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Info to be verified
Dr. Anna Cox
Animal Clinic
1016 9 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
Tel: (403) 262-3237
Calgary - Dr. Anna Cox continues to shine as a very competent reptile vet in my experience. Her knowledge of water dragons and iguanas is exemplary and her ability to communicate to pet owners is reassuring and positive. (10/30/01)

Dr. Kerry Korber
Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic
3118 - 17 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T3E OB2
Tel: (403)240-3577
Fax: (403)249-8160
Thanks for the opprotunity to recommend an awesome vet!! (04/21/04)

Dr. Richard Weger
Calgary North Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Service
4204 - 4th Street NW
(4th Street NW and 40th Ave NW)
Calgary, Alberta
Tel: (403) 277-0135

  • 24 hour hospital with emergency service. Very knowledgeable about herps and all other exotics - friendly and helpful, helped me a lot through various beardie health problems. (03/07/06)
  • T - Dr. Weger is friendly and Knowledgeable he has treated 3 of our Bearded Dragons we are extremly pleased with him and we will continue to use him. (03/15/06)


    Dr. Brent Jackson No longer at practice
    General Veterinary Hospital
    11403-143 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta
    Tel: (780) 454-8691
  • Thanks for the opportunity to connect people with a great vet.
  • WH - Just thought you should know that Dr. Brent Jackson is no longer at the clinic you have him listed at. I'm sorry, but I have no forwarding clinic address or phone number at this time. Please contact E.R.A.S. (Edmonton Reptile and amphibian society) for further information regarding this vet. (04/27/04)

    Last updated: 03/26/06

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