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Dr. Kurmes
Highland Housecalls
Mobile Veterinarian
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Tel: (928) 522-0376
  • HD - Dr. Kurmes is a specialist vet who can perform just about anything. I have had Dr. Kurmes come to my house to look at several animals including my blood pythons and ball pythons. His skill with exotic animals is unmatched. I feel confident that he is the best veterinarian in Flagstaff, and I have seen about four other vets before seeing Kurmes. (06/03/03)


    Todd Driggers, DVM
    Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic of Arizona
    1530 W. Elliot Road
    Gilbert, AZ 85234
    Tel: (480) 706-8478
    Fax: (480) 926-1211
    Pager: (602) 351-1830
  • RM - Tortoises, snakes, gila monsters etc... (06/20/06)
  • HVC Note: Practice named updated; Per Dr. Driggers, emergency paging is only for clients that have been previously seen. (09/16/07)


    Dr. Jessica Steurer
    CamelWest Animal Hospital
    5502 West Camelback Suite 1
    Glendale, 85301
    Tel: (623) 934-1272
    Fax: (623) 934-1393
  • GY (10/21/07)


    Barry Schwenk, DVM
    Samaritan Veterinary Center
    1776 East Maple Street
    Globe, AZ 85501
    Tel: (520) 425-5797


    Richard S. Funk, MA, DVM
    Mesa Veterinary Hospital Ltd.
    858 N. Country Club Drive
    Mesa, AZ 85201
    Tel: (480) 833-7330
    Fax: (480) 833-0124
  • I started taking my iguana to Dr. Funk after I moved to AZ and met him at a reptile show. He was apparently well known for his work in Florida on Beardies. The Mesa Vet Hospital (as started by Dr. Driggers) is very aggressive about the correct care of green iguanas. You are bombarded with information sheets about diet, disease, and proper care during your first visit. Dr. Funk is also very pleasant and is always offering to help - even if I am just in for my iguanas yearly parasite check and blood work. (02/25/01)
  • N - I first met Dr Funk at a little herp show and saw him for an emergency after my bearded dragon got in a fight. Performed a good exam, asked me questions about my husbandry and we discussed herpetology in AZ. I am very satisfied with Dr. Funk and will take my other babies to see him. He was recommended to me by other vets and friends that heard of him. There are other herp vets closer to us however I am ok with the distance in order to get good service. (04/25/05)

    Jill M. Patt, DVM
    Alta Mesa Animal Hospital
    6704 E. Brown Rd.
    Mesa, AZ 85205
    Tel: (480)981-1244
    [Email]   [Website]

  • Providing full service exotic animal pet care (02/09/05) Vet self- recommended

    Christopher Lee D.V.M., C.V.L.S.
    Main Street Animal Hospital
    2205 E Main Street
    Mesa, AZ 85213
    Tel: (480) 964-9601
    Fax: (480)962-0691
    [Email]   [Website]

  • R - He has been my veterinarian for 3 years back in Las Vegas and now here in Mesa. He's a great person and has a caring heart. He gives options for treatments that most vets wouldn't even care to say because of price. I strongly suggest this vet to everyone!

    Jay Johnson, DVM
    Kevin Wright, DVM
    Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital
    744 N. Center Street
    Mesa, Arizona 85201
    Tel: (480) 275-7017

  • DM - Dr. Wright used to be the curator of reptiles at the Philadelphia Zoo and wrote the book on amphibian medicine. He works with Dr. Jay Johnson at the largest exotic pet hospital in Arizona. Both have been presidents of the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians. They also see birds, small mammals, fish, and other exotic pets. (11/14/07)


    Michail J. Kiedrowski, DVM
    Mountain View Animal Hospital
    9812 North 7th Street #1
    Phoenix, AZ 85020
    Tel: (602) 861-1355
  • Phoenix - I first heard of Dr. Kiedrowski when I was working at a local pet store. When I got my Burmese Pythons, I took them to him for "check ups". I was extremely satisfied with the care and service he provided and continues to provide not only for my snakes, but for my Jacksons Chameleon and Nile Monitor as well. (09/30/01)
  • MK - I found Dr. Kiedrowski through this site. He has taken great care of my little sulcata for the past 7 months. He keeps sulcatas himself, so I feel very comfortable bringing my tortoise to him for care. I haven't found another vet in Phoenix that has as much day to day experience with tortoises. Thankfully, my gecko has been healthy. If she ever needs to see a vet, I'm definately going to bring her to Dr Kiedrowski. (02/19/02)

    Sheri Sabo, DVM
    Anthem Pet Medical Center
    42105 N. 41st Drive, Suite 148
    Phoenix, AZ 85086
    Tel: (623) 889-7090

  • Dr. Sabo, herself an exotic species owner, has dedicated her life and career to the well-being and care of such exotic species as lizards, birds, snakes, etc. She has attended many exotic conferences around the country in order to further her knowledge and skills regarding the exotic aspect of veterinary medicine. (12/03/02) Veterinarian recommended
  • HVC Note: Vet no longer practicing at Animal Medical & Surgical Center (Scottsdale); information updated (08/05/07)


    Bob Bishop, DVM
    Tri-City Veterinary Hospital
    2332 East Broadway
    Tempe, AZ 85282
    Tel: (480) 968-9239
    Tel: (480) 968-9236
    Additional Information:
    Also cares for smaller animals, but is very knowledgable in reptiles.
    PP - We took our russian tortoise to be examined. He spent at least an hour with us. He told us how to care for and how to house our new addition.He even showed us what was bugging our little friend. (08/05/01)

    Dr. Jay Johnson
    University Animal Hospital
    2500 S. Hardy Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85282
    Tel: (480) 968-9275
    Fax: (480) 967-6353
    [Email]    [Website]
    Specializes in reptiles but sees other small animals as well. Very nice facility with a large staff of experienced vets and technicians.
    Dr. J is the vet for my albino CalKings and Irian Jaya Carpet Python. He is very knowledgable and always takes the time to answer all of my questions. He is very kind and gentle with pets as well as their people. (02/20/01)


    James L. Jarchow, DVM
    Sonora Animal Hospital
    401 West Simmons Road
    Tucson, AZ 85705
    Tel: (520) 888-8988
    T - Dr. Jarchow saw my Iguana when she was not doing so well. This was the first time Mindy had been to see him. He was very attentive, as was his staff :-) As he knows, we had to put Mindy down. He helped us through a very difficult time. He was so caring. I just wish he was further out East! :-) (07/14/02)

    James L. Jarchow, DVM
    Sonora Animal Hospital
    410 West Simmons Road
    Tucson, Arizona 85705
    Tel: (520) 888-8988

  • DG - Herp vet for Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and Reid Park Zoo. (03/21/04) co-worker recommended
  • TLD (03/30/04)

    Michaiel S. Samuels, DVM
    Central Animal Hospital
    3113 East 1st Street
    Tucson, AZ 85716
    Tel: (520) 323-9912

    Last updated: 12/27/07

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