnston is one of the most knowlegeable exotics vets I have met. He has taken care of my chameleon and cockatoo. He is a board certified specialist (DABVP-Avian). Furthermore, because the hospital is at the university, the most current and technologically advanced medicine is available. (07/03/06)


    Kris Ahlgrim, DVM
    Goldenview Veterinary Hospital
    885 Lupine Street, Unit C
    Golden, CO 80401
    Tel: (303) 279-9182
    Fax: (303) 279-1081
    [Website]   Email]
  • DW: Dr. Ahlgrim is a warm and caring reptile vet who is very informed and regularly cares for our Water Dragons and our Iguana. (05/05/01) From previous practice - Homestead Animal Hospital (Englewood)
  • SK - Dr. Ahlgrim has examined my chinese water dragon and bearded dragon, as well as my dog and two cats. She is a wonderful, caring vet and specializes in reptiles and exotic animals. Although I live in Denver I drive to Golden to visit her. (01/20/04)
  • JP (03/13/04) co-worker recommended
  • KT - 10 years expertise with iguanas. She put right a botched Spay and saved my animal's life. Can definitely recommend: really knows What she's doing and genuinely loves the animals. (07/28/04)
  • Updated with vet-provided information (02/14/06)
  • PK - Dr. Kris has cared for Dagny my Green Iguana when she was at Homestead Animal Hospital and also recently in her own practice at Goldenview. She is knowledgeable, caring, and thorough and her staff is wonderful. (05/02/06)

    Grand Junction

    Gary Rechten, DVM
    Columbine Animal Hospital
    1165 Bookcliff Ave.
    Grand Junction, CO 81501
    Tel: (970) 241-6777
  • SC (06/29/03)


    Colin Combs, DVM
    West Ridge Animal Hospital
    8235 20th Street
    Greeley, CO 80634
    Tel: (970) 330-7283
    Fax: (970) 313-4527
  • AEN - Dr. Combs sees many of the reptiles at Colorado Reptile Rescue as well as my reptile and rabbit pets. He is knowledgeable and *likes* working with reptiles. If diagnostic tests are needed, he will suggest an appropriate testing course that saves his clients money. He does spays, neuters, endoscopes, and has even put in a stomach tube in an iguana. His lead reptile tech, Nicki Prunkl, is also excellent. Both have reptiles as pets. (12/06/02)
  • CH - We've now paired top of the line medical standards with a brand new building that includes state of the art technology! Dr Combs and his exotics tech, Nicki P, are more than great veterinary skills, but also incredible passion for the animals they care for. Highly recommended!! (01/27/07)

    Roger Klingenberg DVM
    Stephanie Buchholtz, DVM
    Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital
    6297 West 10th Street
    Greeley, CO 80634
    Tel: (970) 351-0936

  • BA - Dr. Klingenberg has co-published a variety of books on care with DeVosjeli and has extensive experience with herp medicine. Every experience that I have had with him is very successful. (03/04/01)
  • AMC - Dr. Klingenberg is the best. I am lucky to live near such an experienced and careing vet. I have been taking my leopard tortoise, leopard geckos (18), and cat to him for a long time. He is always up-to-date on info about any new studies or medications available. He understands that vet bills can add up and is great at avoiding un-necessary procedures and medication. (06/04/03)
  • TF - Great vet. Very good with reptiles. He takes care of my 3 leopard geckos and my iggys. (02/13/06)


    Lisa Barlow, DVM
    Centennial Valley Animal Hospital
    259 Century Circle
    Louisville, CO 80027
    Tel: (303) 666-9363
    Fax: (303) 666-0401
    [Website]   [Email]
  • LB - She has provided wellness checks on my 2 boxies. She and her office mate have treated my female to induce the eggs we believe to have been impacted. Great with all pets, very good with turtles too! (02/09/02)
  • AEN - Lisa Barlow, DVM, recently adopted an iguana from Colorado Reptile Humane Society. Barlow and staff are compassionate, well-informed about herps, and willing to seek additional expertise as needed to care for your pet. (09/01/06)

    Last updated: 01/27/07

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