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Carlos Lopez, DVM
Brookhurst Animal Medical Center
1301 South Brookhurst Street
Anaheim, CA 92804
Tel: (714) 776-7387
Fax: (714) 563-0144
JD - Dr Lopez is AWESOME. His fees are very affordable and he goes WHY beyond just treating your pet. He explains all aspects, feeding lighting HE KNOWS his stuff. And he is up-to-date on exotic pets and furry ones too. I HIGHLY recomend DrCarlos Lopez; he has made a new client: ME and my Iguana, and my cat. They REALLY CARE!!! Remarkable Dr !!! He is is up-to-date on Iguana care and diet, lighting so on and on....Just a wonderful man and his staff are great ! (07/07/04)


Kenneth A. Harkewicz, DVM
Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital
2126 Haste Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Tel: (510) 848-5041
  • - Very good vet and very nice. Explains what's going on and tells me the medical term of my animals ills as well as the explanation of what it means. Treated my non-growing juvenile leopard gecko for parasites and now then suddenly it seemed that Zeke made up for all the growing he should have done in one night. He is very helpful and caring to my 11 reptiles who have all been seen by him for regular checkups and he will make sure I am doing things that one should do to care for the reptiles. Responds to any questions or concerns when contacted with email. (07/20/02)